Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Many Faces of French Beignets...


I am wondering if it's all ABOUT THE POWDERED SUGAR for me...?

These are one of my favorite desserts in the whole wide entire world
and I've posted about them before.
I just saw another blogger making them ...
I didn't hear back from her on getting permission to post
some of her photos, her recipe, so I have to use my very own photos.
bummer....because her photos are awesome...

I've  made several versions of
French Beignets 
but have never made them from total SCRATCH.

I think I will google for a recipe but some of the ones I've made
using short cuts have been so delicious, I may never use a recipe.... 

I am SUCH a cheater...

I ADMIT it...
I can SAY it... 

I mostly use BEIGNET MIX.

I got it off my chest...
My secret is out.

They are TOTALLY

...aren't they just BEAUTIFUL..?

Most people just SPRINKLE on their powdered sugar..

I SHOVEL mine on...:>)
 and with so much of the sweet powdery stuff, each bite
sends sugar sprinkles to the table and floor...
and isn't that such a delight !

As a lot of you know...
it's not all about the food for me...

it's the FUN of taking the photos of pretty foods. 

I love all the Frenchness
gathered together for this photo.

The lovely tablecloth used here has a
"Made in France"
and I bought it several years ago off EBAY.

The little round French plate was a thrifty find that I can't imagine for the life of me
why ANYone would give it away.

I think these above are from PAULA DEEN...
she has a recipe HERE if you are interested in starting from scratch.

I like the semi homemade, using the Beignet mix, personally.

Here's a fast way to get a semblance  of a beignet...

A cup to 1 1/2 cups of all purpose flour
1 level teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar
Mix with milk until stiff enuf dough (but LIKE THE BISCUITS, not TOO stiff ) to roll 1/4" and cut into squares ...I sometimes just use
a round cookie cutter 'cause it's so much faster...
Fry in hot oil, turning to brown evenly, until a nice golden delicious brown...
After I drain them, I toss them into a ziplock bag with that luscious, lip-smackin' powdered sugar...
again, these "puffs" aren't the same as the wonderful and magnificent BEIGNETS...

...without the YEAST flavor, it isn't a Beignet...
But.....they ARE good for a quick sweety snack....

If you are ever in
New Orleans,
one of your stops should be the
I haven't had that pleasure YET.
(I don't have a New Orleans cup so I used my New York...
I'm such a goof ball)

I am told that all they sell is French Beignets and
and that the floor is covered in

Now I ask you....

how magical and wonderful is THAT...

I would LOVE to walk on a floor covered in powdered sugar....
yes indeedy....that's MY KIND OF FLOOR..!!

Another good shortcut......

I happened to have 4 cans of GRANDS biscuits that
 really needed to "do something with" 
so this morning, I used one can to make

 MERCY ME....bring me to my knee...

 Oooooo  LaLa...

OH...the FRENCHNESS of it all...

Now, I ask you..
what could be better for our soul on a crisp, little bit cloudy SPRING morning
than little mountains of snowy white powdered sugar... 
resting on little nuggets of pure, fried goodness...???
Hard to believe that these started out as

I do love just regular biscuits ......
but every now and then, 
fried and puffed and covered in powdered sugar
is SUCH a treat for my body, soul and spirit...
it's a GREAT way to start a day
(just not too often).

I hope you have a fabulous weekend.


  1. Oh YUM!! I was going to say it looks like Powdered Sugar SNOW DRIFTS! I'd prefer that kind of snow drifts to what we've had this winter...

    Jan ♥

  2. Yummy! Anytime you fry some dough and cover it in sweet powdered sugar, I am all over it! I am going to have to give all of your versions a try!


  3. Looks yummy bj ... never tried fried canned biscuits but may be worth a try. Not much on powdered sugar ... (I can hear you gasp !!!)
    BUT I do like glazes made with powdered sugar. Does that count?
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  4. I've been to the café in New Orleans and they were wonderful. Yours look just like them so my mouth is watering. If you ever are at the wharf in San Francisco, they make sourdough puffs with powdered sugar on them, which are very similar to New Orleans' treats, but with a yummy sour dough flavor. Thanks for featuring this treat...I'm headed to the kitchen for semi-homemade.

  5. Oh my, I love the way you do things, girl. Powered sugar all over the place. Yumm.

  6. BJ, I have never had these before...but they sure look good. Looks like you have a few recipes. You pictures are very pretty. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  7. Yep, I'll have one or three-no matter how you make 'em! LOVIN' your "hi I'm BJ" pic, the hair is great:@)

  8. Okay... now I have powdered sugar up my nose!
    I do love Beignet, this brings fond memories of the Cafe du Monde in New Orleans.

  9. bj- Did you just fry those biscuits in oil on the stove? Those look amazing. I have a couple of cans of biscuits I need to use up soon. Those ALL look delicious...and dreadfully sinful....but, heck, it's Saturday, not Sunday, so I guess I could sin just a little bit, huh? lol xo Diana

    ps-You do the BEST pictures and posts!

  10. BJ ... And each face of Beignet is ever so yummy. My gosh BJ your photos looks so good I almost licked them!!! Now please I'd like a Beignet, pretty please!

  11. I love beignet's! Using a mix makes sense to me! I'm a huge Cafe du Monde fan! Your photos look great to me!

  12. How timely! I just learned how to pronounce "beignet" last evening while watching Jeopardy. You don't want to know how I used to say it. That shovelful of confectioner's sugar makes me laugh. Time for a selfie while eating one, don'tcha think?

  13. Oh yumm..I always thought beignets would be so good! Never had them and have never been to New Orleans...darn! Lol But those biscuits sure remind me of something fried and marvelous!


  14. I had no idea that beignets existed or how to pronounce it.

  15. Thankfully I've been stuffing my face all day today and your fabulous pictures of these french inspired yummies aren't tempting me today LOL!

  16. Yum yum I could eat a dozen of them. I love going to New Orleans and I always stop by there and get some beignets with chicory coffee. Just to sit there and see the cathedral and the river is heaven. thanks for the DIT on making them... Now I am really hungry.
    Have a great day.

  17. I have never eaten a beignet...but you have won me over, now I have to make these!!!!!

  18. I have never had a beignet. With all that powered sugar my blood sugar would go way way up and I can't have that happen, They do look delicious through. It is raining here this morning, so I guess I will work on my pillow cases that I started on yesterday. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  19. My mouth is just watering! These are delicious, I know. I had never heard of Beignets until two weeks ago when a dear friend from out of state came to visit her daughter. She took me to her daughter's restaurant in Portland and we started our breakfast with Beignets. Oh, my goodness! Delicious!

  20. Ohhhhhhh man, those look delicious. I've never heard of the mix, I'll have to keep my eyes open.

  21. Well I can't enjoy the sugary beignets, I'm trying to eat low carb these days, but I sure do always enjoy your photos and a visit. :>)

  22. They look scrumptious! Oooh, I'm feeling those hunger pains again; you could put a note in your sidebar to warn of the side effects of visiting this place!

    But I'm afraid I'd still be coming back for more...


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