Sunday, July 19, 2015


Hello to all...

IF life gives you Lemons, you can make a pie...


build a cute LEMONADE STAND..

I LUV this with the umbrella and the
tea cart as the "stand".

Really cute with the blackboard chalk paint....

I never would have thought to use such a cute desk
and just look how great it looks as a Lemonade stand.

All of the above stand photos are from Pinterest and the Web.

This cutie pie was shared by ADRIENNE
She was walking with her sweetheart and stopped to snap a photo for us. 
and last, but not least,
some of our grands wanted to sell lemonade several years ago...

(and YOU thought LEMMON was spelled LEMON !!)
(don't you love it ?)

The MEMAW had to get in the swing of things with this
don't 'cha know....

No umbrella needed...
they sat their stand underneath a large shade tree.
There's BRYNNA and DEEDS...
and cousins,

I can't remember for sure but they sold about half of that 
large drink dispenser
and made a little spending money.


The LEMMONADE really was delicious and it was icy cold...and SWEET.

I got to hang out for awhile with BROOKS, one of the older grandsons and that was
the SWEET treat of the afternoon !!

He was 15 here...and the sweetest boy.
I love him so.

(I must be crazy to post this photo of myself after being in the sun all day
 but I am too proud of
having my picture made with such a sweetheart, it overrode my vain self and won !! ;O)

(Isn't he the most handsome thing, ever !!...MY LITTLE MAN, ALWAYS)
Beautiful Daughter, Stacy, spent the whole day, getting things ready for this
cute stand. She is such a good mama.
I am proud. 


love, bj aka THE MEMAW
Blue Monday


  1. So great that they always have MeMaws support! Cute lemonade stands!

  2. I had been spelling lemmon wrong all these years. Stupid spell check

  3. Our little neighborhood children have a lemonade stand all the time. My husband always always always stops and buys one, then walks home and pours it down the sink - guess it's just awful but he likes to support them.

    I LOVE freshly squeezed fresh lemonade - it's hard to get these days. I like frozen concentrate Minute Maid too.

    Now you have me wanting one, with maybe a splash or two of good vodka, haha. (jk)


  4. Such fond memories BJ! I am loving lemons this year and creating different recipes with them...

  5. What feel-good moments! Lovin' those happy shades of yellow -- and your glee-FULL grin.
    Come to think of it, I think lemmonade looks more delicious spelled this way. Let's start a trend!

  6. I think we have all helped our kids and some of us, grands too with the Lemmonade Stand Business.
    What fun . .

  7. Really cute lemonade stands. Spending time with grandchildren priceless.

    God bless.

  8. How cool...I love when I see the little kiddies in my neighborhood having lemonade and Kool-aid stands just like I did 50 years ago!! Eeeeek!

    Brooks is so handsome!

    Jane x

  9. Cute lemonade stand. Course, I also like the lemmonade stand and the enterprising grands of yours running it. John goes out of his way to encourage young, not so much.

  10. bj..those are the cutest stands... Sometimes on Saturday's the children sell lemonade at their parents garage sales. stands.
    The aqua one sort of looked like a sewing machine cabinet..whatever, it sure made a cute stand!

  11. Glad that you had a great day with the Family, dear Lady...
    (hope that the kids did well on their drink sales... a good "hot" day for a "cold drink"...
    ...and people often place old Desks out at the Curb ("very "Cheap"...."Free"....!!!)
    .. we tried to post a comment ("reply") to your questions about my Sims game... we tried to give ('in lay-men's terms") a description of this customizable game-world.... with your imagination and "style" as well (as your "eye for beauty")... you would make some beautiful homes and gardens with this computer-simulation game... very easy to learn to play ...

  12. We Mothers and Grandmothers will do just about anything for our children and grandchildren! Love the Lemonade stands. I sure do love lemonade pie,too!

  13. Sorry my last name may be "Lemmon"... but we really do not like lemons...

  14. Nothing says 'Summer' better than lemonade!

    And nothing says childhood better, than a Lemonade Stand.

    Precious photo memories. Thank you for sharing them, with us, on this to be sunny/hot summer day. Actually, just the way a summer day _should_ be! ,-)))))

    Sweet lemonade hugs,

  15. Mornin' BJ,

    I enjoyed seeing so many cut stands. The blue lid on the lemonade jug MADE the drink refreshing! Thanks for playing today.

    I think you look GREAT with grandson!

    Happy Blue Monday!

  16. Hello BJ, what a fun time with your grands and the lemonade stand. Cute photos, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  17. Tell them to come here. It is so hot they would do well. In fact, I am making me some lemonade today.

  18. That lemmonade was extra yummy with TWO "m"s! Love it! Have a sweet day dear B.J. HUGS!

  19. The photos of the lemonade stands are great. I know you enjoyed spending time with your granddaughters at their stand when they were younger. You have a very handsome grandson. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  20. Handsome grandson! Lovely creations and colors on your blog today ~ Great shots and beautiful creations!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  21. I always stop at a lemonade stand if I see some kids having one. What cute ideas, and your grandson is adorable. Great picture of you as well!

  22. Aren't these all just adorable! I remember when my girls were little and I decided to have a yard sale. They put up a little lemonade stand and as fortune would have it, we were on the route that day for a big bike ride for charity .We had no idea or we would have stocked up on more ice and lemonade! Well before we knew it our yard was full of cyclists taking a break and buying lemonade. My sister was here withus and she ran to the corner store for more supplies while we filled water bottles with ice water for the cyclists. The girls made $80 that day and had the time of theor lives. I made piddle on the yard sale but it was such fun!

  23. So fun! My little one had a lemonade stand the other day.... I think every child needs that memory.... Fun stuff, and those are some cute grandbabies! :)

  24. Oh my gosh. So much fun and what nice pictures.

  25. Great post, brings back memories of my little sister and I trying to sell good old lemonade and Kool-Aid.
    Joy @ Books and Life

  26. Great memories bj ... Smart way for the kids to start their "business career". Cute stand and beautiful grands. They have fun and make a little money too. Thanks for sharing.


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