Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hand Pies after my own heart....

I made little
Sausage and Cheese HAND PIES....

We had crescent and sausage Pig in the Blankets on Sunday, before church.....
and they were all eaten...
no leftovers.

Except for more little
and since I had a can of GIANT biscuits in the fridge that could explode any minute,
I made these little 

Filled them with sausage and extra sharp Cheddar and pinched them together with a fork...

gave them a sweet

...into a 375 oven for about 12 minutes or until a beautiful blush of brown.
(the lower oven temp allows the cheese inside to melt and the sausage to become totally hot) .
Aren't they so pretty....

♪♪...o, what a beautiful baby......♪

Now, at this point, I realized two things...

not nearly enuf cheese.
 (i like it running out the sides)

and I should have used at least 3 of the tiny little sausage in ea biscuit.

I forgot how much these giant biscuits grow in that oven.

We absolutely LUV honey...

and this brand is the best we've ever had...
WILDFLOWER HONEY  is the very best, to us.

I get this El Brezal honey from France at WORLD MARKET.

(I wonder why I felt the need to say "from France"..??)

"Little Smokie Sausage....where are you???

  Since I didn't have as many little sausages in the pies,
I just simply heated more up in a skillet and served them right along side of the
cute little HAND PIES...
and Mr. Sweet sure was grinning.

 THESE CHERRY HAND PIES made him grin even bigger...:>)

We still love a fried pie to pieces....

but since we try to stay away from FRIED, 
I just bake them in the oven.

1/2 to 3/4th cup of SUGAR
(I use TART CHERRIES (not pie filling) so I used
1 Tbl. melted butter
♥ ♥ ♥
350 oven.....
Drain cherries, SAVING ONE CAN OF THE JUICE...
add this juice, cornstarch and sugar in a sauce pan and, on medium heat, cook til thickened.
Then slowly add the cherries and almond flavoring.
Roll your dough into circle, cut 8 squares, add small amt. of cherries to each one. Roll (any way you can),
crimp with fork to keep as much of that delicious goodness INSIDE.
Brush each with butter and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on top. them closely as the juice is bound to bubble outside the pies
and they will burn quickly on the bottom......just keep checking them.
DO NOT use canned pie filling...
the tart cherries with no sugar makes for the very best pies. 


  1. made me smile and I didn't even taste them!!!!

  2. No matter what you make,it always looks so nummy, and makes me hungry!!

  3. Well, I wish I lived closer so you could bring me a hand pie or two being as I am not up to cooking yet! lol These sound DELICIOUS!!!! o Diana

  4. I also wish I lived closer, golly if we all lived closer your little cottage would be packed full of friends.
    How is Mr. Sweet feeling?

  5. always tempting! :)

    (as for finding someone's blog from their google+ i.d., you have to click on their 'about' tab in google+ and hope they have their blogs listed under links or as 'contributor to'. i hate it, too.)

  6. Nothing better than a home made fried pie. My mother and mother in law made them from scratch. I would take one of your in a heart beat tho. Finally, I hope, I got computer fixed. Had to change to U=Verse. Now phone out of service until Monday evening due to lines being down. Some days are just that way.

  7. Wow, we just had these Sunday night!!!
    That is, without the sharp cheddar and honey and budda bath. So glad you posted this tonight so I might see the error of our ways. :)
    I LOVVVVVE sharp cheddar, and think the honey would be a great alternative to our usual accompaniment of mayo and mustard.

  8. BJ, I could get fat just reading your food posts. Hand pies? I've never heard of them, but they look like what we'd call turnovers. Whatever, cheese, sausage and honey look so very good together!

  9. Oh my goodness, your little pies look great and makes me want a bite right now! There is never enough cheese! We love honey too, and get local honey as it is the best for you, health wise.

  10. Well BJ it's after 11PM and you have me sooooo wanting a cherry hand pie!!! Which is saying a lot since being sick my appetite hasn't been great but I always get hungry when I visit your charming posts with lovely photography and yummy recipes!

