Monday, February 29, 2016


We absolutely LOVE going to the lake
with Stacy and her family....

A few weekends ago, we headed there to help them do some
repairs on their beautiful lake house.

The first morning there, DEEDS made 
pancakes and bacon for our breakfast.

 Isn't she adorable, turning those pancakes....
best pancakes I've ever put in my mouth..! !

perfect little cakes...

The best coffee bar...
everything you could need for an awesome cup of coffee by the lake...
The men sure enjoyed pancakes, bacon and scrambled eggs...
Wilson sure hoped somebody dropped some of that bacon.

They have just replaced their large deck and it looks so nice...
very proud of it for them.

The guys getting the smoker going for a Tenderloin...
we had pulled pork sandwiches that night and they were over the moon delicious. the lake

One night, salmon steaks cooked on cedar planks...
They bought the fish at the market in town..
and since I don't "do" fish...
I had more pork...

....enjoying the new deck

...water diamonds


WILSON, the family doggie is about the same color of the driftwood...
I nearly didn't see him...

ahhh...there he is with his bright red collar .....
he loves going to the lake, too, and really likes riding in the boat.
Which we didn't do this time....ride in the boat, I mean...
still a little chilly for boat rides.
He has the cutest little dog life jacket...

Jent and Stacy building new steps....

They also built shutters for the windows and we helped them with the painting...
no photos to PROVE that I was working, tho......bummer
(you will notice, tho, that I nearly ALways get photos of the FOOD)

...we always have so much fun, we hate to go home...

Love, bj


  1. It is nice when you can turn a work day into a fun day. They have a gorgeous lake house. You and family have been blessed in many ways. I am little "different", but the one thing that caught my eye was the shadow where they were building the steps.

  2. Just trying to get a few visits in here and there when I can. I HAD to come see YOU! lol Great job all the way around- from Deed's 'cakes to the diamonds on the water..and the painting you SAY YOU did! Hope you have a wonderful March. xo Diana

  3. What a great place that is!

  4. What a lovely spot to enjoy food, work, and beauty!

  5. Days at the lake WILL come here someday! Meanwhile, I'll live delightfully and vicariously through yours!

  6. Wonderful you can work and play with your family.
    It's the best, isn't It!?

  7. Looks like fun! Having a lake house would be a dream come true!

    We had family time this past weekend too celebrating my SILs birthday. No lake but lots of great food and love.

  8. 1st, I can see the beautiful lake house. 2nd, I love pancake, bacon and coffee! 3rd, stunning photo of water diamonds. And working together is fun and finish faster!

  9. I too am a Lake lover and though I dont have a lake house I live a minute for lake ontario and I spend as much time there as possible in the summer time. how lucky you and your family are that you can go stay right at the lake anytime! lucky ducks! lol!
    happy day

  10. So pretty. I love lake houses. I have the best memories spending the Summers at my grandparents lake house.

  11. How wonderful to live on a lake! That dock looks amazing. xoxo Su

  12. Sounds like a fun weekend, even with all that work!

  13. They have a beautiful home on the lake. The food looks delicious. Great photos. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  14. Beautiful home and lake! Oh that sparkling water, I want to be there:) Enjoy your day dear B.J. BIG HUGS!

  15. What a lovely spot! I would hate to leave it too!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  16. Looks like a blast and delightful time BJ. Deeds is a sweetie and those pancakes - a total yum. Beautiful lake, beautiful home, beautiful share.

  17. We got a griddle last November but haven't really used it yet

  18. What a wonderful place they have and I can imagine how much you must love to visit there! Nothing beats pancakes and bacon for breakfast...I don't care who you are! I can relate to no wanting to leave...we are heading to TN to our son's rustic mountain home to watch the grands..leaving tomorrow night. I never want to leave that place either :)

  19. What a great place. Your Blessed. I'll come for pancakes! BTW my hometown tour started today. Come over and link your posts! Have a good Wednesday.

  20. What a beautiful place! Something about watching the water sparkle is so relaxing. I love how much fun your family has together :)

  21. Such a wonderful place BJ. Deeds is growing up, that sweet pretty girl. No one ever sees us working , do they. Once when I lived in town,I dug 5 post holes and painted the lattice around the trash container..Ted dug one post hole and when we went to dinner, everyone in town saw him dig that one post hole and asked if he could ever get me to do anything.LOL Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  22. *sigh* This looks so wonderful. I am not much on fish, myself.

  23. I just had to come over and visit your blog, after you visited mine. Congratulations on over 55 years of marriage! Mr. Cottage and I have been married over 47 years. Our red painted cottage is on a lake, but living in Michigan, so we only use it primarily in the summer. I'm thinking you're from TX (just a guess). Our oldest son and his family live in TX and we'll be driving down in about two weeks to visit them and spend Easter there. So glad to have met you through Cozy Little House.

  24. The deck and the steps look great! My favorite picture is the sparkling can see the dancing it!

  25. Wonderful summer place. Loved seeing the new deck and steps. Such a happy post.

  26. Any day shared with family is a good one BJ!
    As both our children live overseas - one in France and the other in Australia when we get together it's special no matter whether we're doing jobs or just chilling out!

  27. Mmmm, pancakes, my favourite


  28. Oh my gosh, it all looks so goooooooood. And pancakes? YUM!

    Chicken about done and we're gonna sit down to eat. Wishing you a great week ahead and I'll be back next weekend to see what you've been up to.

    Cheers, with a great big side of boogie boogie.


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