Sunday, February 28, 2016

Spring is bloomin' around here ♥

I'm sick and tired of winter...
and winter colors.

I don't care that it's
"not Spring until MARCH 20"
who set/sat/sit (?) that date, anyway. ??

I've started with my Spring refreshing touches here in THE SUMMER HOUSE...

  I'm pulling out all my bright, COLORful pillows.

I put a pot plant into a
gray and white stripe canvas box....

I saw that idea in a catalog...
Ballard's, I think.

and some lavender into this cute gray and white polka dot canvas box.
(looks blue here but it really is gray)

These grays blend in with my sofa and hutch.

I made a mental note to pick up a cute white frame for this adorable drawing from

it's so springy and cute and will add a little more lightness to my wall.

my little white dove figurine came out of the decorating closet and is ready to greet the warmer weather of Spring...

Moving right along  to a little side table in the dining room....

...since my beautiful tulips have gone on to Tulip Heaven, (boo hoo)
I needed something pretty to replace them...
and since we are about to leave town and didn't want fresh flowers until we got home,

I went to my stored flower box and pulled out my favorite color of
faux hydrangeas  and.....

 a pretty clear vase.

 And since I decided I needed some sort of filler for this clear vase
and because I dearly LUV wine corks...

I think they are just tiny works of art and I really do love them...


not sure i am liking this look all that much....

but it's a bright spot that will need no watering, like, forever,
I like it ok for now.

This new wine cork, marked
came from
Wall Bar & Grill in Midland, Tex...
a favorite place for Former President
Geo. W. Bush & Laura
to have dinner.

Midland, Texas
childhood home of George W. Bush

 After playing their hearts out in MIDLAND, TX,
 our basketball girls didn't make it to the State finals...

We are all so proud of them to make it as far as they did and
they are all loved dearly .....
Love to all and to all a good night...xoxo

 Most of the time, I leave something to eat just for YOU...

We still love a fried pie to pieces....

but since we try to stay away from FRIED, 
I just bake them in the oven.

1/2 to 3/4th cup of SUGAR
(I use TART CHERRIES (not pie filling) so I used
1 Tbl. melted butter
♥ ♥ ♥
350 oven.....
Drain cherries, SAVING ONE CAN OF THE JUICE...
add this juice, cornstarch and sugar in a sauce pan and, on medium heat, cook til thickened.
Then slowly add the cherries and almond flavoring.
Roll your dough into circle, cut 8 squares, add small amt. of cherries to each one. Roll (any way you can),
crimp with fork to keep as much of that delicious goodness INSIDE.
Brush each with butter and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on top. them closely as the juice is bound to bubble outside the pies
and they will burn quickly on the bottom......just keep checking them.
I suggest that you DO NOT use canned pie filling.


  1. lol! I hear you! I am sick and tired of winter as well and I wish spring would hurry up and arrive already!Loving the spring touches around your home...very pretty pillows! And I love how you used the corks as fillers for your vase :) Happy Sunday! Hugs, Poppy

  2. Spring is looking beautiful at your place, BJ. I love everything, but those hydrangeas in the lovely glass vase capture my eye. Have a good Sunday!

  3. It all looks very 'Springy' in your house, so nice to get out the colourful pillows and china.
    I think your glass vase would look lovely with glass beads/marbles in, to catch the light.

  4. I believe practical spring will be here earlier than literal spring

  5. I love the VW pillow. I need to get frames for the my DuDu prints. Fun pictures . Congrats to the girls . They did really well.

  6. Looks like Spring has sprung early around the Summer House, BJ. Everything is so pretty and cheerful looking. That Peacock pillow is gorgeous, and so are the other pillows. So sorry the girls didn't make the finals but I know you must be very proud of them. For some reason, and I can't imagine why, I always leave your blog hungry!

  7. Hi BJ! Oh, everything looks wonderful at your summer house! Congrats to your pretty girls! We love Midland, used to live in Odessa. We have some friends who live a few doors down from where George W. grew up! :) You've brought back memories, my mother used to make the best little fried pies! I never could get the hang of it! If I could just come over! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. Hi BJ I think we all welcome Spring and the renewal to our hearts the season brings. Liking your little additions in décor to your home. Always a fun visit my friend.

  9. I love your spring touches. We have been having some spring-like weather here. I hope it stays!!!!

  10. Well everything is looking nice and fresh and bright at your place. I love Spring! Thanks for cheering up my rainy day!