  11. You sure know how to do breakfast girl! You should start a separate blog called BJ's Breakfasts". I gave up carbs again...really a year ago but I cheated with bread, pasta and potatoes most of the fall. Ugh. But the hubby will enjoy these. Have you ever tried puff pastry? I love it. You can keep it in the freezer so you don't have to worry about if popping in the fridge or going bad.

    Jane x

  12. My mouth is watering right now. You are the master of breakfast, I bow before your genius... lol

  13. They look really yummy, I think my husband would love to try those.

  14. I don't think I've seen that brand of honey before

  15. Yep, most things are better with butter! And REAL Wisconsin butter, I might add. LOL
    Have a wonderful day, BJ

  16. All I can say is wow, delicious, delicious, delicious. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  17. I never would have thought to wrap up sausages & cheese inside a biscuit, BJ....I need to learn to think outside the box, like you do! They look scrumpdillyiscious!!
    We both had cherries on the mind this week, huh? I never see that Oregon brand around here. In fact, I rarely see TART cherries either. I must not be shopping in the right stores.
    Now I'm hungry. LOL

  18. BJ, I'm drooling over these, but they are off limits right now...trying to take off those Christmas holiday pounds.

  19. Love the biscuit pies with sausage! I think I'll be doing that this winter when Tiger stays over one night! YUM!!


  20. BJ, I can't think of anything that sounds more delicious UNTIL I read about the cherry pies. Cherry pies are at the very top of my pie list so I will be copying this recipe and trying it..Happy Thursday..Judy

  21. Oh my goodness, I'd love a sausage pie and a cherry pie, please! I'll be making these soon because I have the cherries already in the pantry. Mmmm!!!

  22. YUMMY in my tummy:) Those biscuit pies look SO delicious! I wish I could live next door and smell when the food was ready to go on the table:) You would have to lock me out, hehe! Have a blessed evening dear B.J. HUGS!

  23. Another great idea for breakfast. Love the little sausage. I have been rolling out the biscuit dough and making apple muffins in my large muffin tin. ... so fun and so good. I will be trying the cherries next. Just keep on inspiring us bj !!!
    Audrey Z .

  24. Yum, the sausage and cheese pies and the tart cherry pies sound delicious.

  25. I need a bite! This is THE most delicious looking breakfast! Oh boy....YUM-O! You're just the best BJ! Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead!

  26. Your flowers in the previous post are so pretty- that's exactly what I need to do- go buy a bouquet and bring it home until the real ones get to bloom. These tarts look yummy and I have to ask when you said Ideal sugar sub? We've been using the light brown, and now amazon says they don't have it anymore. What kind are you using.? The light brown is wonderful and I use it for all of the sweets I make for my diabetic husband. (btw- I wanted to tell you that because of g+ my comments don't link to my blog- which is coloring outside the lines, but I changed the header at g+ so people can find me...I hope)

  27. I would love to make these with the cherries...oh my! I mentioned you on my 'biscuit' post this morning! Sweet hugs, Diane

  28. Yum, yum! Both sound simply delish bj I want to try them both. Did you use pie dough for the cherry ones? Love your pretty flowers in the cherry can also. Pinned. Thanks for sharing the recipes with SYC.

  29. Oh they look so good BJ. I could eat a dozen. Thanks for the directions on how to make them. How is your husband feeling. Hope that he is well now.
    Have a great weekend.

  30. Thank you, bj.
    I will add these to my list of things to make, occasionally.
    I could, in fact, make them Sunday School next time I have snack day.

  31. BJ, I am positively drooling right now! Theses look and sound so delicious, and super simple enough for me to do.
    I'll give them a run tomorrow morning. I can't wait!

  32. Hi bj, just hopping back to let you know that I will be featuring you at SYC this week.

  33. Congratulations BJ!
    Your recipe is featured on Full Plate Thursday this week. Enjoy your new Red Plate and have a great weekend.
    Miz Helen


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