Thursday, September 29, 2016

I hear ya knocking....

 Autumn knocks a little harder on my door every day...

It seems every morning brings a little cooler temps...
a stirring of Autumn....

O, leaves on the trees are far from turning different colors...

but Dove season opened on Sept 1st here in Texas...
and Mr. Sweet says that no matter what DATE the calendar says Fall starts,
it starts in HIS mind when Dove season opens.

I know that YOU think FOOD is all I think about...
that I have FOODS  OF  THE  SEASON...
but REALLY....
I just like taking PICTURES of everything that goes in our mouths...

 hot out of the oven
apricots flowing everywhere
like a burst of color changing leaves on an Autumn tree

 a favorite Autumn thing for me...
REAL, if possible
FAUX, if necessary

Pier 1 napkins and sunflower napkin rings..
last year, on clearance

it still LOOKS like summer here with green grass..
blooming flowers... 
but that calendar hanging on my wall says it's AUTUMN.


  1. Glad you opened the door! This is such a yummy idea. I need to try.
    Thanks for linking! You've made me hungry again. Look at that cute little boy on your sidebar.
    I need to make a new picture for October!

  2. We don't have dove hunting in Canada . . . so when you say dove, do you mean like pigeons? When I was a kid, my uncle and cousins would hunt for ducks, geese, deer and moose. My Dad did not ever go hunting for sport, although he would shoot an animal if he had to for some other reason. I think he had enough shooting in WW2 and didn't enjoy it.

  3. I'm ready to eat, in any season! This looks good!

  4. Yummy rolls! We are getting cooler mornings but the days are still in the mid 80's here in SC.

  5. To me fall doesn't start until the heat cools off

  6. My hubby and sons are hunters too (two grandsons too) but they hunt deer and turkey in season. Love that venison many great ways to cook it. Only just a tinge of color here in the trees. And I'm with you on taking pics of things I am cooking :)

  7. Everything that comes out of your kitchen always looks so delicious, BJ!

  8. Only a little color here, but it feels like autumn for sure. Oh my...why do I always forget picking up some crescent rolls?

  9. It's always yummy at your house no matter what the season. Those look as good as they taste I'll bet.

  10. Hey, BJ! I always love to see what you cook because I know it's completely scrumptious and it always makes my mouth water! Hope you're doing well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. That potting shed really looks great. Your food looks delicious as usual. You would really love Amish country here in Indiana and Ohio...they sure like to eat!!

  12. Your breakfast put mine to shame, BJ. It looks yummy and pretty to the eye!
    It was in the low 50's here all day and the birch are the only trees with leaves now.

  13. So here I am at the computer at my Stone House on the Hill in Greece looking out at the blooming flowers and preparing to go out and plant my fall lettuce. . .it is certainly beginning to look like fall in the village as shops start closing in response to the end of tourist season and the start of olive harvest. Happy autumn, BJ. xx

  14. I wish I could be still in summer...
    Btw the weather is warm and perfect here, it doesn't seem to be Autumn

  15. You take such beautiful pictures of your food displays. LOVE IT! :)

  16. Pass me one of those crescent rolls and some bacon please, those look like a great combination! We have had tems in the low 60's all week and rain. The leaves are just beginning to turn. Do your leaves turn much down there in Texas?

  17. I should know better by now. I should know not to read your blog before I've eaten breakfast. Looks fabulous!

  18. Very nice post. I just got back from my morning walk. Cooler than yesterday fall is definitely here. Your food looks delicious. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  19. I remember the year I found real bittersweet in abundance while driving on backroads in Ohio. A highlight!

  20. I'm glad it's almost lunchtime because your photos are making me hungry! And making me wish I had some crescent rolls. Bacon is on my list of favorite foods and I love the smell of bacon frying! The scent always seemed to linger in the air at my mother's house, also my grandmother's. Both of them almost always had bacon for breakfast. Excuse me while I wax nostalgic for a bit! :) Have a nice weekend!

  21. Blogger is so weird. I saw this post yesterday from you link. Then today i got the email it was posted.
    Sometimes I'm late for newer parties because the email doesn't come in time. Grrrr. Just venting! I need to go buy some crescents and make myself feel better!
    Have a good weekend.

  22. Jean your food always looks so good. You take breakfast to a whole new level. I always look for ideas at your place.

  23. They look so good. I love that you talk about food. I enjoy seeing the yummy dishes.


  24. I like your thinking! Not much fall color here in our corner of Texas. I do see the leaves getting to be a more pale color but that just means they will fall off soon. No red and green for us. Your food is always amazing! Our house is for sale right now so I'm not cooking much. Seeing this yumminess makes me want to break out an apron! :)

    So glad you joined Thoughts of Home. Posting this on Facebook. :)

  25. Do you have stock in Pillsbury crescent rolls . . .
    Or do you make those from scratch . . .
    I love your "foodie" posts . . .

  26. bj, you cute thing you! I have to agree with your hubby, Sept. 1st is Autumn for me as well. That's when I start fallifying my home. :) Your crescent rolls look so yummy and bittersweet is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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