Friday, May 30, 2014

Got a little CUTENESS goin' on.....

We have this amazing tv on the wall of the dining area
and it being a fairly large area between the most beautiful windows,
I've wanted something pretty to add to the wall.....

One day last week while browsing thru WORLD MARKET,
I saw these little boards with 4 tin little CUTENESS POTS...
and needless to say...

I had the feeling these were going to be PERFECT for my spots...

I added faux and real....

using what I had on hand.

These little pots will be awesome for herbs a little later...

and maybe a little pot of
real blooms.

This room, filled with light most of the time,
is almost like a greenhouse...(not as hot, tho)
and all the plants do really well here.

I think these little pots will be so pretty, once the plants take off
and over the tops !!

(we love to watch the olden GUNSMOKE series on tvland.)

I swear...I can't stand cords hanging around..
Mr. Sweet wonders why they bother me so much....
he says "EVERYone has cords..."

 a pretty charger, propped against the wall covers that ugly cord and I am happier....

The ivy is in water....

these tiny pots are going to be hard to grow things in dirt...

no drainage holes in bottom...when I get ready to plant herbs, I'll have Mr. Sweet
drill holes for me.

I cut a plastic water bottle in half, punched drainage holes, filled the bottom half with potting soil
and planted the English Ivy in it....

totally random shot....

a beautiful French pot full of blooms and green...
from STACY and family for Mother's Day.....

I hope I can keep them alive and blooming....

and, a post from SWEET NOTHINGS wouldn't be complete without....
FOOD of some sort....
 and nothing better than 
Buttermilk pancakes
strawberries and
whipped cream....!

 Ya'll have a blessed and happy weekend.
PINK SATURDAY and hoping my REDS will do.


  1. snuck in the food... :)

    i like the metal pails. very cute.

  2. What a fun idea those pails are!! I like it...

  3. Fun girls playing sweet mama played with her 12 friends every month..I made a sign for her door that said " Beware Bongo players do not enter" Love those sweet pots dear friend and glad to see you so happy in your new home..I love ya sister friend..hugs from my mountain to your beach house..gloria

  4. I was wondering where the food was. ha. I like the way you hid the cord. I hate those things too.

  5. Perfect accents for each side of the t.v.!

  6. Clever cord hider! I'm going to have to start thinking like you do. The plant holders you found work beautifully in that spot. And, thank you for the breakfast. It looks fabulous.

  7. Your life IS grand!!!! Love your beautiful blog!! I hate cords too! But I have so MANY! My mother has been hungry for pancakes and has ordered them for the last 3 Fridays! 3 different restaurnats but always pancakes. I will NOT be able to show her YOURS!!! Because I know what she will want then!!!

  8. Love your pots! World Market never fails to please. :) I hate cords too...I've been known to paint a few in the past to keep them from showing. :) Enjoy the weekend!

  9. You are one of the most creative ladies. You come up with so many neat ways of doing a variety of things., However, I could not believe you did not have a shot of Mr. Depp on the TV, You better change channels.

  10. The tin pails are so cute! So are the pancakes and strawberries!!

  11. It's really cute. World Market is so much fun. I really love the snacks there.

  12. Your wall planters look great! I love the pic of you playing cards? with the others! Looks like so much fun!

  13. BJ,
    LOVE these wall planted and they look great where you have them on the wall!!

    Thanks so much for your visits!!


  14. Perfect find for the wall around your TV!! Love it. I have a suggestion for your cord: paint it the color of your wall…just "dry brush" a little of your wall paint on it and it will blend right in!

  15. Isn't it fun when you find that perfect "something" to go in your home.

  16. Oh, bj. What a wonderful post...full of fun things and those are such cute little planters.
    As far as the TV cord...IF you have some of the paint that matches your wall paint the part of the cord out that shows on the wall. It will virtually disappear and it won't hurt the cord at all to do that. xo Diana

  17. I still can't believe how much you and your daughter look a like. Genetics are too neat.

    Love your changes, and love your attitude about making a nice breakfast a 5 STAR KIND OF BREAKFAST!

    (Now that's what I'm talking about too, haha!)

    Enjoy your weekend. Big hugs.

  18. That's one of the cool things about the new HDTVs. Imagine someone sticking one of those huge SDTV clunkers on a wall.

  19. Looking good bj ... adding the board panels with pots just adds balance to that big TV. Nice to have, but hard to decorate around. Glad ours sits on a table. Your breakfast looks so pretty.
    Have a great week-end.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  20. Thanks for sharing your decorating ideas with us and your delicious breakfast. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  21. I am so with you about the cords thing. I hate when they show. Many years ago, we had a pair of swivel-lamps that hung from the wall. We covered the cords with these brassy plates. Hard to describe, but I really liked it.

    We have been thinking of hanging our TV on the wall. It would free up so much space on the credenza.

    The pots are adorable. What a terrific find!

    Patti @ Magnolia Cottage

  22. Oh, just had to comment on your anniversary photos. Congratulations to you and your husband for 50+ years of commitment to each other. My parents just celebrated their 55th anniversary 2 weeks ago, and I told them that their example of a faithful, committed marriage is a wonderful legacy for their children and grandchildren. I say that to you as well. In this day and age, when marriages are discarded as readily as old socks, it's a breath of fresh air to see couples who have stuck together for over 5 decades. What an example to your loved ones!

  23. Love the tin pail wall planters! And the breakfast photos are making me hungry...which reminds me that I haven't yet had my breakfast. This is one of those late, lazy mornings. Have a delightful weekend!

  24. I'm thinking that maybe you should keep the plastic bottles and not put holes in the bottom of the metal planters. Put some potting soil in the water bottle...then you can just lift the plants out and water and put them back.
    Your breakfast is to die for!

  25. BJ, your little tins are just adorable! What a neat idea. And man, oh man...those pancakes are awesome! Looks delicious!

  26. BJ,
    Lovin' your pots. . .faux plants or not!!!
    I agree. . .H A T E those cords!!!
    I found a way to erase them on my photo edit program.
    In real life they remind me of a snake poking out from behind the furniture or electronics.
    NOT that that has ever happened, mind you. . .but that's what my mind's eye associates the cords with!
    Glad it's almost dinner time. . .'cause seeing strawberries, whipped ceam and bacon made me h u n g r y!!!

  27. That's it, BJness, I'm coming over! I love pancakes!! Those look so good! Now I love those little planters on each side of your TV! It looks good on the wall too. Cords bother me too and I always have some! Shoot! Now that picture of you from days of yore is just gorgeous. Do you know what a beautiful woman you are? Your daughter looks so much like you too! Thanks for popping in to see me. We are liking living in The Little House for now. We'll eventually end up buying another house in upstate New York so we can be near our little grandchildren.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  28. I'm with you all the way against visible cords! I like your solution BJ.
    I've just caught up on your last couple of posts - I love your anniversary photos - you two look so good!

  29. Oh beautiful!! You are so gifted! You should have been a home decorator! Smile.. Great idea to cover that crd..tell your hubby, I don't like them I think he'll get out


  30. I do have to say I like your cute pots.. But what really grabbed my attention were your pancakes.. YUMMY! Happy June and have a great week ahead!

  31. You got a lot of cuteness going on! That looks fabulous BJ. BTW, if I do another copy cat this summer you are the first person I am coming to tell LOL!


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