Sunday, January 5, 2014

Fun Work....

....just enjoying having a pretty home to putter around in.

Working around here today but not doing anything HARD....or UN-FUN...:)

I have a couple of pots of ivy that have just run wild here in the great dining area with so many windows and so much light.

I trimmed them up...cut off the long runners and put them on the vintage wicker tea cart...

then moved it all to the master bedroom in front of French Doors that I can control  the light....

they look about a thousand times better, all trimmed, washed, with plant food boosters.

then, OF COURSE, I had to play around with the camera....

While I was in the bedroom, I tackled the bookshelves with a SWIFFER...

I didn't take every single book out...
nope....not THAT industrious .....

but swiffed over them, took out the
knick-knacks, dusted them and the shelves.

...clean enuf for me !!

 ...also cleaned the bookcases in the living room...

Wonder why, after cleaning just a portion of a room, the whole room seems to sparkle more...??
Others may never notice that your books are dusted....but YOU know. 

Next, I need to go thru OLDEN magazines and get rid of about HALF of them....

I love pretty magazines with a passion and it's like pulling teeth to get rid of one....

but I have all these full and 6 more just like them...

THEN....I moved into the kitchen for a little more  cuteness....

Vee did this to some of her kitchen cabinet doors and I thought 
"how cute is that !!"

So I pulled out my olden SUSAN BRANCH calender and put a couple up on the
 inside of some cabinet doors.

AND...while I was in the kitchen, I put on a pot of 
with that wonderful ham hock that's been in the freezer since CHRISTMAS EVE...

Tomorrow, with cornbread and butter,
we are going to think we've died and gone to HEAVEN....

While cleaning those bookshelves, 
I came across this book my friend, MARTHA, gave me at Christmas...

She said it was such a great book so
I decided to get started on it....


and,  of course, I had to have a snack by
this time....

OK...if you haven't tried them...
and you like cheese and just a little fire....
you're gonna LUV these.

Have a wonderful week.....


and I added a little bouquet of faux posies
to a cute little burlap
draw-string bag
and hung it on my little hutch that is just CRYING for some

Faux posies in a burlap bag can bring sunshine to your days....

Blue Monday
Mix it up Monday
Mosaic Monday
Make the Scene Monday
On the Menu Mon.


  1. Glad to see you so happy in your new home.

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  3. sorry I had to delete my comment , it made no sense, what I was trying to say is your home is lovely I enjoyed dusting with you and I'm making those peas for sure!

  4. Sounds like a good day to me, BJ! I do the same with my bookcases. The Swiffer is "good enough". Love those calendar pages. I still have to get one for 2014. I have to check out Susan's calendar for this year.

  5. well, you've been in your new place long enough for the dust to settle, then. :)

  6. Your day sounds amazing! Love the burlap sack with zinnias. WE ARE soooo cold here in Misdouri. I'm like a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs until this is over! Roads are a mess and my son will be on them for work. Friends are grading the highways... And sooo many space heaters! Running on high. Hugs...

  7. I like puttering in he bad weather here, doing things that are fun, though is key! Glad you are doing great and settling in nicely. xo

  8. We had our black eyed peas on New Year's Day. A great big pot of them! We had left overs and they are waiting for another day all zipped up in the freezer. :)

  9. I had black eyed peas on New Years day. Yours look so good. Really like the inside of your cabinet doors great idea. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  10. Love the basket with the word Books on it. So cute.

  11. It all looks so pretty. But, I would have used that plant stand as a tea cart. Imagine it at a little girl's tea party. Delightful!

  12. Gosh my computer is fritzy tonight. I've booted myself off your blog six or more times. So much fun to see what you are puttering away with. Had to laugh to see my name, though I must say that I wish I had more cabinet doors to put more calendar pages in. I love SB's work. Putter on; it all looks so lovely!

  13. Looks like you are adjusting to you new lovely home BJ. I've been taking down my decorations and just have to get them in to the garage tomorrow. Those beans sure look mighty good. Enjoy them.

  14. You are so energetic bj ... my house could use a little, well maybe a lot of dusting. So happy you are enjoying you new home and getting everything settled so you can relax and enjoy it. Good to have the natural light for plants too. I have a ham hock that I plan to use to cook red beans tomorrow. Just the perfect weather for it. Take care and be safe.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  15. BJ, your house sparkles! I imagine the clean shelves and books help, but mainly it's you that creates all the sparkle!

  16. Nice to start the year with a clean and fresh home. Happy New Year, BJ!....Christine

  17. I just love the swiffer commercial, they make it all look so easy.. I am so happy you are enjoying your new home.. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  18. Yes, dusting does seem to make the room sparkle to me too. Love the term "piddlin", and yes it is fun! your home is lovely, glad that you are enjoying it!

  19. I love my bookshelves too but they are stinkers to keep clean. I understand your feelings for your old magazines--I've got plenty of them. Glad your house is becoming your home now.

  20. Puttering days are nice once and awhile and a great idea to put old calendar pages inside the cupboards. I already have a few things tacked in there - quick to get to recipe for hummingbird nectar, conversion chart for imperial and metric but not as pretty as what you have.
    I have never had black eyed peas and was interested in what you will have for dinner with the contents of your crock pot. Cornbread had made it this far north in Ontario and I like to bake it.
    The swiffer dusters sure make life easy don't they?

  21. Hey BJ,

    I've been waiting to see your black and red items show up in your new, more-pastel home. They look right at home.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year!

    Have a Happy Blue Monday.

  22. It all looks so pretty - and clean! You are on an organizational roll!

  23. Wish I had some of your energy. My house will never be cluttered, but you might find a dust bunny here and there. I hate this cold weather. Wish I had some your homemade soup. I live on soups in the winter.

  24. Such a cheerful visit we all had with you this morning!

  25. What a great way to display your magazines and books! Have a great week, popping by for Blue Monday!

  26. Love the feeling with a fresh and a clean home :) We have had a birthday party here today and like you I made an effort to make the house in shape for that :) Sounds delicious with your cooking!

    Many hugs aka

  27. I'm enjoying rearranging and cleaning things up as I get rid of the Christmas decor. Earl was just saying that he wanted to use the Christmas ham bone for some bean soup tomorrow, great minds think alike:>)

  28. It looks like the perfect way to spend a very productive day. Your new home looks so great, BJ.


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