Tuesday, January 20, 2015

There's bread.........and then there's BEER BREAD

 We had a little party of sorts at one of the Bunco groups I am blessed to be a member
and it was one of those
fun things.

The gift at this party was to be an inexpensive, "little" gift
and being fairly new to this group, I didn't really KNOW the lady 
that I was a Secret Pal  to.....which made it a little more complicated in deciding
what to give to this sweet lady.

HOBBY LOBBY to the rescue...

 I fell totally in luv with this FRENCH FLEA MARKET wooden box...
and, don't "they?" say always buy something you love, for a gift ??
yes, ma'm...I wanted this little cutie pie box for myself so I got it for HER...:) was 50% off...and the French bandana was perfect for this box.

 When I first saw it, I thought it would be perfect for presenting
 a loaf of homemade bread...
I mean....EVERYone loves homemade bread..

and for this special gift for a special lady, I chose to make


Have you ever seen such a TALL can of beer ?

I didn't want to buy a 6 pack as we don't like beer...
so when I told the lady at the store I was needing beer for a recipe, she said she could sell me one TALL BOY...

Now, I have to tell ya that I think a 
TALL BOY BEER is cute. :) 

 I've made this bread before and it is delicious...
at least WE like it. doesn't taste like beer.

 this recipe calls for 12 oz of beer...

 It's the foaming action of
YEAST in the beer that we are after...

just look at all those bubbles...
delicious bubbles because they are going to make our bread so so gooood.

 Stirring it all together, the dough comes out very wet...
PERFECT for a tender loaf of bread.
Like biscuits, if your dough is fairly dry...then the bread will also be dry.
A wet dough is almost positive insurance for a dandy loaf or pan of bread...
it's THE secret to bread making success.

This doesn't have to rise...just pour it into your PAM-ED loaf pan
and that's all there is to it.

OOO, it's sooo pretty. 
And our house smells like a delicious bakery...

and since that beer was so TALL....

 there was enuf B.E.E.R. left to make another loaf...

 CLICK the blue for the
I will say now that I add a bit more salt to ours...
maybe a tsp and 1/2......

I had a FIFI FLOWERS french card and it worked perfectly in this box.

We had to write a tiny poem, HINTING who we were but not telling.

I slipped a tub of HONEY BUTTER into the goodie box..
wrapped both in cheerful wrap with a thin black bow...
I love the cute frenchy card peeking thru....
Since this bread doesn't rise, 
it's a dense texture compared to breads that rise.
It's a quick fix when you would give a million dollars for 
a slice of hot, buttered, HOMEMADE bread.

....yep...we had to try that 2nd loaf and
may I just say....AWESOME.
Crunchy crispy on the outside.....moist and tender inside.
If you make it...hope you will blog about it and tell us if you liked it or not...
and be sure to let me know when you post.


  1. the box is really cute. the bread (complete with butter) looks delish! i bet she loved it and all the care you took to put her present together. :)

  2. BJ, I want to be your bunco buddy. LOL That looks like the nicest gift. Would you please post the recipe. I think that is one bread I could make. :):) You put extra thought into your gift. I know the lady will truly love it. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. Hi BJ! Oh, my goodness! The little Frenchy box you found is just darling but that bread! Oh, my Lord, it looks so good! I'm sure this was the bestest gift at the Bunco party. I'm with Susie, would you give us your recipe. I don't even drink any alcohol but I'd go and buy a six pack to make that gorgeous looking bread!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. love this entire post from start to finish, your photo's are wonderful, and yumO to the bread. The French box, French bandana, the gift wrap and classy black ribbon perfect. oh and the card just sends it over the moon, fabulous.

  5. How can I be your buddy if we live so far apart? I will work on that thought. My favorite little restaurant serves beer bread oh my it is so good. I have tried not to make it, I would sit down on the kitchen floor, with bread and butter and not move until the bread was all gone, then just roll over and sleep.
    Love that basket, just love it!!

  6. I don't drink alcohol but have heard of baked goods made of rum before.

  7. As you told how to make the bread, I felt like I was right there with you. It looks good and the present was complete; hope your secret pal enjoyed.

  8. very pretty package. love when someone puts so much effort to make a present special like that. Hoping to try the bread recipe soon.

  9. Your box was a cute gift, nice presentation with the Fleur de Lis bandana, bread's a thoughtful homemade touch. Never had beer bread... BJ I love your new header.

  10. BJ i would love to have your reciepe. Can you post it for us?

  11. Perfect, anybody would love that gift! LOOKS YUMMY! I know that the recipient loved it too! Enjoy your day dear B.J.! HUGS!

  12. Indeed a very nice beer bread combination here. I like it.

  13. Love the French theme and I would have loved to be the one getting this!

  14. I have made this recipe before in muffin form. So easy and so delicious! In Texas, we often pair this with a barbecue! Love the vintage box....lovely and fun post as always BJ!

  15. Your gift to the secret pal was very nice. I love the box and the things you put in it. The bread does look delicious. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  16. What a fun and thoughtful gift. I've had beer bread before and it is good!! Maybe I need to make a loaf soon!

  17. Just for the bread I'll be your Bunco Partner.. no, I don't know how to play it. But add that amazing gift and I'll get back to you in minutes ahahahahah
    So much loveliness and thoughtfulness. You're the Best Bunco Buddy!
    And I knew I should have pinned those beer bread that were around Pinterest on Christmas. Darn. But I thought the concept so strange that I thought "Uh oh someone was early into the Eggnog" ahahahahah
    This time I'm pinning it from you. Aren't they always claiming to pin from trustful sources. That's it. Food+BJ can't get more trustful ahahah
    Thank you for sharing,

  18. What an adorable gift! I bet she was tickled pink. The box is cute enough, but adding the goodies and bandana inside put it over the top. :>)

  19. Gosh, BJ, I'd be thrilled to receive such a delicious gift, so thoughtfully presented! I want to run out to HL right this minute to see if my store as any of those Frency boxes left. Very sweet & very thoughtful, too.

  20. Like my sweet friend Retta said, a great gift. Very creative. Keep Rett in your prayers.

  21. I want to be your secret pal. Yum!♥

  22. What a wonderful gift for your secret pal, bj! Homemade gifts are the most thoughtful and appreciated. Now you have me craving beer bread! Why, I might just have to make a loaf, but I don't drink beer either!!

  23. BJ, I've never had beer bread before. I'd love to try the recipe. Yours looks so delicious!

  24. bj, The French wood box is beautiful! Homemade bread, I knew you were a good cook! What a very special gift, I'm sure everyone enjoyed the bread.
    Love the cards too...............

  25. What a great gift! I love beer bread, but haven't made it in ages. I have a recipe with cheddar cheese in it. Mmmm, Mmmmm. Thanks for the reminder!

  26. I haven't had breakfast yet, and this makes me famished! Not a beer drinker. Can I cook with wine?

  27. Oh my, that Beer Bread looks dangerously GOOD!


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