Sunday, September 14, 2014

FALL DECORATING....*heavy sigh

It's just been too hot here in West Texas
to think of FALL..

O, I smell it in the early morning light...
and I know it will be here soon...and maybe.....MAYBE, I'll be ready when it gets here...

we've had cloudy and rainy and temps a LOT lower the last few days...
           ♥ ♥ ♥


I think most of my fall decorating will be WHITE.....and
turquoise....and a bit of gold.

I'm adding bits of turquoise and teal to our living room...

right now, the walls of this new home of ours is golden. and terra cotta
and the turquoise looks very good with those colors. walls are not "my style"...

 we are hoping to paint before winter...

not sure we will make it.

With moving, still some boxes not even unpacked, we just
dread the moving of furniture and etc.
to paint.

...remember, we are olden and have to take our time in doing large projects.

With the high ceilings and stair walls, we'll hire it done this time.

Until I find something that brings me as much pleasure and fun 
as these adorable pigs,
they will stay on our mantel.

Well, at least until CHRISTMAS decorating...

...and who knows.....

they might look SMASHING with a big red Christmas ribbon on their 
cute little heads...

doesn't he look handsome in his Santa hat..?
if I walk into the living room and hear a "Ho Ho Ho"
I'm gonna get scared. 

Life is waaay too short to just "go along with the crowd"
and not do things you like or decorate the way you like ...


Whatever your chosen colors for AUTUMN might be,
love them to pieces..
decorate with them till your heart's content....
enjoy every single minute of fall, looking at colors that make YOUR heart sing.

I think my turquoise looks good with my pigs for Autumn...
especially this EARLY autumn.
I want to add here that I went shopping with daughter
and came home with items to add to our home ....
items for  the DEEPER part of Fall.  

A silly little photo playing in PHOTO SCAPE...
I love it so much that if I could paint, I'd paint it and hang it on my wall

WHITE pumpkins are my very favorite...
I am keeping my eye out for some extra pretty ones...

 and speaking of ROAST BEEF....

We're having BEEF STEW tonight...

and a big ole pan of SOUTHERN

  ...come on over and I'll set a place for ya.....

sweet tea or no...??

No time for making dessert tonight


You know that crusty part of a pan of
BROWNIES....around the edges of the pan..crunchy and chewy at the same time...
the part that you and a sibling might have fought over...???
move over, Sister Sue, cause here is a
of that chocolaty, crispy, to-die-for pieces of brownie that was
BORN for a glass of ICY COLD MILK...
or a cup of tea/coffee...
and I assure you......YOU CAN'T EAT JUST ONE...!
 (you might have to look HARD for shadows here...but they are there..:)
Fabulous Fall Party

*NOTE...I am sorry if you are getting BURN OUT over me showing so much about the pig painting...I keep working on my mantel, tho, and will be finished with it soon...then, I PROMISE, I'll stop posting about those dang cute pigs...!!

Congrats, Kitty

I will email Goose Creek with your name and email address.
They will, in turn, contact you for your mailing address so they can
get that great candle to you ASAP....YAY !  


  1. yummm! dinner looks fantastic BJ!!! I would keep that picture up all year round.. it's adorable! i like the idea of whites and turquoise for fall.

  2. Don't stop showing those pigs. They are so adorable I'd put them in a place of honor too. Here in NE Texas it was 55 degrees yesterday about 10 a.m. I was able to put on a pullover sweatshirt and pretend it was winter! Your place is looking all snuggly and that stew and cornbread go so well with the pig picture...roast pork would've been downright cruel.

  3. Stew beef, corn bread and especially the chocolate looks so good, I love those cute little piggy's, and congrats to Kitty. I have not been blogging for long time, because of husband cancer challenge, I posted just a little tidbit yesterday on my blog "Return to Loblolly", anywho, yall were moving into your son's pool house when I last remember, are yall still there?

    1. Bj I just left a prayer request to add my husband to prayer list, thank you ,love & hugs all around.

  4. I like your decorating attitude. If one likes it then don't worry about what the trend is. And you do live in a warm (hot) climate most of the year so I can see the softer side of fall works well for you. I love aqua and white and think that turquoise/aqua go really well with the fall colours too, so you might just find a bit of the two together in my decor right now. Supper looks yummy! I hope you have a blessed Sunday and week. Pam

  5. I think I'll try to grow a sunflower next year.

    This is really going to make you laugh, but this is a true story. Earlier this year I wanted to grow some flowers. So for months I had been watering and replanting. It grew fairly large, but still no flowers. I had grabbed any pack of flowers without thinking, so I wasn't sure how old glory flowers were suppose to turn out. I figured I got the ugliest flower plant in history.

