Thursday, January 22, 2015



a confused mixture....
and that is just what this post is all about...
a confused mixture of FENCES.
Hello all,
we are having light snow this morning (1/22) and it's expected
to snow most of the day.

OK, on with the post on GOOD FENCES ....

The photos of fences were taken back in the spring
at Lubbock's Texas Tech
Olden structures, disassembled and taken from their site and moved to
the Ranching Heritage Center and reconstructed.

I fell in love with this adorable, little stone fence..
the red water hydrant really adds to the interesting photo, I think.

Such a blurry sorry.
anyway, it's not a fence but an olden cedar hitching post.

There's always been a fascination with barbed wire for me....
I just like the way it looks, wrapped around a really olden wooden fence post.

Now, I know these cookies have absolutely no connection with FENCES....
you, too, think the bottom of the cookie looks like it has a little fence running below the windmill....
I know, I know...
it's probably bricks but it COULD be a little fence....

the ability of the mind to be creative or resourceful. 

I hope you all are staying warm...
Thanks, Tex, for hosting this fun party.


  1. Nice fence photos, bj. I'm partial to the barbed wire one, having grown up on a farm. Windmill cookies are my favorite. When I was a kid, they had sliced almonds in them. I haven't been able to find those anywhere.

  2. I like the barbed wire fences too! The cookies look delicious.. It is a shame I am trying to watch what I eat now.. Great photos and post! Happy Thursday!

  3. Nice collection! And: such cookies we have in Germany too in Christmas time. For me they are alwaays yummy, now and until easter.. I bought a small supply for the daily teatime.
    Your right, it looks like a fence -

  4. Great Fence Views . . .
    Barbed wire has its own Fence Charm for me too . . .

  5. I agree about the barbed wire fences. They are always so photogenic. The cookies look delicious. have never seen them before. Are they of Dutch origin?

  6. I enjoy a country fence too, Bj! Yes, I agree it could be a fence under the windmill.

  7. B J , I loved these cookies as a child. Good fence shots. I finally got the bread recipe to come up for me...thank you. I am also mailing it to my sister. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  8. No snow for us:) Love your fence pics and I think the little windmill cookies should be eaten... I'll take one pleeze:) Have a blessed day dear B.J. HUGS!

  9. Yep, the barbed wire has go my vote too...awesome shot...really liking the angle!

  10. BJ, my right arm carries the reminders of an encounter with a barbed wire fence when I was a teenager, so I'm not crazy about them! Love that little section of stone fence with the fire hydrant.

  11. Oh how I like these fences....Barb wire.....can't beat an old barb wire fence... Guess you all are getting snow? Rain here.

  12. Good post on fences . I love the picture of the old hitching post. I bet many a cowboy hitched their horses there. I remember the windmill cookies. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  13. haha! i like how you slipped in some cookies. :) great old fences, too.

  14. Fences do make us wonder! Enjoyed your pictures of each one, and especially the cookie fence! lol

  15. I, too, like that little stone fence. Those cookies sure look inviting.

  16. Always love your fence posts (pun intended). Sending snow your way -- we had 6 inches last night. Sally

  17. Hi Barb,
    Love your fences and yes some cookies. Yummier! I had one.

  18. Nothing like having a good snack while enjoying Good Fences.

  19. All great fences however I love the close up one with the barbed wire

  20. I never thought I would like a barbed wire fence but you have convinced me:) Can I please have a cookie????

  21. I'm partial to the little stone fence protecting the fire hydrant. Those windmill cookies look delicious - I've never seen them before.

  22. Beautiful pictures bj ... the first if my favorite scene ... then I love the close-up of the weathered post on the barbwire fence.
    Those windmill cookies are so good ...
    I love to dunk them in milk for a late-night snack. In fact, I just stocked up on my Dollar Store cookies yesterday .
    Always buy the windmills, oatmeal and chocolate covered grahams. Be sure to look for those.
    Stay warm ... snow predicted here tonight, but I really doubt it.
    Warm hugs,
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  23. My favorite fences are found in the country, stacked stone around the perimeter of an amazing old home. Be it Farmhouse, ranch or house of grandeur. I truly have an affection for stone and John made stacked stone beds for my attempt of a manicured European boxwood garden in the city.
    Enjoy your snow, we got a little yesterday but gone today. Still looking forward to our snowfall that blankets with white beauty, muffles the sound and makes you want to fill your house with the scent of fresh baked breads. Enjoyed this post BJ, sent my imagination on overdrive.

  24. Lovely fences, my favourite of yours is the barbed wire, memories of my childhood on a small farm, large size then in the 1940's, 100 acres, but really only a larger lifestyle by todays standards. Lovely of you to visit me, and your recipes, will save and try. Cheers from Jean ( aka Nancy J)

  25. I like your hodgepodge and it is a brick fence on the cookies. i just know it it. my favorite is the red hydrant, photo and fence.. i am a big fan of hodgepodge, my whole blog is that way

  26. I'm tellin' ya, you've had more snow this year than we have! And I'm not complaining about it:@)

  27. bj,

    You have really mastered the art of finding fences. I think those are brick fences under the windmills :)

  28. Love the stone fence best - and the cookies of course!

  29. I haven't seen windmill biscuits for years, yum. Of course that's a fence underneath, a brick fence. A nice hodgepodge.


  30. Liked your photos of all the fences, including the famous 'cookie fence'.
    Good thing you don't have me around the cookie fence - I would be eating my way through :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Have a Beautiful Day!
    Peace :)

  31. Barbed wire is interesting to look at...but I find the stone fence most comforting.



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