Thursday, December 10, 2015

My Santas

I try to buy a new Santa every few years to add to my collection.
Santas ARE Christmas to me. 

 My good friend, MARTHA, bought this beautiful Santa for me
so he is my new Santa of the year, 2015.

He has a sweet face...

and a bit of PLAID...

You've met my oldest Santa before....
he is my favorite.

and I love his long tassel on his snow white hat...

This woodland Santa is one I bought last year...

 I fell in love with his GREEN eyes...


 While this one above isn't nearly as large as the other Santas,
and his face isn't as pretty... (it's all about a Santa' face, ya know.)
HE'S DRESSED IN PLAID... and ya gotta love THAT ! ! !

The CHEF SANTA always brightens up my kitchen and makes me smile.

I have little Santas scattered around but this is a roundup up of the larger Santas.

I will add tomorrows CHRISTMAS IN TEXAS links as soon as I receive them. they are:

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Lisa at Hospitable Pursuits

Joyce from At Home with Jemma

Please take the time to visit all these beautiful blogs..
they have worked very hard to bring us so much
My thanks to you.  

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  1. I love the baker one. Do you name any of them Stan? I see Stanta in the title.

    1. it fixed....thanks, Happy

    2. What? No Stan? I thought it was funny. A little different and fun. Just like you.

      Have a great weekend, I'm headed back to the lab to finish the gutting that I'm doing in the kitchen. Happy Eating and Happy Christmas. Cheers.

    3. PS: How do you get the candy cane look around the photos? I'd like to try that on my blog.

    4. Thanks, BJ - I got your email about the program and have bookmarked it.

      Happy Christmas.

  2. I love your Santas. A wreath fell off my wall and landed on the very first Santa I got and he's holding a baby. Santa's leg broke off! Must do surgery.

  3. they are lovely,, its the soft friendly face that pulls me in, lol,, your latest was such a lovely gift,, she knows exactly what you like!

  4. You collect Santa's like I collect nativity scenes. Shhh, I am going to try and sneak in a new one this year....

    God bless.

  5. My 93 year old neighbor collects Santas. She gave me a tour a few weeks ago. They are all so unique and many are quite old as you can imagine.

  6. Wonderful collection. My aunt has a whole tree filled with Santas, and a china cabinet filled to the brim! Many are from her travels around the world!

  7. You have some great Santas. We did not grow up with Santa in my Russian immigrant home. Glad you are getting into this most wonderful time of year!

  8. I love Santa's and it's fun to see your collection. It is all about the face!

  9. You have some seriously handsome Santas!

  10. Thanks for sharing your Santa collection.
    I had a fair size collection at one time, but gave most away several years ago.
    Enjoy your evening.

  11. BJ, I love all your Santas. The cooking one is adorable. You just have the cutest things. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  12. Delightful . . .
    No doubt about it . . . Sanaa's bring cheer . . .
    Thank you for sharing . . .
    Oldest and Baker really tugged at my heart . . .

  13. I love Santas too. I did give some to my daughter to downsize a little. Yours are beautiful.

  14. I love your Santa collection BJ. They are all sweet and so different.

  15. Oh I love seeing all your Santas, BJ! Would you believe I just bought a Santa this year? I think he's the first one I've ever owned!

  16. All jolly and sweet BJ. Your collection is lovely. Love your candy cane border touch around each photo, your posts are always special and fun.

  17. but do you have a Father Christmas?

  18. BJ, I've a special fondness for Santa figures too, and it's the face, the eyes that speak to me. Several years ago I did a post on the many faces of Santa. I may need to revive that one. ;-)

  19. What a fabulous collection!

    Did you notice my aqua Santa? He was a gift from my sister the first year we lived in our beach house. She bought one from Horchow for everyone and tried to match the Santa to the person. I got the Neptune Santa and love that his scepter has a seahorse on top.

  20. Love your collection of Santas! They are so cute! Have a beautiful weekend!

  21. I love your Santa's. And yes...Santas say "Christmas." Your home seems like a fun and welcoming place! Sheila

  22. All your Santa's are adorable. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  23. I love Santa too! You have a splendid collection!

  24. Very sweet BJ. Love your Santa's. Jolly and fun. You know if you have a Santa with green or blue eyes they are suppose to bring you good luck at the holidays. Just sayin!!!! Most Santa's have the darker eyes so if you find a light green or blue it is good luck for you.
    Happy Friday and have a wonderful week end.

  25. I love all my Santas, too. I always look for one with a happy face. Also have a collection of angels and one of nativity sets. Love the Christmas season. I love your posts - they are always so pretty, upbeat, and just like my tastes.

    1. So sorry I can't find a place to leave you a THANK YOU for coming by and leaving a note.
      Merriest Christmas...
      x0 bj

  26. Bj you have a great collection. The white one that's your oldest is my favorite too. Is that coat all fur?


  27. Happy Pink Saturday, my sweet friend.♥ And, happy ho ho ho! Santa is a fun guy, and always a handsome fellow. We have plenty of them around here, too.

  28. No problem today! Thought it would balk because a little thought bubble (of all things) popped up when I first clicked in the box. Hmmm...I really enjoyed your Santas and your favorite reminds me of Mr. Sweet because he walks around in those white robes all the time. =D Must be the twinkle in his eye!

  29. Lovely pictures, full of Christmas inspiration! I´m trying to get some "Christmas-feeling" in this grey and dull weather we are having here...
    Enjoy your weekend!

  30. BJ,
    A d o r a b l e Santas, dear friend!!!
    I have a few Santas, but my love is my Snowman Collection!!!
    I keep them put away until after Christmas!!!
    Once the SNOW arrives on the Prairie. . .it's time for the SNOWmen to arrive, as well!!!
    Thanks for sharing your amazing collection!!!


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