Wednesday, February 7, 2018

...a few of my favorite thrift store finds....

I absolutely LOVE thrift stores..

I do a lot of my fun shopping at the DISABLED AMERICAN VETERAN store.
♥ ♥ ♥
consignment shops...
yard sales...
estate sales...
and a good flea market !!!

Our entire house has a lot more thrifted pieces than NEWLY bought.

That includes furniture, dishes...just about ANYthing that catches my eye.

THIS beautiful piece is so "new", I haven't chosen the paint color as yet....

and many of you remember this amazing hutch
that I was blessed to find at a garage sale...
I absolutely LUV it and the color gray I chose. 

One of my all-time favorite pieces is my pine vintage fireplace mantel and surround.
Mr. Sweet and I painted it white and then he added the brick.

Since this is a fake FAUX fireplace 😁
we bought this cutie-pie 3-log candle holder (tea light candles)
and I use it year round !

I absolutely love changing the mantle for the different seasons...
I must be anxious for SPRING AND SUMMER as I've added GREENERY .....

The antique chiming clock belonged to my mama....
I have no idea where she got it .
If I remember to wind it every morning, it keeps fairly good time...
and the chimes are so delightful.
♥ ♥ ♥
 That gorgeous chandy on your left is not mine but
boy howdy
I fell in total love with it....
too expensive for our Social Security Budget....

so when I found this sweetie,
I grabbed it so quick !!
 I spray painted in French Black
and found a sweet hanger for it...

not nearly as fancy as my inspiration one....but I like it.

The large olive tree in the corner I found in a thrift shop...
and I was doing a happy dance.

All the new ones I had looked at STARTED at $100 on up. 

This isn't nearly as many of our thrift finds 
but this post is waaay too long already.

I'll share more later.


  1. You've some treasures indeed BJ. Hope all is going well with you.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  2. That looks like a great store and you found some great pretties. I could furnish my whole house with thrift store finds and be a totally happy camper!

  3. Oh my!
    Such beautiful treasures, indeed!
    And the way you display them is just lovely.
    I love the cozy fireplace.
    And I go by BJ too!
    My daddy was blessed with five daughters.
    I was the fourth, and my sweet mom said, "No matter what...we are naming this one after her dad!"
    His name was William I am Billie Jo. : )

  4. You've had some amazing thrift store finds over the years! I was schlepping My Rare One around to the Goodwill and Value Village last weekend -- she was in the market for a new carrying tray. Got a good one -- five bucks!

  5. You have nailed some wonderful finds, BJ! I love what you did to the chandelier. Maybe that's what I should do to mine. It looks terrific!

  6. OOOOOHHH! Great finds - I LOVE that hutch and the chandelier so much! I think that at least half of what we own was gifted or thrifted and I'm quite happy with that.

  7. I had forgotten about that faux fireplace mantle and the brick Bill added to it. It is a perfect accent piece with the candles burning in it. You did a good job on that chandy, too. Do you remember when they had that show on HGTV where they would take an Inspiration Room that someone liked and then create the same thing for them on a really low budget? That was one of my favorite shows!!!!!

    Getting ready to set up an office for my son and I to work out of and he was sleek and modern. That ought to be fun- a complete change for me. xo Diana

  8. BJ, I love to decorate the very same getting bargains and thrifty finds. I love your over hauling of the fireplace and that chandy is dandy. Don't forget to show the screen once you've painted it. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  9. Love each of the pieces. You have acquired many wonderful pieces. Love the new chandy!

  10. You never know what you might find

  11. You're so good! Have you seen the videos on YouTube by The Goodwill Gal? You and she have much in common. :)

  12. It is so much fun to shop thrifts, yard sales, etc. I love a bargain and finding such wonderful things for the home is a thrill! Love your finds and that hutch is a favorite for sure!

  13. Great finds! I love to find good bargains and tho I'm trying to downsize and stay away from thrift stores, etc, it is just so hard to do! Dishes are my weakness and I have too many now. You have decorated your home with some wonderful the chandy!

  14. Wonderful! Of course it helps because you have such a great eye. Plus, the changes you make on these pieces is remarkable. Everything you showed us is super.