  11. Your b-ball girls still did very, very well! Congrats to them on a great season!

  12. Loving your faux's and I too love wine corks and collect them.

  13. You just have the gift of making things beautiful. I would totally love to have one of your fried pies right. now!

    Thanks for posting our Thoughts of Home on Friday graphic on your sidebar. ♥

  14. I agree with Spring forward !!!!! Love your pillows & flower/plant arrangements !!!!

  15. Might be just what I need . . .
    Some color cheer . . . more of it!
    By the way, I like your wine corks, bit of green . . . cheers up a spot . . .
    You gave me some ideas bj . . .
    I'll start some cheer after the Oscars!

  16. Wooooohoooo "basketball girls"!!! Great job! Love those hydrangeas!

  17. Sick of winter here as well, but will wait until we get back from our trip to decorate for the new season. Hopefully it will have arrived by then.

    God bless.

  18. I don't give two cupcakes what the calendar reads. When spring hits, she hits and today it was a brilliant spring day here, as well.

  19. Everything always looks so pretty at your place!! I love your wine cork collection! I have a ton of corks and want to do something with them but I'm just not sure WHAT!!

  20. Always fun and colorful at your place, BJ. Happy Blue Monday!

  21. I'm with you BJ, I just can't hardly take another day of winter, (too bad we are supposed to get 3-5 inches of snow tomorrow) :( Ah well, March brings spring and even though old man winter is putting up a heck of a fight his days are numbered! I love all your pretty spring touches. I went through the house Friday and switched out curtains, put away the last of the straggling winter décor, and pulle dout some pretty spring things. SO much better!

  22. We have hardly had much of winter in Texas this year, but I'm still glad to see Spring coming into the flowers and grasses. The bluebonnets are even blooming, and it is very early for them.

  23. MMMMM.....cherry hand pies! Nothing can chase away the winter blues like those can. I was so happy last week cause all our snow here in Michigan was gone. I thought it was going to be spring from here on out for sure. Mother Nature had different plans and dumped 6" on us! Ugh....

  24. Lovely spring decorating ideas. The cherry hand pies look delicious. Sorry the girls didn't get to state but they did good to come as far as they did. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  25. Can't tell you how much I love this post and all your spring. (I'm sure it actually FEELS like spring much more there than here!) But today I brought up a pink floral swag and a bunny and the nests will come up in the next basement trip! I'm getting itchy, too.

    I love that bicycle pillow. Do you remember where you found that one? And I'm always looking for good cork ideas for decorating for when we host the wine group. That one is spectacular (and if there is anything I have a "few" of it is corks!

  26. Lovely touches of Spring everywhere at your place. I love the cork idea. I know a blogger who made herself a wreath outta those, I guess you could say, she L O V E S her wine! Hee Hee! I am happy DiCaprio won that best actor nod. I did not watch, can't stand their politics, but heard it on the late news last night. He is a terrific actor. Happy Blue Monday. Have a great week! xo

  27. You definitely have a special touch when it comes to spring decorating, love everything. Haven't seen Revenant yet but I want too, glad he won but I too don't like them sprouting their views. Congrats to the champs!!

  28. BJ, I've been sick of winter since the day after New Years! But our winter has been so much better than last, that I really shouldn't complain. Last year was a nightmare that wouldn't end! I love all your touches of Spring in your home. Makes one feel good to bring out all that pretty. Those hand pies sound delish. I've never made hand pies and I really should. I am not a big movie buff but I have been routing for Leo for years. I think he's one of the most gifted actors out there. Congrats to him! Thanks for joining my little party today and have a delightful week.


  29. Hi BJ,

    You always share a big bunch of joy! I LOVE your finished product. Thanks for playing today.
    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!

  30. BJ, I love all the spring touches, especially the cute Volkswagon pillow. ALso love the corks in the vase. Its been such nice weather in Tx it feels like winter is over. On with spring!

  31. I am with you, BJ. I believe it is spring especially here in FL, not waiting till 3/20. I love your pillows especially the one with bicycle print...Christine

  32. Love the spring touches. I love the VW pillow! Have a good week.

  33. Great way to hurry Spring along, BJ! I need to do the same, even though we have more of that 4 letter word (sn*w) in the forecast. I am SOOOOOOO done with it!
    Do you know I can't ever find those Oregon Tart Cherries around here? When I googled search for them, they come up on the Walmart site but then it tells me "This item is not available for pickup or at any of the Walmarts within 50 miles of your location." Poop! I am going to hunt down a substitute 'cus you make me hungry for cherry anything every time you mention them. Thanks for telling us how you make them.

  34. I know you heard about the passing if Smiling Sally but I wanted to stop by just to say how much you mean to me over here. Life passes went too quickly.I am going to share blue in my future Monday posts and I am going to miss that kind hearted lady. :-( Lots of hugs to you and Bill and your beautiful family too.

  35. Love your touches of Spring - especially your pillows. And you know that Oregon can is special to me!


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