Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Take a Look at This Cutie...

Hi, all

I am having so much fun outside, puttering around with the potting bench..

I can't get another thing done...!!

I wanted a cute sign to hang on it but after looking at some of the prices, I thought...

"Hey, I can do this myself"

 Mr. Sweet had the perfect size board in his stash..
"thanks, Mr. Sweet"

I still had paint from another project I did back in the wintertime.

...some of you may remember the magazine holder I painted...
still loving it.

I wanted a bit of the natural wood peeking thru on my sign....

then....after it dried, it dawned on me....
I can't print or write with paint...
no way...
I am pretty bad at anything like that...

but I have several grandgirls that are super good at stuff like this...
oops. got carried away about my girls...

ANDREA said "I can do that for you, Memaw"

She said, "What do you want painted on it ?"
and I said, "Surprise me.."
and I ask you,
is THIS not simply adorable !  

Thanks soooo much, Andrea...I just LUV it.

 I think her little sign looks smashing on my BRIGHT spot...
I love it....
but I sure do love her more....:)

THIS was a tiny project I needed to get done...planting something pretty in this hanging basket...

and now, it's done....

Gerber Daisies 

Outdoor Wednesday


  1. So you used chalk paint for the sign? I'd use a spray-on matte or satin clear protector to protect it from the harsh sun and weather.

  2. Potting Place looks super there and the actual Potting Place is adorable and so colorful...love it!

  3. Your gardening tables looks great and the sign is perfect. Everything is looking very much like Spring.
    Have a great rest of the week. When I go out in the garden, I forget about the time and get lost in the garden.
    I love it.


  4. Oh, I just love garden signs. That is just adorable. :)

  5. What a great potting bench, BJ! Andrea did a fabulous job with the design on the sign. It is a beautiful potting place. It makes me feel good just looking at your pretty photos!

  6. Fun! I love your Potting Place!

  7. What a lovely sign. You did an excellent job.

    God bless.

  8. Your sign is the perfect touch. Andrea did a great job with the lettering.


  9. Love the new sign !!!!So xtra special that you & your granddaughter added the special touches !!! Happy Potting !!!!

  10. Wow! Such a wonderful result!
    Happy ODW!

  11. Oh I love chalk paint; it turned out wonderful.
    I wish I could spend my day like you do...but I'm in office all day long !

  12. that turned out adorable, love it!!

  13. Very, very nice . . .
    Perfectly sweet and cute!
    I love it . . . color, name and that family came up with the "finishing touches!"

  14. Oh good grief BJ....I love it, I love it! Precious! And...how special that your granddaughter shared your project!

  15. Super cute!

    Talented gals... And talented Memaw toooo!

    Huggles from Tessa,
    who is off with the faeries...

  16. Andrea did a fabulous job on your sign!

  17. Andrea did a wonderful job on the sign. I like your potting place. Have a blessed and wonderful day. Madeline

  18. Wow! Its wonderful :)
    Andrea has surely done an amazing job!

    Srivi | The Piscean Me

  19. Love it...it is perfection!

  20. So lovely and colorful, BJ. Thanks for taking us through the prep.

  21. What a great idea and what a good job by Andrea. May I copy your idea. Bob made me a super potting table a couple of years ago (i sure do use it a lot) and a sign would be just perfect.

  22. This is such a pretty potting bench, bj and I LOVE your sign! Your granddaughter did a beautiful job with the lettering. I love your new blog header too. I need to update mine but never seemt to find the time these days--so much babysitting..lol!

  23. Of course the sign is cute...she's your grand girl! Your potting place is adorable, just like YOU!

  24. It is cute and so are you. You are like me always got somebody special who can do anything, I can't get much done for the rain here in Ky. Finally has half a day of sunshine but I am rushed on an afghan I am making for a high school graduation and only got a few days left. All of the grands got one after this one, only one left. Think I will start on it next and get a head start. Blessings gal

  25. Nice. What a guy Mr. Sweet is. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  26. I am you newest follower. It looks like Spring on your blog. Nice photos.
    JM, IL

  27. Your sign is cute! I'd love to have Andrea come over and help me make a few signs. I can dream them up in my head but the lettering is something I'm still trying to figure out!

  28. Between your re-doing projects and cooking, you are a very busy lady. That,s not so bad, at least keeps your body moving and mind working. Wonder about my mind some days.

  29. It all looks fabulous


  30. Your potting bench is so sweet and I LOVE the sign! She did a great job! And now you will think of her every time you see it!


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