Sunday, May 1, 2016

The kind of dish you wish you had 6 of......

Hi, all...

we are having STRONG winds out here on the Plains of West Texas today...
and COLD...
like 43 degrees cold...
I had my day all planned...
work outside with flowers and plants
take a nap
then go thrifting in the afternoon.

didn't get to do any of them ....

so here's a cutie I found at the thrift shop last week...

 it's not very big...
it's one of those "just right" sizes...
it's very plain...
nothing special to "write home about"

Corning Ware and only a dollar at the store....

and there was only ONE...

 it's a fabulous little plate for a few cookies...
(there's that cute blue and white metal tray)

 or when I was making my infamous BEEF NOODLE BAKE

 the little dish was perfect for holding my onion and Anaheim peppers,
waiting to be diced and chopped... 

 and really shows off a little plate of lemons...

why, this little dish makes even PECAN FUDGE CANDY look great..!
(OOO.....and it WAS)
♥ ♥ ♥

this is another good use I've found for that little dish....

 Blackberry Strawberry Short Cake....

THIS may very well be why I wish I had 6 of these little plates....
 You DO know, don't you, that it's not about THE PLATE 
but about the photos of THE FOOD......
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  1. I could care less about a plate. Just bring on the wonderful food.

  2. I am always drawn to Corning Ware at thrift store.
    I just love how useful they are.
    I will be on the look out for those for you.

    White Spray Paint

  3. What gorgeous food. Love your little plate. What a cute size.


  4. It was a cool day here too, though not in the 40s. I was in the garden all day. Perfect gardening weather!
    Sorry you didn't get to go thrifting this afternoon. That is always a fun time. Hope you can work it into your schedule this week. I stopped by a thrift store yesterday on my return from the plant center. Walked out with two beautiful pieces of silver.
    Happy Days!

  5. Cutie dish, and the foodies ain't bad either.

  6. Where on earth did that cold air come from? It was 80ish here today and absolutely beautiful.

    Your little white dish is perfect for a snack or sandwich. :)

  7. How wonderful all your food looks on that tray ....just a FYI you can find them on Ebay & Amazon however not at the deal $ you got ...CORNING WARE P-185-B GRAB-IT SNACK SANDWICH PLATE TRAY !!!

  8. Perfect little plate for each of your yummy foods . . .
    One dollar . . . great find . . .
    It would be nice to have a few more of them, wouldn't' it!

  9. I love that dish...and now I am REALLY wanting some pecan fudge candy :) looks so yummy!!

  10. WoooW! I love it!

  11. Its a pretty dish. All the food looks good too!

  12. that does look like a handy dish, and its oven safe too!! Bonus!
    The food you show us is always so delicious looking,, you make me so hungry, everytime I come here lol,,,

  13. I wonder if you can find more on etsy? I found some small rectangular hall stoneware dishes at the thrift store several years ago. They were handy for EVERYTHING! Snacks, small meals, we used them constantly. I had never seen anything like them and didn't even know what they might be called since they resembled small shallow loaf pans and I had never seen anything like them before. I finally searched on etsy and found lots of them. I ordered another set for a very good price and have been so happy I did because we still use them for so many things. I have never seen the kind of dish you found before, but it helps that you know they are made by corning!

  14. I found one on etsy, they call it a snack it dish, here is the listing, only one! small dish&ref=sr_gallery_44

  15. It's 43 here this morning too -- and we think that isn't half bad! Well, not as warm as we would like but...

    I love a small white dish like that. Very nice!

  16. It's cold, rainy and damp here too!! I chuckled when I saw your little plate. I DID have a set of 6 of those when first married and I donated them to our church flea market many years ago! Now I wish I didn't!! Thanks so much for visiting!! Have a great day!!


  17. loved your plate and cookies are delicious ,all pics and sharing is so interesting dear

  18. I just know that more of these little plates are going to be drawn to you - life's like that!

  19. The little plate is cute, hope you find some more like it. All the food looks delicious. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  20. The blackberry, strawberry shortcake made that little plain white dish come to life, BJ! Happy Monday, Pam @ Everyday Living

  21. Appears to be a great find for you, and you take such lovely pictures of what you are putting in it!

  22. I love your find and how creative you are with it. It is cold here in Tulsa. I forgot that the office was going to a daytime game so I about froze because I didn't bring a jacket.

  23. Your little dish is great! I love the handle! And all your food looks beautiful. It's chilly here, too.
    love and blessings~
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  24. I love Corning ware! We once visited the factory in upstate NY and we bought a lot of it which has served me well over the year. Your dish is really cute--I hope you will be lucky and find more of them. had snow and sleet showers all weekend and it was chilly! The good thing is that everything is now melting and we may hit 80 by the end of the week--woo hoo!

  25. Hello my sweet friend, Thanks for the big smile with your last word. It is definitely about your awesome photos. However, Leave it to you to make a sweet plain white dish into soooo much more.
    I love that about you and your wonderful posts.

  26. well you woke up my taste buds.. they are wanting to go in search of breakfast! lol!
    cute dish!
    happy day!

  27. I love the way you have so much fun styling your food. That is such a cute little dish-I would have bought it too. I hope your weather warms up-it's cold here too.

  28. I love the plate. Jean you bring new meaning to the words yummy breakfast.

  29. I love the plate. Jean you bring new meaning to the words yummy breakfast.

  30. You take the best food pictures, bj. I love your little white dish--but I like what you put in it even better. I really love some of those old Corning ware pieces. My brother worked as an engineer for Corning. xo Diana


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