  15. Treasured finds and I love how you “spiff them up!”
    One of my grandchildren is renting his “first place.”
    I went searching for bargains the other day.
    I found a sturdy end table like piece with a removable glass top . . .11 dollars . . .
    Brought it home, cleaned it throughly with Murphy’s soap . . . looks “spiffy fine.”
    I thought about painting it . . . but decided to give it to him first . . .
    Amazing though how paint can change something into a brand new look!
    Happy thrifting bj . . .

  16. I love all of your special finds. It's fun to never know what you'll find. And I'm glad you're enjoying your little book my friend. I know you HAD to have one! Hugs, Diane

  17. Me too, me too:). I love thrifty finds! Love that screen, can't wait to see what you do with it❤️ Enjoy your day dear B. J. Hugs

  18. My husband and I used to go to yard sales every weekend. My home also has lots of furniture and other items we would find. I love your new screen and all your finds. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  19. Ok that screen's to die for -- I would have grabbed it up myself as well! Your china hutch was also a big score, love the gray paint (I did some thing similar myself with an estate sale hutch.) My house is more thrifted than new, too! Would love for you to share this wonderful post with us over at Vintage Charm Party #119. Here's the link (or just go to my blog's home page) Hope to see you there! xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  20. Wow, BJ! Some great finds.
    I would LOVE to go into this store.

  21. Loving the thrift finds! My kind of finds. Now you have me itching to go thrifting! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  22. So many of you have access to wonderful thrift stores. Where we are in NJ there none that have great treasures.


  23. I love the room divider you found! What a great piece. Also, the grey hutch with all those pretty white dishes? So pretty! You have always inspired me with the way you have furnished a beautiful home with such beautiful finds.

  24. I love a good thrift store find weather im finding them myself or ready where someone like you finds them and make them purty.
    Great finds!

  25. Hi bj ... you did good ... love your finds. Glad you are getting out and having fun searching for "treasures". We finally have a Goodwill and love to shop there. Not a big store, but some good stuff. I have two days that I have a little free time ... so good to go treasure hunting again. I will be looking for an Olive tree ... yours is beautiful.
    Audrey Z.

  26. NOW you are talking my language - I am a hardcore thrifter (as evidenced by my blog I find everything from clothing to original artwork to housewares to this week's find of a Steiff lion (with tag). Can't wait to see the rest of your finds!

  27. I'm with you on thrifting. You have some great finds and I like how you decided to paint them, etc. I'm way behind on visiting blogs because of my trip south.

  28. Oh I love thrift shopping...a past time my mother passed on to me and we shared for years. You have certainly done well with your finds. I've been looking for a screen like that for quite a long while and have never seen one.

  29. Hi BJ,
    I love your faux fireplace so cute and don't you love having the mantel to decorate for the different holidays and seasons. You have done well with all your thrift shopping. Happy Friday. Have a wonderful weekend.

  30. Your fireplace is C.L.E.V.E.R!!!! Love the look, and soo easy to maintain! Wow. What a great idea.

    And the wood shutters in the corner (first picture) -- I love shutters!

    Your style of decorating is so very cheery! Thanks for sharing.

    And yes, I like thrift store finds, too!!

  31. Wow, looking at your header, it indeed has gotten cold there! Texas has had a real winter this year! We are having a mild one! I enjoyed seeing your gorgeous yard sale/thrift store finds! And that chandelier looks amazing with a bit of black paint! It is so much find to find things at thrift stores that don't break the budget! Hope you are staying warm and cozy dear friend! :)

  32. Here's a happy dance right back at ya! We're quite cold for Bangkok standards too, which is a lovely temperature here, so sending you some warmth. I always love furniture posts I'm just about to move into my new place and so I am already thinking of what I put where. Oh the stories your thrift stores purchases could tell and the memories they bring! Love the black chandelier. Oh gosh is that the time (love your Mama's chiming clock) must dash!
    Wren x

  33. Looks like you got a lot of wonderful treasures. I found a couple that I really love - guess I better do a post since I haven't done one in about 6 months.

    Have a wonderful week.


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