    So the other day I take a look, and it's growing tomatoes. So the stupid company who made the seed packages actually had a mix up.

    1. hahhhaa....I answered ADAM by email and in HIS comments but just for my records (my blog is my forever journal) ...

      "You just crack me up, Adam...I so love your cute personality and dry sense of humor. You are such a delight and one of my very favorite bloggers. :)...I thank you so much for visiting my blog."
      xo bj

  6. we got cooler temps and gray skies, finally, but no rain with it. *sigh*

  7. Plenty cool here bj. It's been in the 70's and very FAllish. Suppose to go back up into the 80's next week, where it should be. I love white pumpkins and have lots of little Baby Boo's growng in the garden. A bit too early to be picked, so they will just look cute there for a while longer. I too love touches of aqua for Autumn. I have it on my family room mantle. Blends so pretty with the golds, yellows, reds, and browns! Cute little piggies. Not so sure about the Santa's hat. lol! Maybe in a few months. Sorry you weren't able to link to SYC.

  8. Beautiful. Still loving the pigs. The stew looks amazing. Might have to make a pot this week.

  9. The beef stew and corn bread sounds so good. Where did you find the white sunflowers? Mine are all yellow. Congrats to Kitty for winning the candle. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  10. from what I can see of your gold walls, I like them. but like you, I'd probably prefer only touches of gold. I have never, ever seen white sunflowers. I like them! in our family, cornbread goes with beans. yum!

  11. It's the opposite situation here with it being so cold I don't want to do anything but curl up with a hot cup of tea! But, that won't get the house ready for fall, will it? Love the pig in the Santa hat.

  12. I really love your adorable piggies on the mantle, bj! I think they go any time of the year, and I especially love how you put that Santa hat on the one little piggy.
    As for the giveaway, I am thrilled to be the winner! I love burning candles and I can't wait to try the Goose Creek one. If you love the brand so much, then I know I will, too. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Woo hoo, I look forward to receiving it in the mail from Goose Creek. The funny thing is, I actually called them the other day to see where they are sold in my area! xo

  13. BJ,
    Finding white Sunflowers is a rarity. Yours looks delightful with your lovely vignette. Enjoy your beef stew and cornbread. Tonight I'm making calamari sauce with spaghetti and serving it with a ciabatta bread. Have a delightful Sunday.

  14. Beef stew and cornbread are a winner in my book & anything chocolate. Your pigs are cute as can be. I don't get tired of them.

  15. I can't say that I know of many people who have a portrait of pigs in their living room but they are adorable and make you smile.

  16. Congrats, Kitty!

    bj....have I said how much I like the pigs?

    Have a blessed week!

  17. We have had Fall here the last 2 days, but suppose to warm back up this next week. Beef stew and corn bread sounds and looks good. Have heard about the brownie brittle, but have not tried it - yet.
    If I don't get my home back in order, I won't be decorating for Fall. :/
    Hope you have enjoyed the weekend.

  18. I love this blog and I love your pigs!!


  19. You're sighing because you're decorating for fall? I can't wait for more fall-like weather to hit the Sonoran Desert. Looks like it's going to be several weeks yet. **sigh**

    6WS and Shadow Shot

  20. Love your Fall decorations, BJ! And the pig with the red hat gave me the giggles :)

    And congratulations to sweet Kitty! She is such a lovely, precious lady! Hugs to you!

  21. I love your white sunflowers and turquoise fall décor! I agree, do your own thing, why copy everyone else? It's one of the things I love about you, you are a free spirit:>) I love the sunflower photo you dolled up in photoscape! Why not have a large print made by one of the online photo companies? It is fairly cheap, but it can either be framed or mod podged to a canvas for your own personal art. I think it's worthy to hang on the wall.

  22. Very interesting and wonderful painting of the pigs showing their love, I love those pictures!

  23. What an adorable post. I love the pigs. I noticed them in your header. I am glad you wrote about them! Thanks so much for linking your nearly fall post. I can't wait for the 'Real' Fall post! Your making it difficult for me to choose where to Sleepover on Saturday!
    Have a good week. I'll see you around the parties!

  24. Love your white sunflowers . . .
    And your piggies steal the show . . .
    Perfect place for that Santa hat!
    I hear a Ho, Ho, Ho!

  25. Such a chirpy, bubbly post with fun all the way. And yes. Those pigs are super cute.


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