Monday, July 11, 2016

Don't you just love a good milkshake...

We love 'em...
especially Vanilla... a frosted glass...

especially delicious with
 these pretty
Maple Creme cookies and juicy, crisp grapes 

(and I wonder all the time if anyone else loves the colors turquoise and lime together for summertime..)

If you like maple, these little maple leaf cookies, filled with the best maple filling are something you will want to try..

She never bothers food on the outdoor table..
oh, she sniffs...
but all you have to do is say NO, MA'AM
and she moves  along.

...I could look at this bright blue and white float all day...
just pleasing to my eye, I guess.

A good grade of ice cream..

a cap full of Vanilla....



and we aren't above adding fresh fruit 

 Summer love to all, bj


  1. A vanilla milkshake sounds great this very minute . . .
    Cool and yummy for our very steamy day!

  2. We eat so much ice cream am year round but especially in the summer time and we love mixing it up in a milkshake too!! Athena is adorable!


  3. We eat so much ice cream am year round but especially in the summer time and we love mixing it up in a milkshake too!! Athena is adorable!


  4. I'm a chocolate shake person myself, but even a vanilla one sounds cool at this point. We have a wildfire going west of town in the mountains -- lots of ash and smoke in the air -- and it's hot outside, too. Pray for those affected by the fire. Thanks. Sally

  5. As a matter of fact, I DO love a good milkshake! And those maple cookies aren't half bad either! Love ém!

  6. BJ, Looking at the water and eating something cool...yes, that is summertime. Emma and I had ice cream today. Yum. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  7. Loving the colors at your place this summer! Do you float about in that wonderful pool chair?

  8. YUM!! Beautiful place to enjoy a shake!


  9. Your float in the pool looks like heaven to me!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  10. Boy your (((SHAKIN))) things up this Summer !!!! I just love your float where did you buy it from?????? Maple cookies look yummy !!!!!

  11. Thanks for these wonderful pics.
    Your Maple Creme cookies reminds me the first time I bought in Canada...such delicious cookies.

  12. Your yard looks absolutely fabulous, I love all the bright colours.
    And although I don't like milk, yes I enjoy a milkshake now and then.


  13. we love chocolate shakes and have them more often then we should! lol! love your blue float and your pool! have a great day!

  14. Yes we love milkshakes! I've been thinking of making one myself. :)

  15. Your photos are great. The milkshake looks delicious so do the grapes and cookies. Love that float. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  16. You've made my mouth-water and have me longing to be lounging in a pool float just like the one pictured! Enjoy your summer - we are still awaiting its arrival in Seattle. Hugs, J.

  17. Funny I haven't had a milkshake for at least 20 years... Serious! And just last night I had a craving for a B&W old fashioned shake! Now I really want one!

  18. You always make my day lovie! From beautiful Athena, to the pool, to the garden and now....that delicious looking milkshake...going off the make one now! Big ole' Texas hugs!

  19. My grandma always kept a bag of those maple leaf cookies in the cupboard when I was a little girl. Canadians love them!

  20. I think vanilla shakes are a summer staple. I remember when I was little and we lived with grandma and grandpa on the farm, on a hot day grandma would make us all vanilla shakes. Vanilla ice cream was her favorite, sometimes with a little peanut butter stirred in when she had a little dish of it every night. Those shakes were the best after a hot day playing in outside or mowing the lawn. Those shakes were always our reward if we had chores to do. Thanks for bringing that memory back for me BJ. :)

  21. Hi bj... have not had a milkshake in like...forever, but sure sounds good. We do eat ice cream pretty often though. This summer, we have been treating ourselves to a Dairy Queen MINI banana-split blizzard after Mr.Z's physical therapy sessions. Really affordable with the discount card ... two for $2.50 ... so for less than $3.00 we can enjoy this ice cream treat full of fruit. Almost good as a milkshake. Enjoy your summer ... the pool looks great.

  22. I think a milkshake is a might fine way to enjoy summer for sure!

  23. that pool chair does look awesome


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