Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Happy Birthday, Johnny

 Yesterday, June 9th, was his 52nd birthday...
My friend, LaVoice, always teases me about how I LUV that man.

 LV decided I should have baked him a cake and do a post on him.
Here it is, LV.
I've done many posts on him and his remarkable acting.

 He was so funny as Tonto and I've seen the movie 3 times already....
and loved every scene HE was in.  LOL
Personally, not only is he DROP DEAD GORGEOUS,
he is my favorite actor. 

At 52, Johnny Depp is 1 year older than our son, DAVID.
Gotta love it.

I've HEARD a lot of personal things about Johnny Depp..
and NO one knows a person's heart.

I'm not here to judge him.....

I'm here to say I LOVE THE MAN...
and it's a lot of fun being teased about a fella that's young enuf to be my son.


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