Thursday, July 14, 2016

"you thought I said Shut Up but.....

When my little brother was real little, he got into a habit of saying
SHUT UP to our mama...

She would give him a few swats but it didn't seem to do much good..
One day, I guess she wore his little britches out because he
sure watched his little mouth after that day..

One day, a little later, something happened,
Mom scolded him and he said SHUT UP before he thought....
before she could do anything,
he said...
"I bet you thought I said SHUT UP...
but I said SHUTTER...."
she got so tickled at his fast thinking,
he didn't get his spanking for that one.

and speaking of SHUTTERS...

This is our back doors, leading to my beloved patio...

One day, Mr. Sweet got his ladder out...
my heart starts beating a little bit faster when I see ladders....

 I have always just LOVED shutters...
especially BLACK shutters...

...just seems to ground everything

 Yep....I like the way they pull everything together
and add some crazy architectural interest.....
I think cute things like these shutters really add personality to a space...
I love how they highlight those beautiful white French doors.
..had I put white shutters, the doors and shutters would merge as one.
(haha...i act like i know what the heck i am doing...
when actually, I fly by the seat of my pants ALL the time)

oops...forgot to add my parties...


  1. Love the story! The shutters look great.

  2. LOL !
    I could sit in that swing all day and just gaze at your patio and shutters cause Summer is the perfect time for that!!

  3. Definitely black was a good choice. Your Mr.Sweet is a ready dandy, handy man.

  4. BJ, I like the shutters too. It sure looks nice there. Mom would have clean our clock is we'd said shut to her...she didn't like when we told each other that. LOL. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  5. They really do look like they belong! And you have such a beautiful spot to enjoy the great outdoors! Hugs, Diane

  6. Oh my goodness, the black shutters really do look wonderful, bj!! Yes girlfriend, you do know what you're talking about and, like I've said before, you're too cute for words!!

  7. South Park had a running gag like that with the school bus driver (who was a total biatch) and the main characters

    Like one of them was

    "That fat b##tch won't let us"


    "I said rabbits eat lettuce"

    "oh ok then"

  8. Oh BJ, the shutters look terrific and really add to the french doors. All your pretty colors on the patio look so good also.

    Have a great week.


  9. BJ,
    Atta' boy, "Mr. Sweet"!
    Those shutters truly accentuate your patio doors, dear friend!
    What a lovely patio space to enjoy your Summer!

  10. Love the shutters. What an impact they make!


  11. Words which come out of kids are cute. Shutters looks good.

  12. Dear Lady, they are very "Bad" people... but we know Worse ones... may get rather "Bad"... have not told these other "Big Bads" of current issues... if so, they will deal with things in a very "Unpleasant" manner... that, is What We are trying to Avoid... wish Stacey "Luck"...

    1. For now just "worried" and concerned..

  13. I love how the shutters frame the door and really make it pop. This whole area has turned into a beautiful garden, such a pretty place to relax!

  14. Oh, I love your pretty shutters, I saw them on FB, but they really to pull your lovely spot together! It's such a pretty place and I'm sure you enjoy it bunches!
    Be a sweetie,

    Shelia ;)

  15. Yes that looks great! The shut up story is so cute. I tried to pull a fast one on my mom when I said "butt" to her once. When she wheeled around on me I tried to tell her I was saying it like a cigarette butt. She did not fall for it! :) Those were the days. :)

  16. It really enhances that door and looks fabulous bj! Love it.

  17. Quick thinking little brother. : )
    The shutters look nice and they really do pull every thing together.

  18. The black shutters look great they really show off the white door. Everything looks great. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  19. Cute story! And your black shutters are the best. They finish off the look. We have black shutters on our windows...and I like them. Sheila

  20. Oh my. The 'black' shutters made a world of difference to an already lovely setting. Quite the transformation.

  21. Lovely story of your little brother's quick thinking! The shutters look great, it's amazing how shutters do pull a look together and make a house look so much better! Happy weekend, bj.
    Helen xox

  22. Looking great . . .
    I agree, the black shutters set the French doors off perfectly!

  23. Love the shutters! I also spy a cute pair of houndstooth wellies!! Love those, too!!

  24. Quick thinking on your brothers part. :)
    Love the black shutters and I too think shutters ground everything together.
    Your patio is quite charming.

    Have a beautiful and blessed weekend~~

  25. Love the shutters they look so nice. I agree it grounds the everything and looks so nice.

  26. Love the story about your brother!! :)

    Your shutters are great....what a wonderful place you have created!!! So inviting and cozy!!

    Hope you have a great PS! L, Dana

  27. These shutter really make a difference. Love the look


  28. Those shut uppers really make a nice back drop for your patio.

  29. Love the new facelift french doors with shutters !!!! You never seem to disappoint this gal ;)

  30. That's a great story!!!! I LOVE the new shutters! They look awesome.

  31. Yes, those shutters really dress up the back doors.

  32. What a perfect addition, those ladders can really cause excitement.


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