Sunday, January 18, 2015

Talk About HOT Biscuits.....

I love day old biscuits, sliced in half, buttered and

dusted with sweet sugar and tasty ground cinnamon
and toasted......

 but, after sprinkling sugar on all the biscuits,
I started shaking the cinnamon on and after the first two,
that cinnamon got redder and redder...

You SEE what I did....

I grabbed the wrong jar and got the
uh ooooo....

May I just say that sprinkling CAYENNE PEPPER on your biscuit
gives a whole new meaning to the words,


make  sure I separated those silly shakers 
so in my sleepy state some morning,
 I wouldn't shake the pepper on ALL my biscuits.

Since I noticed the difference in color, 
I stopped shaking the pepper after 2 biscuits...
I dusted them off and put cinnamon on them...
The rest were saved from the HOT BREATH of CAYENNE PEPPER....
and in the End......All was well.


  1. Oh my goodness! HOT HOT HOT! I wonder if these might not taste good with chili though?

  2. Oh dear, that would be a shocking bite!!

  3. Too FUNNY!!!! When I was making cranberry relish at Christmas I accidently poured SALT instead SUGAR over the chopped fruits!
    I put the cranberries, chopped pecans, oranges, and apples in a strainer and rinsed and rinsed and rinsed them. I got the salt out of them but they looked very PALE!
    Note to self......all white is NOT always sugar!!! The reason we had so much was that I needed salt one day - years ago! - and we were at Sams! You KNOW they only sell salt in 25 pound bags!!! We will probably never have to buy salt again!!!

  4. Now that sounds something I would is funny, but thankful you didnt bite into one...YIKES

  5. LOL! I know it's not funny, especially if you took a bite! I can't imagine the shock it would have been! They look pretty though!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Hi Bj, I want to thank you for the chuckle this evening which I needed. I can remember as a child putting a cup of salt and a cup of sugar on the table and my grandmother put salt on her blackberries. I think I would like the biscuits better with Cinnamon, butter and sugar. All joking aside I hope you have had some pretty weather in Texas. Our weather was beautiful here over the weekend. Take care. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  7. Laughed out loud at this. I'm glad you noticed before you messed up the rest of the biscuits.

  8. Did you taste them? Maybe it'll be a new trend.

  9. Oh my! That must have been a shocking wake up biscuit, bj! Glad you saved the rest of them!

  10. Cooking/Baking is happiness. It's nice to back after 4yrs of not being active to blogs. Pls visit my entry. Thanks

  11. Now that would wake you up for sure!:@)

  12. Oh my, I am glad you caught your mistake.. I love cinnamon! Have a happy week!

  13. Cinnamon = Good
    Hot Peppers = Not Good!

  14. bj you have brought a chuckle and smiles to me this frosty morn. I believe we would like the "HOT" biscuits.

  15. Oh dear, that would have been quite a surprise if you hadn't noticed before you took a bite! On the other hand, A little cayenne on your biscuits might be really good with chili or something savory....I'm not sure I would be brave enough to try that though!

  16. Oh heavens, I am laughing here BJ! Easy enough to do isn't it? I remember my daughter sprinkling salt on something she thought was sugar for treats that went to school with the kiddies. She hasn't lived that one down yet.
    I too toast my day old biscuits - yum!
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  17. Morning BJ,

    I never thought about using day-old biscuits; you've taught me again!

    Sorry to hear your new baby is sick.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  18. I am still laughing bj, glad you caught the mistake after only 2 biscuits. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  19. That would be one big wake up call, BJ. Hope you've recovered from the shock by now, have a great week.

  20. Oh, my goodness...that sounds like something I would do! YIKES!

  21. Lol...what a great story...and better yet, GREAT FODDER for a blog post!

  22. I know very little of spices, or maybe how to use them

  23. Oh, no! `Great Balls of Fire` I need to listen to that song :)

    I read somewhere that all red spices keep longer if kept in the fridge. hmmm

    Have a great afternoon!

    Linda may be by to help you out on the blogging issues.. She is lots of help for me.

  24. Oh, girl. You got me laughing with this one. So glad you noticed so you could save the day.

  25. Oh I had a good chuckle...good thin you noticed the pepper soon enough.

  26. Oh, my goodness this is funny! Glad you have them separated!! Lol

  27. BJ, I guess you should have that first cup of coffee, WITHOUT biscuits, then you can grab for the right shakers..It is so great to laugh with you first thing..Happy Monday..Judy

  28. Taking a bite of one of those biscuits unawares would really pop the eyeballs! Glad you discovered the mistake before too long. Sounds like something I would do in a hurry.

  29. Funny!!!! I have a great solution: I have all my spices on the turntables in alphabetical order. Cinnamon would be far away from cayenne pepper:):)

  30. Yipes, that would definitely make for some hot biscuits. Great idea though, but I'll use the cinnamon.

  31. That is so funny and something many of us can relate to! Oh my, can you imagine that first bite if you hadn't realized it was Cayenne! Yikes! Thanks for the laugh my friend!

  32. That's crazy, glad you caught it before you sank yer teeth in.



  33. Haha. BUT, I bet the cinnamon and sugar with one sprinkle of cayenne would be delicious! We like cayenne on almost anything. :-)

    Fun story, bj.

  34. What a mess bj ... glad you noticed before you sprinkled all of them. I love toasted biscuits too, but I will take mine with cinnamon-sugar please and thank you.
    Audrey Z.

  35. Good laugh bj. I was thinking hot out of the oven.

  36. That is funny. Good thing you noticed before it actually hit your mouth.

  37. I did that recently and nearly died! I thought that color was so brilliant for cinnamon! HaHaHa! Actually it was Hot Hot Hot!!! Those biscuits look wonderful. Always a pleasure to visit and say hello.

  38. Oh no, sorry about those hot biscuits, but at least you only sprinkled it on just a few of them. You know, it's good that you were able to laugh about it though. You are a gem, BJ and I enjoy your blog so much... :)


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