Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Something New and I'm In Love...

Hello, friends,

Do you ever get too old to get excited about "something new"..?

As some of my friends might know, any thing in BLACK & WHITE

 makes my heart sing,
sits my feet a'dancin'
 and  squeal just a little bit......

and when my daughter came over with a present for me
and it was this AWESOME
MANTEL SCARF, in black and white with beautiful black tassels dripping off it,
I just about fainted.....*thud

It's so perfect for my mantel and for my room,
I can't believe it.

You know how, sometimes, your room is just nearly the way you had in mind,
but......not quite.?
You need SOMEthing...no matter how large or how small to add the
pizzazz you are searching for.

piz·zazz... glamour , magic, magnetism, oomph, charm (or pizazz), seductiveness, witchery ..

Well, this mantel scarf is bringing my room waaay up to where I want it.
How can something this small add such OOMPH ?

When we are able to repaint,  I'm going to be pretty much finished with this room...
WAIT....what ???
....are we ever "finished" with decorating...?

The reverse side.....the sweetest hounds tooth.
so smart...so classic...so SWEET 

"Stacy...you KNEW I would love it....but did you know how MUCH..?"
♥ ♥ ♥

 ♥ Thank you, sweet girl ♥
I love you.


  1. Oh what a pretty mantle. Love the b&w too. And those pigs. Oh my. Adorable! I always enjoy visiting!

  2. That is a very nice gift. What a thoughtful girl you have!
    I too am smitten with pigs. They make me giggle!

  3. perfect. When I saw Brenda's post today I saw your picture. At first I didn't know it was yours and I was thinking how much it looked like your style. So funny as it was. You got style, girly.

  4. Oh BJ, I love it and it is perfect. We all know how much you love your black/white. Your mantle looks terrific.

  5. Doesn't it make your insides flip when a child brings you something you just love? To know that they actually pay attention and know what you really love? It looks fantastic!


  6. Oh my, your daughter knows you so well!!! The mantle scarf looks absolutely perfect and will go any time of the year.

  7. The mantle scarf is just beautiful. What a sweet daughter you have , she gave you the perfect gift and she does know you well. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  8. That is just perfect, bj. Your daughter knows you so well! That is the perfect finishing touch for your mantle. xoDiana

  9. Looks amazing BJ! What a caring, daughter who knows her Mom so well.

  10. Now I know your in hog heaven, why cause I know I would be. I love black and white too. Went to cracker barrel this evening. They have the most gorgeous plates with black and white and red roosters on them. I WON'T ONE BUT WOULDN'T GET IT. Maybe I will order me one if I ever move. You would love them.

  11. That is really neat BJ, I love it:@)

  12. Oh that is perfect and if I saw it in a store... I would think of you:) Enjoy your day with your new scarf, what a sweet and thoughtful gift! HUGS!

  13. Love it! It is so heart warming when my girls give me gifts that KNOW I'll love. Aren't they so sweet and thoughtful! I love black and white also.

  14. Just perfect... and adds just the right extra touch...love it! I do have to snicker a bit though...right before I read your post and listed directly above it on my blogger dashboard in my daily blog feed, Podso had her new post, also titled "Something New"...hers was about getting a new knee this past week!

  15. Only she didn't add "I'm in love"...lol!

  16. That is a fabulous mantel scarf. Now all I need is a mantle...sigh.

  17. Absolutely perfect! Your girl knows what you like!

  18. Perfect ... you have a right to be singing, dancing, and squealing.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  19. It is perfect and I love it too

  20. It looks so pretty and perfect, BJ, and Stacy knew just what you needed..Happy Monday..Judy

  21. Hello bj,(boss), I love that you are in love with the sweetest mantel cover. It is so you and it looks great on your mantel. The sweetest gift for the sweetest mom. Perfect.

    Our daughter flew to NC from Fl to spend the week with me for my birthday. We have been having a wonderful visit. Not much time for my computer but life happens and it sure made my birthday week.

    I also scrolled down and loved your fence pics on your awesome cruise. Fun times are always a great blog post.

    Love and hugs,

  22. Love the scarf, it looks wonderful. But love even better that your sweet daughter knows you so well!

  23. It looks like it was custom made for your mantel! It really adds a visual pop to the display.

  24. PERFECT . . . very nice treat from you "Sweet Girl!"

  25. I love the mantel scarf.
    Ya know, I'm beginning to really like black & white.

  26. BJ,
    You daughter Stacy is a true reflection of her sweet Momma!!!
    Se puts others joy first. . .I LOVE that!!!
    I agree. . .snazzy, indeed is your mantle scarf!!!


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xo bj