Tuesday, January 12, 2016

...another little snow

and I don't mind saying I am tired of it...
and I'm ready for SPRING AND SUMMER...

This last snow (1/5)  was so wet, it didn't stick too quickly,  
but before it was over with, we had about 2 inches...
on top of a lot of snow that hasn't melted from

The beautiful pool went from
to BEAUTIFUL again...

and back to a tiny bit ICY...

LACEY'S dog, ATHENA, didn't let it bother her one bit...
and she looked so pretty out there with her black spots.

KATHY'S pink flamingos had a bit more white stuff on them...

 Lacey Jean's car is covered  but her granddad is helping her out...

"Mr. Sweet, you need a cap and gloves on...that stuff is coooold."
Sun is shining and it's all melting fast...

My Kale is looking just beautiful  even tho it's been covered in snow for awhile...

The little greenhouse has come right thru these snows out here on
the Plains of West Texas...
all the flowers are looking goood.

Some of you might remember this
that son put in the greenhouse
the middle of November....

I just couldn't see how in the world this was going to work....

 But, look at it now...

It's full of lettuce..

..there's peppers in there somewhere...
Oh, and squash...
My thoughts on it is that we'll have to plant a garden come spring and
all these plants are REALLY going to be all over the place...
especially squash...any of you that's ever raised it knows it
creeps waaay out and is covered with squash.
 It was cold on Deeds birthday and they had been skiing all weekend in New Mexico..

 I made a Beef Stew and we all had dinner when they got home.

It was a perfect birthday for a pretty 14 year old...


  1. So much snow! Hope it warms up. We are just now getting some colder temps here.

  2. That's a lot of snow, I can see why you're so sick of it already. That pod planter is pretty cool and your beef stew looks amazing. Have a good rest of the week, BJ and stay warm... :)

  3. Things are really crazy when Texas gets 2 snows and we in our corner of Canada get none at all. I keep hoping! The beef stew looks wonderfully tasty and what a sweet granddaughter you have.

  4. while it doesn't do anything for snow, when it frosts (though this usually only matters when I work early in the morning) I put cardboard on my windshield. Saves me from using more of that de-icer spray

  5. It's odd seeing snow and flamingoes! Awfully glad the dog has spots so you can "spot" him easily in the snow!

  6. Is this one of the strangest winters you've had? I take it that snow is not all that common. How fun that the family can just zip over to New Mexico for some skiing! Deeds is 14? Good heavens when did that happen? I tell you, the young'uns grow up faster than ever before these days. Sure looks as if she had a wonderful birthday! Hope that the weather moderates for you soon.

  7. You guys have really had some winter weather this year! I love that green house!!! SO luscious looking!!!
    I am just so happy for you and Mr. Sweets!! You are certainly enjoying life and family and all things warm and wonderful!

  8. So much snow! Here in the southern Finland it was snowing yesterday the whole day. Terrible, my back complaints...

    You have a lovely greenhouse! The spring is coming, the spring is coming.... I repeat this to myself and it helps :))

  9. It warms my heart to see you living so close to family (and friends) and so passionately.
    It's good for you and for them it must be awesome to have you so close by full of energy and amazing spirits.
    Happy New Year Dear BJ.
    Stay in that path. God Bless.

  10. I really love the colour of your kale and your beef stew looks so delicious. Happy belated birthday to your grand daughter.

  11. My goodness...cannot believe how much snow you all have had. It is lovely, but yes...I do not like being cold. We had one little snow morning last month, but that's it so far! Oh I love, love, love your greenhouse! Beef Stew is on my menu for next week and perhaps that big ole lucious looking birthday cake. Happy 14th B'day to your lovely and sweet Deeds!!!

  12. Is the snow quite unusual for your locale . . .
    It seems to me that it would be.
    A mixed up topsy turvy weather year!
    I like Deeds name . . .
    Happy Fourteen Deidra . . .

  13. Hi bj, love seeing the snow in West Texas. None here, but it has been cold. Your garden planter is amazing. I would love to find one like that. Your stew looks so delicious and perfect for a winter day.
    Happy Birthday to your sweet grand Deidra. What a pretty teen she is. Have a great day!! xo

  14. Happy Birthday Deeds! I am SOOOOOOOOOOO jealous of that greenhouse! My plants are all over the place in my garage:) Have a blessed, warm and Spring-like day! HUGS!

  15. Lacey Jean needs a snowbrush for her car!

  16. We haven't even HAD winter here, so I feel slightly jealous...and that pod planter is wacky wonderful!

  17. BJ, That snow looks so out of place in Texas. You have had more than us(Indiana) but it's cold here. Yes, Mr. needs his gloves on and a hat. Brr. Your little Deeds is growing up...she's a pretty girl too. Hug her all you can. I loved seeing your things in the green house. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  18. While we have had snow, we could actually use a bit more to go with those awful low temperatures we have had and are going to get on the weekend.

    God bless.

  19. We have not had any snow but it has been cold here. Your kale is very pretty. The green house looks great with the flowers and that neat pod container. The stew looks delicious and so does Deeds cake. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  20. BJ,
    No SNOW here on the Prairie, dear friend!!!
    Suppose to be in the 50's today. . .we'll see!!!
    Must be "soup making" weather!
    "Mr. Ed" and I just made a kettle full, too!!!
    Oh, and a Cherry Dump Cake!!!
    Happy Birthday, Deeds!!!

  21. Snow caps on just about anything are lovely, aren't they? Great treat for a cold day.

  22. Im so jealous now. It hardly snows at my place.Enjoy :)

  23. I get tired of snow real fast since I'm usually home bound when it snows. I do not like to drive in the stuff. That was a perfect meal for a cold day!

  24. Happy Birthday to Deeds! I have been following you a loooooong time because I remember when she was just a tiny thing! I'm with you, is it Spring yet? I'm pretty sure you're going to see it way before I do!

  25. Oh I'm ready for warm weather. Although its been beautiful the last too days. I wish i had a green house! I read your bench post. Great job! Good luck with your list.

  26. bj, thank you for sharing your snow pictures! The swimming pool blue is gorgeous! Happy Birthday to your Deeds!

  27. A fun winter for you ... well, unusual anyway. Your greenhouse plants are doing great. That fresh lettuce looks yummy. Kale is beautiful. Mr. Z. would love your beef stew ... he likes cornbread with it too. Your grand-kids keep you busy with all the birthdays to celebrate. Deeds looks so happy ... I know she enjoyed her birthday trip, your cake and stew dinner.
    Stay well.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

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  29. I'll start with telling you how adorable Deidra is.

    I didn't realize that west Texas got that much snow.

    We have friends who use tower gardens (that's what they call the here) for growing much of their food. One of the local restaurants grows all the veggies they serve in towers.

    Thanks for Sharing Your Cup!


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