Saturday, October 1, 2016

...more dreamy rooms

 I have no earthly idea WHY, at the end of this post,
the READ MORE option is added.
As this is a feature I sure DON'T  LIKE,
I didn't add it..
leave MY blog alone.

I'M SO SORRY that you have to go thru this extra step...
there IS NOTHING MORE to the post...
it's plain CRAZY 
I get on the WWWeb and can spend HOURS just looking at all the
beautiful, magical and fanciful rooms.

Better Homes and Gardens site always tickles my fancy with their
breathtaking rooms...

 I really love looking at beautiful kitchens.
I can't decide if these were MY rooms if I'd paint the kitchen side walls in the blue
and the media room walls in the khaki color...
they are so connecting,
I wonder if I would just paint both room walls in
a soft white.....??

and with THIS
scene right outside our dining room doors,


yes, ma'am.....
this kitchen just takes my breath away...♥ ♥ ♥

here's our large island....
I think it would look fabulous in a soft aqua you ?

Seems she has used different patterns very well...
for ME, however, the walls are waaay too dark.
I would want to paint the walls in white, along with the brick fireplace...
I think those beautiful dark floors would really pop..
and as soon as the paint dried on those white walls,
I'd have white PLANTATION SHUTTERS installed.

hahhaa...I just LUV playing INTERIOR DESIGNER on my goofy am I.

Our daughter and SIL are sprucing up their beautiful lake house
and they have a beautiful stone fireplace in their 
they are having their walls painted (as we speak) in white
and I can see how their beautiful fireplace will really POP....
I love this room....
so warm and cozy.

love this room, too...

her round table really look outstanding here.

what great texture in this lovely room...
I've always wanted a tobacco drying tray.
I saw a DIY on someones blog but can't remember who's...
I'd love to make one.

To me, she has used just the right amount of ORANGE to her fall living room
and it's all natural....looks great to me.

  I'm gathering grays and whites as fast as I can....


I'm gathering just in case I EVER have a room even CLOSE to this one...
xoxo, bj
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  1. Beautiful rooms, BJ. I LOVE the living-room with the pop of orange. I wouldn't change a thing.

  2. You have gathered some wonderful rooms. BJ. Keep having fun with it! Say, why does your post have to reload to read the rest when there is no more to read? It loaded and loaded and loaded and finally came up along with a exclusive gift page, which I quickly dispatched. Just wondering if you are trying something new or if it was done for you.

  3. You shared some great rooms. I loved them all. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  4. I like the blue of the kitchen island

  5. I loved each all . . .
    Get out the paint brush . . . And "Aqua" your island . . .

  6. I had so much fun reading this post. Not the rooms I would expect you'd pick! Not a checkerboard black and white piece anywhere in those rooms.

  7. Lovely rooms. Your dream kitchen is my dream kitchen. I love that huge island with the bar stools and white background.

  8. BJ, I really love the light and airy kitchens. I like white, but with even one man...I know that is not realistic for me, for bedrooms or living areas. LOL. Wishing you a great Saturday. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  9. Love all the photo's, beautiful rooms!

  10. Did I mention that the first click on "comment" takes me to a full-page ad every time---today it was sunglasses that cost more than my first car. :) Maybe that's a part of the gizmo you're experiencing.

    Girl, you're better than a ViewMaster, with all these wonderful new worlds to step inside and try out for living in. I do that and DREAM, as well, especially in my copies of Romantic Homes and Victoria magazine.

    It's a refreshing and unexpected change to see your Dream Room with the cow horns and the grays and tans---that kind of ceiling is fixed in my mind from magazines with blues and anchors and nautical decor, as if the only place that architecture and white rafters is used should be by the seashore of New England, and you're about to step out for a beach stroll or head for the town picnic with a pie in a basket.

    Thanks for the morning's adventure!


  11. I didn't see any read more except for your note. Wonder if that's just when you go in from your basic url and not the post-specific, which pops up on the friend and mail and bloglovin' apps, taking you right here to comments and post in one page.

    Well, whatever it is -- the rooms are delightful! Loved this post!

  12. Your idea rooms are all very beautiful, bj! I have two fireplaces in my house and I love them. I can't say we light a fire very often but they are wonderful on a really cold evening or early morning in winter. My daughter-in-law would love the aqua island --she loves beachy colors and has a lot of aqua in her home. It's nice that color is back after years of beige predominating

  13. You are my 'sissy' and I think we're twins. HeHe! Love this. But I am not so infatuated with Blogger either!
    I got the email just now that you posted. Yesterday it was I think a day late. Go figure.
    Well enjoy playing around. I'm on right now fixin' to put pics on Pinterest. (which is the only way I can upload) I am in the sewing room today and took a min. to get some pics. ready! See ya later.
    And thanks for linking.

  14. Great inspiration in these rooms, but your house is lovely as it is. Still fun to look and dream.
    Audrey Z.

  15. It's always fun to look at magazine rooms and imagine. I do a lot of internet re-decorating, too. That aqua kitchen is SO pretty.
    I don't see the Read More sign because I use a reader (Feedly) and open the post directly without going to your home page.

  16. my entire post has been attacked by some monster that I have no idea how to entire blog is wider than normal...the READ MORE has been auto added and there's not even any more of the post....grrrrr.

  17. BJ I love all your inspiration photos, all are cozy nests with a soulful feel. I think you are wanting some white walls! Always enjoy a visit to your blog.

  18. No read more for me either.

    Love the kitchen pictures. I dream of having a large kitchen.... But that will never happen.

    God bless.

  19. I can spend way to much time looking at all the décor on the web. I like all the rooms you picked.

  20. Sad , we have the same dreams, I love it very much what I see here on the photo's . Our kitchen is sooooooo small. (small country also) Greetings, Joan

  21. You do have excellent taste! The kitchen will have to go on my Dream House board.

  22. It's crazy the things that pop your "Read More"! Your photos are so inspiring. My kitchen had a partial re-do five years ago before we moved in and I'm ready now to do the cabinets. Soon I hope.

  23. It's crazy the things that pop your "Read More"! Your photos are so inspiring. My kitchen had a partial re-do five years ago before we moved in and I'm ready now to do the cabinets. Soon I hope.

  24. Hello dear bj! I didn't see a read more anywhere when I scrolled through your post. Love the rooms you shared. Hope your Sunday is going well.

  25. Oh, BJ, I see you are a dreamer too. Isn't it fun, I would hate to be stodgy and live life with blinders on. Of course, sometimes that gets me into trouble (with you know who). I love something about all the rooms, I think I am a "mixed-up want-to-be-designer"! I don't see any 'read more' at the end of your blog, it is all coming to me perfectly..Happy Sunday..Judy

  26. I didn't encounter a "read more" and your page looks normal to me. Well, maybe a wee bit too wide, but one can do a "control/minus sign" and adjust it. I'm still waiting for my side bar to return! Dratted B.logger. Love all the pretty rooms. It's so much fun to browse the internet photos and magazines and daydream!

  27. Once I finish mudding-up the walls, we are going for all whites. Love the crisp white.

    Happy Fall.

  28. O' la la~ all of them make me want to live in em'. I do have the dark chocolate room color in my craft room. It was WAYYYYYY darker then I expected when I first bought it, but I just went with it. It's finally grew on me though. lol.


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