Thursday, October 30, 2014


Aren't these the most beautiful biscuits you've ever seen ?
meee, too.
I just want to dive in with both feet and eat every single one of them,
plus all the crumbs.

LORRAINE at With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart Blog
made these biscuits and you can go HERE to get her amazing recipe
and to view all her WONDERFUL photos.
"Thanks so much for letting me use a photo of your pretty biscuits
and sharing the recipe on your blog."

 I love adding buttermilk or sour cream to my biscuits...

REAL buttermilk is delicious in biscuits but if you don't have any, you can use the old milk with a little lemon juice or
vinegar trick.... and it's almost as good.

The REAL THING just seems to make the biscuits a little lighter and a little more tasty.

sometimes I make my
homemade biscuits and bake them up in a CAST IRON SKILLET.

I LOVE trying new recipes and THESE were delicious...

...just look at all that luscious cheese and all that BLACK PEPPER..
some of the best tasting biscuits I've EVER tasted.

If you want a sassy biscuit "to write home about",
go RIGHT HERE for the awesome recipe...
I PROMISE they will be delicious.

 I made biscuits this morning using BISQUICK Biscuit Mix
and added about a tablespoon  of SOUR CREAM to the dough.

Into the oven at 425 for about 8 minutes..
no rolling, no mess..
just drop by spoonful onto your cookie sheet
and WALLA...great biscuits.

very fast, very good and I always use the 
I keep it on hand (in the freezer to keep it fresh) because so many times we are hungry for a biscuit and just a little milk and they are ready to bake.

While they were baking, I set up a neat little
"butter 'em and get the jelly"  station.

We sure have enjoyed this
that our girl brought us from their summer trip.

I still love my little bunny lamp I bought 4 or 5 years ago at Cracker Barrel.

He is a perfect night light for our kitchen...

let's see....I have a night light in ALL our rooms except the bedroom.

Like candles, I love night lights.

"come on, come on, biscuits...we're hungry.

YUM ....

does EVERYone think biscuits are PRETTY..??

or just ME ?

and, well......
I'm sure it's against SOME law to have a biscuit without a cup or two or three
of DUNKIN DONUTS coffee. 

Do you have a favorite biscuit recipe ?
Please share as I LUV trying new recipes.


  1. Your biscuits look great BJ! (Somehow that sounds... funny:@) I made the cheddar and black pepper ones after you first posted them waaaaay back in 2011 and they are very good and keep well in the freezer too! Happy Halloween:@)

  2. Why did I look at this post before I had any breakfast, bj??? I am so hungry for a biscuit right now! I'd like to try each of those biscuits. I guess I'd better get to the kitchen and whip some up....gotta run!!!

  3. Good Morning Bj, Nothing like hot biscuits and jam for breakfast. It is a good thing that I already had my cup of coffee with blueberry waffles. Nothing like smelling bread, biscuits or whatever baking. I have enjoyed catching up with you this morning. Have a great day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  4. I have never saw that Bisquick here, we LOVE biscuits, the cheddar ones I did try from the magazine and they were really good, that jam looks wonderful, you did it again, you made me hungry lol!

  5. Isn't it funny how your mouth begins to water when you see these biscuits! Now I want to bake (or run to Cracker Barrel,) and get some! Thanks Bj! Have a great day!!

  6. These look awesome, bj! Especially when I think of REAL Wisconsin butter spread on them just after they're out of the skillet!!! I've never made biscuits in my cast iron skillet, but I can see it's now on my list of must-do! Thanks for linking to the recipe.

  7. BJ, look so yummy....and I just had a protein shake for breakfast!

  8. i don't usually make biscuts (hangs head in shame)!!! i buy those ones in the can, PoP, and in to the oven (more head hanging). perhaps i will change that, these do look amazing!!!!

  9. All of those biscuits look delicious! And Marty is hopping in love with the bunny lamp, LOL.

  10. Big Thursday hello BJ. Well I love anything with cheddar cheese, especially biscuits!
    hugs and boo kisses

  11. Though I don't drink coffee, I do hear a lot of good things about Dunkin Donuts's coffee. Though as far as their doughnuts I always preferred over Krispy Kreme

  12. I love biscuits, but for whatever reason, I've never tried making them myself. Then again, maybe that's a good thing... lol. I'd probably overdo it because biscuits are so delicious, especially the way you like them... with butter and jelly... yum. Enjoy the rest of your day... :)

  13. I love plain ole buttermilk biscuits! Don't overwork the dough for biscuits light as a feather! I love biscuits better than dessert! Hugs!

  14. Hi BJ. Yummy with a capital Y. I love using Bisquick. The biscuits make good shortcakes when it's strawberry time. I like nightlights too..Happy Thursday..Judy

  15. Okay, now I have to go buy some Bisquick!!! My mouth is watering.
    Mom used to make backing powder biscuits when we were kids. Roll them out and cut the biscuits out with a small jelly glass.

  16. Uh-oh! Now I want to eat one of those biscuits!

  17. I use Bisquick a lot,too. I love Lorraine-she has the best recipes and the most sweet and lovely heart. Your post is as wonderful as always. You always make me hungry.

    IF I want some really special biscuits I make the Angel Biscuits...they are kind of a cross between a biscuit and a roll -light and fluffy but with a biscuit taste. OH SO GOOD. Here is the link to them. Like I said-a bit of work-but worth it.

  18. I am right with you. I love my hot buttered biscuits. They make me think of Mama and when I was little and she would butter my biscuits for me.

  19. BJ, All biscuits look good to me, especially with some great jelly or jam. My aunt Helen made the absolute best biscuits and then she served them with Chocolate gravy. good. xoxo,Susie

  20. Delicious looking biscuits bj. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  21. Here you go again, making me hungry again. I love biscuits, but just the crusty top and bottom. I pull the center out and give it to Mr. Z. (I know you are "rolling your eyes" at that, but it is true).
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  22. Liking the look and the sounds of those biscuits . . .
    I might have to change my Halloween Morning breakfast plans . . .

  23. YUM! I love the biscuits that my Sister makes (My Mama taught her) with some Karo syrup! Oh I wish I had one right now with my coffee! Enjoy your day dear B.J. HUGS!

  24. I love homemade biscuits..the best I ever tasted were made by my recipe..she kept her bowl of flour in the cabinet and added this and that and patted them into a burnt black biscuit pan..I loved them!

  25. I have a new favorite biscuit maker! I've always just used the bisquik recipe or the canned biscuits at my house. I really need to practice up on my bread skills!

  26. Yes, very rich ... everything looks very appetizing !!!

  27. I love your skeleton. Not scary, just whimsical. The biscuits look delicious. I noticed that Red Lobster has their biscuits mix out too now. xoxoo Happy Halloween, BJ.

  28. Sweet bunny lamp! I like small lamps too, so perfect for just the right light in a small place.

    Oh, look at all the delicious biscuits! Adding sour cream is a great suggestion. I love your blue Dutch canisters too! Thanks for sharing my biscuits and the link back. It is always joy visiting with you, BJ and enjoying your bloggy hospitality!!!

  29. I like making biscuits using Bisquick.
    That's a great idea to make biscuits in my new cast iron skillet.
    I am so looking forward to Christmas when I will be getting more cast iron items.

    Happy Autumn!


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