Wednesday, March 7, 2018

I'm on Top of It.....

I just love to see how YOU decorate the tops of 
your tables...
your mantles...
your dressers....
your shelves....
I thought I would show you a few 
of the tables and such in our living room at
the Summer House.

First off is the little table that Mr. Sweet made sooo cute for me.....
We call it the STORY BOOK TABLE

My great-grandfather, J.M. JACKSON
owned and operated
The star is for my loved
Mr. Sweet's mother was born in
I loved this little round beauty when he first did this...

Now that he is gone,
I am sure you can imagine how much MORE I love it now.

I found the little table in a thrift store for $5.
Bought it,
painted it with a little distressing...
Mr. Sweet did the stenciling  as he was so good at it
and I really suck at anything like this....
NO talent whatsoever...

...because I love you and I hope you love me,
I am about to show you some of
Some of my blogging friends have seen one or two but,
here we go again...

 THIS "ALMOST cutie pie" was painted in our local
so so much fun but the thing is...
I KNOW I have no talent...
but when my daughter invites me along,
and I have a chance to spend quality, FUN time with her
and my grandgirls,
I just GO FOR IT....
Every time I look at this quirky little houses plate,
I remember that day full of love and plenty of fun.
♥ ♥ ♥

THIS masterpiece....
o my gosh....i am sooooo brave to show you this pitiful little painting....

OK, so 5 sweet, pretty little grandgirls and my sweet DIL asked me to come along with them
I was so tickled they asked me that there was noooo way I would
say NO....
THEY all know I can't paint a lick
and I sure as heck knew it...
but we had a glass or two of wine, we laughed,
we had such a great time that
I don't care if my flowers look like dandelions ..
or that that green stem looks like a garden snake...

It was an absolute GREAT time with part of a family that
I love to the moon and back...and that's all that matters to me !!


For this next....masterpiece....I highly suggest
that you sit down before you look at it
'cause you are gonna fall down laughing !!
(ok....I just heard 2 of you laughing your heads off...
Nana Diana...and....Linda of the Santa Clause paintings fame...
shame on you !!! ๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ˜™) 
This was another time the grands and DIL said,
"Come on, Memaw....go with us to paint"
and, boy, I beat them to the car.
I sure got sidetracked, showing you why I asked Mr. Sweet
to do the painting on that little aforementioned  thrifted table...

Well, ANYway....

...just simple things here.

 Another blogger informed me that this sweet wicker table I found in a thrift store
is a vintage library table...
it surely is great to store and display a few quilts.


 an extra sweet photo of
Mr. Sweet and I with our two wonderful children.... tiny cow creamer filled with some of my dried roses... larger hutch
full of some of my white ware....

it's always been hard for me to decorate the TOP of hutches.

but this one came together nicely.

...the smaller hutch that I've added a little BLUE & WHITE
to ...
 ..a few more dried roses...
and a little pitcher that belonged to my Aunt Lillian,
filled with my mama's paint brushes.
(Oh, yes...she was a fabulous artist...)

...enuf for today...
I will show more TOPPERS another time.


  1. LOVED this post!! That little round table, so full of memories in the stenciling is absolutely priceless! I actually loved your painting of the hydrangeas, it's pretty good. But I'll admit, I smiled at the cow... she does look a little sad. :)

  2. BJ, You do not give yourself enough credit. Love your crafts. The cow is looking sad eyed, now that you mentioned it. LOL. But love those colors. Your table is an adorable memory of your loving husband. You will treasure it always. Keep going and doing with your girls. You are making memories for them too. I think your white dishes are wonderful The little pitcher with brushes, I love it. I always like to see used brushes. Blessings, xox,love , Susie

  3. Im swooning over the Story table, the wicker table and the paint brushes on display. Its all soooo pretty!!! I have been to “painting with a Twist” too. I love to laugh and paint with a glass of wine and laughter with friends. I had to stop becaue it was breaking me and my paint friends started going to another paint party out of town.. Your paintings are adorable! And the Cow made me giggle.

  4. Mr. Sweet's mother was only slightly older than my paternal grandfather whom I've never met as he died in 1974. He would be 107 today, I was the youngest child of a youngest child, so that explains the large gap between our generations. Would be pretty neat if he was still alive, he'd be on TV a couple of times every year at least.

  5. It's the process of making art that is so beneficial to us -- the outcome of the art is irrelevant. Besides, family and friends will always view that art through eyes of love and it turns into a masterpiece!

  6. Like you, I always look to see how people are decorating their surfaces. I fall down on the job quite often, but I like trying. You do a beautiful job with it so I’m probably going to try to copy you. I have loved your table since it was born! It’s a family treasure for sure.

  7. Love, love, love everything you shared today BJ - and you ARE an artist. Hugs.

  8. Your table is such a treasure, and I know you know that already. And never under estimate your painting--you are good!

    Sending huge hugs,


  9. The best thing about the art is the memories it brings. I have a couple of those Painting with a Twist canvases, too and I need to dig them out. I LOVE the touch of adding the paintbrushes to the pretty creamer!

  10. I love that table! I remember when the two of you created it!

  11. I remember when you first showed us the cow painting and little house plate. I think they are both fabulous and the most fabulous part of all is you created them while spending time with those you love.

    God bless.

  12. You have some wonderful memories to look back on. The painting and your decorating are all great. Enjoyed this post very much. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  13. Oh BJ, don't sell yourself short! I think all your art is charming! And I love the pretties in your house. That Jackson table is a real treasure and all your white looks so beautiful in your cupboard. I feel like spring!

  14. That was fun! Don't be so hard on the artist in you!

  15. I love seeing your table tops and your beautiful displays. Good for you to try art and to be successful, but I must admit to laughing at the cow. My art isn't great but I have fun doing it and that is what counts! Hugs.

  16. I have always loved the table that Mr. Sweet did for you! I have to say, I really think you are too hard on yourself, the plate with the houses is absolutely adorable! Your other paintings really aren't bad and I think the cow is darling. Of course what is really important is the time with your kids and grands, that is worth everything!

  17. Your use of white is so cheery! I love all of your pictures. That photo of you with Mr. Sweet and your 2 children is great. (I love your hair!)

  18. I love your art ... so don't sell yourself short. The main thing is that it brings back enjoyable memories. That wicker table is wonderful ... however is may be used. Love your quilts in it. Thanks for sharing.
    Audrey Z.

  19. Oh bj, you make me smile!! Your painting projects are wonderful, and I soooo love how you appreciate just being invited to go, and have such a fun, fun time. Making those treasured memories is what it's all about.
    Your hutches look perfect, and of course, I've always loved that stenciled table.

  20. Oh I love that table done by Mr. Sweet!! And your painting is priceless. . .love them all!

  21. I absolutely love your cow, and I bet many other people will too. Have you thought about selling it on etsy? I think you'd be surprised how many people would love to own her! Blessings

  22. Oh, so pretty! I remember watching as you and Mr. Sweet made tht wonderful stenciled table. Your paintings are whimsical and charming.... except for the cow... she is just plain funny and cute!

  23. Once again . . .
    Love seeing your “touches” around your home.
    You have the TOUCH bj!

    I think your paintings are wonderful . . .
    And isn’t it fun to giggle with friends while painting!
    Every time I look at my paintings I also remember who I was with and some good fun too!


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