Monday, July 28, 2014

A day in the life....

For me, some days are so productive and others......well......not so productive.
I had a great "get 'er done" day on Friday.

First thing on the list was to get this great Rump roast into the crock pot.

We LUV having a large roast to snack on thru the week.
Hot Roast Beef sandwiches are one of my favorites.

Toast bread and slice each piece in  half.
Sliced beef....roast beef gravy..
all layered on the toasted bread.

such a comfort food for me because my mother made them for dinner at least once a week.

This is a small pot and the English Ivy has really done great in IT
and the sunny dining room.
It had outgrown it's home and time to get it into another, larger one.

After picking up every single pot in Walmart, trying to decide on COLOR,
I finally chose a plain white ceramic pot and am so happy with the look.

8:30 am by now and time for a quick breakfast...

Mixed fruit breakfast with a little COTTAGE CHEESE 
and may I add that the fresh pineapple and blackberries were sooo sweet...
cantaloupe wasn't quite as sweet...still good as were the ripe, juicy strawberries.

Boy, the fruits are so good this time of year.
A great way to start the day ! :)

Watered all the little tiny plants and I can hardly wait for them to grow and spill over these cute little wall pots.

I see some new  growth...

This little  plant that STACY and fam. gave me is blooming for the second time this summer.

I do love a few FAUXS but you can't beat real, live, growing plants.


...moving on to the living room..

I had been wanting to move the wicker desk from one wall to another, larger area beside the fireplace...

It's now beneath the pinky pigs art that Stacy bought for me.

I smile every time I come into this room...and sometimes just laugh out loud.

...just a few things on top of the desk..

'course, during all the happenings going on in this SUMMER HOUSE,
laundry was going on, too.

THIS little change didn't take even a second....

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  1. What a fun and cheerful post!

  2. i like the ivies. :) cute pigs, too!

  3. You got a lot done and I'm sure the freshening up you did made you smile:>)

  4. Your breakfast looks good to me!

  5. Sounds like you are getting more done than I am. Your roast beef sandwiches sound so good, and yummy fresh fruit. I have not cooked a roast in a long time, but have been eating lots of fresh fruit.
    I have one of the solar powered daisies on the patio table - one of those things that makes you smile.
    Enjoy your evening.

  6. Boy, you are a bundle of energy -- me not so much. Breakfast looked good -- but it always does at your house. Sally

  7. That looks like a pretty good day to me! I think the white pot is a great choice against the green of the ivy. It all looks lovely and homey and welcoming.

  8. Never sheds leaves or a drop of water? I have to assume it's artificial. If I'm right it certainly looks real

  9. Nothing like cooking a roast and having it last for several meals. I know what you mean about the meat and gravy on toast...such a yummy comfort meal. I love faux, especially when it looks that real!

  10. I love how your sweet and sassy personality comes out in every post! You are making me crave fruit and wish I had more houseplants. You people in Texas have way too much sun! :)

    Jane xx

  11. You remind me that I need to get a new crock pot. My son came for a visit a few weeks ago and took mine home! Sons will do that, you know. It's ok it gives me an excuse to get a cute red one. :)

  12. Sounds like you had a good day BJ! Hot roast beef sandwiches sound good,I haven' had one in a very long time:@)

  13. Good morning, Luv! It's always such a pleasure to come visit you. I use a slow cooker. You have inspired me to put on a pot roast..or at least some country ribs. Perhaps the latter. I've been baking chocolate chip/pecan cookie and eating too. The fruit is a better idea. Cold sandwiches have been on the menu. Still hotter than a firecracker out here. The cloud cover helped a little..but also made it muggy. You are already so settled in your new home and you sound so pleased with everything! :) Your plants are loving it as much as you!

  14. Oooooh those pigs!!! super cute. Everything looks so nice. I am terrible at house plants ~ I've only been about to keep one ( an aloe) plant alive for years.. amazingly so, since I hardly remember to water the poor thing. : ) Pot roast sounds great.. I love using my crock too. Have a great day

  15. Everything looks and sound good. I love fresh fruit and eat lots of it. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  16. Pretty plants. An that breakfast looks good, too!

  17. Hosting dinner party tonight...wish you were here with all of your energy to help me get ready!

  18. Fun stuff! I love roast beef and haven't made one in quite a while..thanks for inspiring me! Your plants are beautiful and healthy looking..and so is that breakfast!

  19. Thank you bj for the answer to my dilemma of what to take to a new mom and dad for a meal on Thursday. I'll put that hunk of meat in my crockpot before the workers arrive and take them a nice pot roast in the evening! I'm hungry now...

  20. BJ, you know how to make everything look pretty - and tasty, too. Thanks for the smiles.♥

  21. Love the crock pot meal. I just did some green beans in my crock. Love your nice ivy plant. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  22. I have those same dancing flowers! They are so cute! Great minds!!

  23. Wow! You got more done before breakfast than I do by noon! I had to stop and re-read that! Lol... Love your perky crock pot. Those happy piggies do make me smile. It looks as if u have a green thumb! Really upbeat and fun post!

  24. Mr. Z. would love for me to cook him a pot roast ... but will not happen. Mine are usually tough and I don't eat red meat, so a real waste for me to cook one. Glad you are getting your ivy to grow in the house. Looks so pretty.
    Have a great week.
    Audrey Z.

  25. It was fun following you around for a day in your life. I'm having a slow, try-to-get-myself-going kind of day today. Better get off the computer and get busy!

  26. Have you always been so much fun . . . plifting and positive with a bit of sass here and there?
    Changing things up with reversible pillows cracked me up . . .
    (I do that trick too!)
    Enough of the beef for a sandwich for me . . .

  27. I love the homey look of your crockpot.
    I also like the sunshine flowers.
    You are always a ray of sunshine.
    I love visiting here.


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