Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ladders...more than just the CORPORATE LADDER

Suzy-Q has the BEST decorating ideas...

take a look at that amazing LADDER....

right there in her living room.....

decorated with COTTON....
It kept falling off so she added the basket in photo above to corral the cotton....and I love it.

(i love her curtains, too.....and i don't even LIKE curtains.)

Living in West Texas is like living in
♪ the land of cotton ♪♪
  ...farmers raise a lot of it around here.

 I have some cotton....
but I DON'T have a ladder to show it off.

I'll show you HOW I am displaying these huge, fluffy, snow white, and super soft bolls of
another time...

but be warned..

no where as cute as how SHE displays hers....

SUZAN also has an adorable ladder in her garden...
...if you've not met the adorable SUZAN,
I hope you will go for a visit...and please tell her bj said HEY.....thanks.

She really has some great decorating tips and ideas that you will like a lot.

I tell you what...

if using a cute little step ladder as a decorating object, is ok with
then they have MY vote.

I HAD a little step ladder...painted yellow with flower decals...
I loved the ladder....just not the color and the decals...


I left it at the olden, sold house

and now, I want it back..

I could have used chalk paint in a pretty white,......

but...no use to cry about something I can't get back so you might know that I am now on the hunt for a darling little wooden step ladder...

I used mine in the garden, too...

with a terra cotta platter and tiny rocks and water, making the cutest BIRD BATH ever.

I stole borrowed the idea from a blogger but  I can't remember who.

Sometimes the most simple of ideas make such adorable additions to our lives...

goodness for our souls.

...what is it that's so cute about a watering can..??
I saw in a magazine a few years ago about a lady, an actor's wife,
that collected vintage watering cans and she had them displayed in her home on
shelving....sooo much personality.

The following photos are from the WWW....
AND I love them all:

this is SOOO dreamy....I adore the color...the worn look...
what color IS that.??

OMGOSH....I love it all...even the KEY in the door lock...
ESPECIALLY the key in the door lock. !

I don't think there's ever, in the history of MY world, been a color I love more than THIS ONE...


I'm going thrifting and to the flea market and I am DETERMINED to find a
vintage, wooden ladder, be it a short
step ladder
or a really TALL BEAUTY,
she will be dressed in this dreamy color.

Depending on WHEN I find this said ladder, I will post it so that
YOU can drool, too.


  1. I will pop over and check out Suzan's blog, bj. I am sorry you are missing your sweet little ladder. That happens to me sometimes, too. I let something go and then think I wish I had it back. lol Looks like you enjoyed it while it was yours though. xo Diana

  2. We get so many fun ideas on our blog favs! Suzan is always creative and stylish! Enjoy your week my friend! Hugs, Diane

  3. I never thought of using a mini ladder to add a little pizzazz to a room - and something tells me, I won't be forgetting about it 'til the Right One comes along! Too cute!

  4. Always, when I let something go I am sorry that I did and then I need it. I have a olden little ladder in the garage and I will get it out and paint it and put it in the living room. Thanks for the idea. Yes, Suzan does great in the decorating department.
    Good luck on your hunt for a ladder.

  5. Quilters call that color "THAT GREEN" meaning that green that appears in 1930's quilts. Good luck on your ladder search. We had an old tall ladder that for years we used for painting and wallpapering. It had scraps of paper and paint smears all over it. Bob donated it to the church yard sale; it didn't sell, so they put it into the church storage shed, and it is still there. I keep telling Bob to go over there and get it back. Lot of past decorating scraps, smears, and memories on that ladder. I know just how you feel!!! Sally

  6. There are so many wonderful ideas out in blogland - my head fairly explodes with them sometimes.

  7. Hi BJ! I am loving all of the ladders. Suzan has a great eye for decorating and I love what she did with her ladders.

    Hugs to you, sweet lady!

  8. simple pleasures...indeed!!
    I think I like the turquoise one near the settee in the last photo best.

  9. I found a beautiful old ladder and now that I have two I brought one in to display 5 of my handmade quilts. The really tall one is still in the shed ....I'll find a use later :)

  10. I'm sorry about your darling stepladder, bj, that you left, but the fun will be in finding a new one! Thanks for sharing all the ladder cuteness with us. Best of luck in the hunt. xo

  11. I am already drooling:) LOVE that ladder with the cotton! Get your shoes on and go shopping for your very own ladder:) Enjoy your day dear B.J. HUGS!

  12. I used to mosaic little ladders! These are some great ideas.

  13. Love the look of ladders in decorating. I don't believe that I've ever seen a cotton growing naturally...must be pretty to see.

  14. Love this...the cotton is so cool too. I had an old ladder that I hung horizontally that I hung plants, old pots, etc. on. I loved it...wish I had room in my kitchen where I live now :)

  15. Jeepers who would think to display cotton on a ladder .... your friend indeed did! I'm sorry you are missing your sweet ladder. JM, Illinois

  16. Thanks for sharing these cute and adorable ladders with us. Mr. Sweet can probably make you a rustic ladder to put your cotton on. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  17. Thanks for sharing those great pics. It gave me so much inspiration I just love the idea of using ladders to make your home more beautiful and I've been thinking of using one in my kitchen for a little while now. Also, I never thought of using one in a garden. I am really loving that idea. Have a fabulous day... :)

  18. Oh, these are great ideas! I have an old vintage step ladder, just like those, that I purchased when I got out of college. Let's see now, that was OVER 40 years ago! It is decidedly weathered and worn, but I would like to refinish it someday and paint it a shabby chic white. Now I just have to find it! I think that it is stashed in the crawl space. Oh yeah, and I have to wait until I actually have time to do a project.

  19. I adore the step ladders. I used to have a couple...kids borrow them and never return them...so now I have an ugly metal one in the basement.LOL. Bless you, xoxo, Susie

  20. I love that color too . . . What name is it given . . .
    Robin's Egg Blue . . . probably not
    Teal . . . kinda
    Dusty light green . . . close
    YOUR TURN . . .
    I want a little step ladder too, I had one, what pray tell did I do with it!

  21. Hi bj! I think that color is a washed out turquoise. I like the look of thre small ladder used as a plant stand. When we moved we also left some nice old wooden ladders behind. It is hard to find a ladder made of wood any more.

  22. Hi bj,

    All these photos have a sense of welcome home with the addition of each ladder.
    I hope your having a good week....

  23. Cute decors with ladders, BJH. I love the one with birdhouses. I am doing well, thanks, home right now but will go back to FL next weekend. Rea is doing ok too, just finished with all her chemos....Christine

  24. I'm looking for a ladder to display quilts. I could kick myself because I saw one at an antique mall in Ohio when we were gone for the weekend and I didn't get it! I think the ladders in your photos are kind of a Jadeite green aren't they? Definitely a color I love!

  25. THanks SO much B.J. for the shout out !!!
    Except now I'm going to spend every waking moment looking for one of those step ladders and that perfect drool worthy shade of green !
    By the way, the ladder in my living room would be pretty easy to make with weathered fence planks !!! ( not to use as a ladder though lol )
    Have a wonderful weekend
    Much love,


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