Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I'm all puffed up......

Looking thru one of my favorite cookbooks,
I found

I've been having problems in the kitchen
(yes, LV...it happens...)
and a lot of new recipes from Pinterest and blogs have ended up in the garbage.

So....I'm back to my cookbooks...
These had grated cheese...
chopped ham...
green onions...
and some good spices...

pat Giant Biscuits out to a 5" circle...
add a heaping tablespoon of the other ingredients...

seal the edges 
(and this is where I SHOULD have stopped....nothing better than little hand pies)

but the recipe said "fold again and put in muffin tin"...

I should have known...

they are so cute....
and impressive....
(i'm always searching for cuteness and goodness to serve my Bunco friends)

they were also waaay too much bread that took waaay longer to cook all the way thru...
a tablespoon of the ham and cheese and other good stuff wasn't nearly enuf.

proving that, even favorite cook books can lead you astray.

moving right along to 

this Cherry pie with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

P.S....we are having serious internet service problems here at the Summer House...
not sure what's going on but rooms I've used for 3 yrs now to use my computer are no longer receiving the internet.....
If I'm off a few days, this is the reason......


  1. Those do have pretty much puff-itude for the amount of filling, don't they. But the filling sounds delicious.

    The cherry pie with the vanilla ice cream looks absolutely perfect, and I am sure it tastes that way too.

  2. Prayers for your son David sent !!!!! As always love your tasty blog post :)

  3. You learn...you learn. And the fun part is the bits and pieces you get to try! :)


  4. The puffs may not have worked this time, but it sounds like if you used half a biscuit and a little more filling you would have a winner! The ones you made look good enough to eat to me :) Followed with cherry pie and ice cream? Sounds like a win. Hope you get your internet problems solved!

  5. YUM to the pie and ice cream:) Have a blessed day! Hope your internet troubles are better today! HUGS!

  6. We may have the same recipes in the garbage...just a few duds along the way, but I could cry over wasted ingredients. At this point in our lives, we may need to start trusting our instincts. When you try the last recipe again, your way, do let us know if it makes the difference. (Yes, praying for an excellent report for David.)

  7. I find that for every one recipe that becomes a favourite part of my repertoire, I test and discard at least 20 others. Good recipes are hard to find but like gold when you do!

  8. Love your food photos! And nice to know I am not the only one that can pick 'dud' recipes to try out! Good luck with the internet.

  9. A dud is always disappointing. Ugh. Glad there was pie to make it all okay in the end. Hope you resolve your internet issues.

  10. Yum, A little adjustment on the biscuits and you'r there. Lifting David in prayer.

  11. Well they look good but I agree more stuff inside. And pie and ice cream never disappoints.

  12. Sometimes a dud recipe just makes me want to tweak it until it comes out perfect. Your biscuits and pie still look pretty darn good to me.

    God bless.

  13. Thinking of your son today and hoping for good results.
    Those little puffs look good, despite the too-little filling! I wouldn't turn them down!

  14. Hope your internet problem is solved soon. The food looks good especially the pie. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  15. Puff look good and easy. I like easy! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  16. My husband would be in heaven with a slice of that cherry pie. Sorry about your tech difficulties. Technology is only wonderful when it works. haha ♥

  17. I hate when the internet doesn't work

  18. Sorry for your disappointment in the ham and cheese puffs ... but they did not look that bad ... likely just needed more filling. The cherry pie is not a disappointment ... delicious looking.
    Audrey Z.

  19. They looked good. Everything always looks so yummy!

  20. BJ will find a way. Boy I envy a person who likes to cook. I am doing better since retirement but HH is so picky. Sometimes I have to sneak things in like garlic. He never knows. Have a great week-end sista.

  21. These look really delish ♥



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