Monday, July 13, 2015

The Little Building..again

Some of you may remember that we are building  in the back yard....

The guys started this back in June and with the rains, the contractor not showing up on time to pour concrete and other things, AND not to mention that David works full time and Mr. Sweet is 81 yrs old,
things have been slow going...
It's ok, one is in a huge hurry.

 Look at it now...
it's really coming along now that the rains have given us a reprieve.
(that contractor is still not showing up when he's supposed to...
do they go to school to learn that..??)
 We are waiting to have more concrete poured..
gravel for the greenhouse floor...
the guys to come back and help put up the walls...

...brick and rock
standing by for the outside of the building...

then it will match the houses and look GOOOD doing it. :)
 Boy, at almost 100 degrees, we have to take lots of breaks...
lots of liquids....
eating light during the day....
and A NAP.....always.....mid afternoon.

We sure are excited about this little building...

Mr. Sweet has done such an amazing job...
he builds walls and the rafters in one work area...
and when we move them to the building site,
they fit like pieces of a puzzle...
It just blows my mind to know how good he is at measuring things. 

I can't help much....I can't measure, carry heavy walls or even hammer very good...

so I make things like THIS...

and this....and it keeps him happy.
hahhaaa....gotta love a life like this....and.....we DO.


  1. Bj, You will enjoy the little building when it is done. Looks well constructed. Hope it doesn't rain and that you get a cool down so work can continue. The treats look yummy. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. That ain't no little building, Lucy! It's huge! I am impressed with those men of yourn. And you're doing a great job of keeping them going.

  3. Sounds like a perfect pair - he works and you cook! I'm sure he enjoys all the treats! LOL Looking good.


  4. Making good progress. Can't wait to see the finished product. I anxious to see that greenhouse.
    Thank for sharing. Have a great week. XXOO

  5. I am so happy for you!!!! I LOVE the smell of freshly cut pine and I LOVE the sounds of a saw and hammer! To me that means somebody is getting something new!!! You do make the perfect 'Dream Team!!!'

  6. It's all coming along beautifully, slow and sure's the way to go :)
    I love the smell of fresh cut wood too, I worked in a plywood factory for a short time and the mill was attached and part of the same building.


  7. Sounds like it is going to be an amazing little building! I tend to do the same kind of work as you - the way to my hubby's heart is definitely through his stomach! The stuff you're making looks deeeeelicious!

  8. Thank you dear Lady for joining my little blog... hope that you have had a pleasant evening...
    we tried to answer each of your "questions" in a follow-up to the "comment" that you left us...
    sorry to have had you "concerned"... and Stacey has grown to accept his "illness"

  9. We used to do Concrete "footings" (for the brick to rest upon) as well as floors , sidewalks and Driveways... till In got "fired for nearly getting buried by a Bulldozer...
    ...interesting short tale.... My boss had me climb down into a rather deep hole at the construction site v(several different crews working at the Same time...) He told me to pack ditr over the sewer line ((several feet of dirt" and pack it down so the Bulldozer could fill in the hole without damaging the pipe .... he told the other "supervisor.... but no one told the Bulldozer driver... .. so I get buried almost up to my shoulders before they can stop him...
    .. so boss blamed Me...
    ... just the way Life goes... I only did as I was told .. and was fired...
    .... from back in 1984...

  10. What a " Mr Sweet" great guy he is, and you to keep up with nourishment and suitable refreshments, just as important as being on the other end of a skill saw. Looking great, matching bricks, could be a sleep -out if needed. ( not a dog-box)!!!

  11. It may be slow, but it's coming along! Mr Sweet is one talented guy!

  12. Wow! I want one too! I have been wanting to have a small building to use as a painting gallery. I can't wait to see yours finished. Yes, I am enjoying our new home especially being close to the kids and grandkids and getting to see them often. Thanks for stopping by, BJ. I know you are enjoying your new place too....Christine

  13. This is going to look great BJ! And a greenhouse....I would ove to come over and see that! It sure is July here, right? Thank you as always for giving us such fun and great looking posts! I just love visiting!!!

  14. Hi BJ, Wow what an incredible building this will be and your Mr. Sweet is doing an incredible job. Your yard looks to be huge. I am sure it is as hot now as we are here in Dallas. Love the yummy treats you are making for your guy! It is a blessed life isn't it. Wishing you great fun and huge success on the project.
    I am visiting from ROI. Hope you get this. Not sure my comments are going through with the blog glitch but I am trying.
    Blessings for a great week.
    Hugs, cm

  15. It is looking great! I am jealous that you are getting a green house!

  16. It looks a lot larger from the angle you showed on this post. It really is looking great. How smart to make a combo building. Glad you know how to keep your workers going!

  17. Hooray for progress!

    Hooray for a handy man!!!!

    Hooray for a delicious-drinks-making-woman!!!

    Gentle hugs,

  18. That's going to be a great building for storage and how wonderful to have a greenhouse too. I'm glad they can get building again.

  19. The building is going to be great. Stay cool and don't work to hard or long. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  20. That is a big backyard! And I'm sure the building and green house will be a blessing. Hopefully you will finished it before cold weather sets in and you can move your plants indoors before they freeze. You've got plenty of time, too. It doesn't freeze very early here and you are even further south - so you should be good until at least October.

  21. My hubby will be starting his shed at the new house when we return from vacation. Then we will move stuff out of the garage to put inside the shed. We will be transitioning for some time, I'm guessing.

  22. It is amazing how our hubby's can figure out things and measure so great. Must be built into their DNA! I think it is so sweet that you make him yummy sweets as a reward and oh yep Naps are the best part of the day. The building is looking so great. I cannot wait to see it finished. Wow 100 degrees, stay cool and hydrate for sure!!!

  23. Bj things are looking super. You must have be excited. I can't wait to see it finished. You make a great team. Please be careful with the heat. Can't wait for the finished product


  24. Things are looking good! Glad your rains have let up and you can make some more progress!

  25. Ok, I just visited Linda Kay's blog....they are building a fence.
    Now I come visit you :)

    Everything looks so awesome!! I think I'm moving to Texas <3

  26. I see your dream is becoming a reality bj. Don't get in a hurry, it is so hot, to hot for outdoor work I think. I like your job, making wonderful delicious treats. Looking forward to seeing it finished and how you decorate and use it.

  27. BJ, things are moving right along. Glad the rain has stopped and enabled you all to do a bit more work.

    Hmmm, think I am heading down to your place for some delicious treats.

    God bless.

  28. "that contractor is still not showing up when he's supposed to"

    It's funny how that is a common occurrence. I can see someone having to stay at one job-site over because of time, but some of these guys just show up when they feel like it.

  29. That is going to be one nice building - and your treats look pretty good, too!

  30. Donating your time and effort to helping those with cancer is very noble indeed , dear Lady,... My mother passed from breast cancer...
    ... The more we read of this pleasant blog (not the type of blog that we normally follow)... the more it shows that you are truly a "Good" person....
    Bless you and yours , dear lady...

  31. It will be so nice - finally!
    Everyone must find his/her role...

  32. That little building will be so wonderful! I'm excited for you!

  33. BJ,
    You, dear friend, and "Mr. Sweet" make an amazing TEAM!!!
    Go Team Sweet Nothings!!!

  34. Haha, they probably like you best in the kitchen anyway. :)

  35. Sweet BJ, what a big, but exciting project! :) And my, what a tasty treat! Thank you so much for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. I hope you're able to join us again this week.

    Love and hugs!


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