Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I've changed it 25 times in one day....

Do you ever buy something on the spur of the moment,
knowing exactly where you will put it when you get it home...???
am I the only one on the planet that jumps in, head first..??

That "go home and THINK about it before you buy it"
just doesn't work at HOME GOODS...
it most likely won't be there when you go back.
♥ ♥ ♥

I found this amazing sign the other day at HOME GOODS
and fell head over heels
 IN LUV... 
it's huge...
it's colorful...
and most of all, 
I love the positive words....a GREAT way to start our day.

I had not planned to use this sign over this shelf...

I wanted it over the tv in the dining room but it was just flat TOO BIG.

So when Mr. Sweet suggested over the shelf, and no other large enuf space in this room to hang it,
 I said, HEY, go for it..
so he hung it for me...

arranging things on the shelf to  try to make it all come together became an
I just wore myself to a nub
trying every thing in my house on that dang shelf.

I'm not sure but the sign MAY be too large for this dainty shelf...

I added my thrifted white canisters....
would you believe the size of the SIGN made these little 1 2 & 3 look totally lost.

 Seemed to me that the letters on the canisters were just
too small to make a statement..
but I liked them on the shelf...

so to HOBBY LOBBY for larger vinyl numbers...

I really wanted a fancier set of numerals but the store didn't have them...

I have found some in an Etsy shop that I may or may not  order.....later...

I have more important things to think about other than fancy or plain numbers on a white thrifted set of canisters....
(but still....)

I've fooled with this whole affair so much, I am totally SICK
of it.

I'm having a hard time getting used to the largeness of this awesome sign...

I'm kicking around the idea of returning it to the store..

trying to give myself a chance to get used to it, tho.

I think the biggest problem is the color of these walls...
if we ever get the finances to repaint, I will be a lot happier....

 Nope....not happy with any of it right now...
I'm closing the gate..!



  1. BJ, Please don't be mad...but I laughed about you wearing yourself to a cracked me up.:):) I like the sign too. Maybe it should be a leaning know on the porch with the fall decor...mixed with greenery at Christmas...out on the patio this spring by the red gardening cart. See you really need to keep that sign. :):) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. I like the sign too. Wherever you decide to put it will be fine.

  3. The sign looks good to me there. I don't mind the
    numbers, letters or the size. But it's you
    that has to be happy.

  4. I like it A LOT. I don't think it is too big for over hat shelf at all. The shelf is hefty enough to 'carry' the weight of the sign.I don't think you should let it go either, bj. You know that as soon as you do you will find the perfect spot for it! (if the spot you have it in is not perfect enough). Yep--Today is a GOOD day! xo Diana

  5. I think it looks great there, not too big for the shelf at all. I like the larger numbers too, but before you buy fancier ones, let me know what you like and I can cut them out for you. I have a machine that will do it lickety split, and plenty of scrap vinyl. :)

  6. I thought it looked perfect with the old numbers. The sign is shorter than the sides of the shelf, which I think means it's not to big. The color goes with the wall color in sort of the same range, but still there's enough contrast. I think the new numbers are too similar to the lettering on the sign, which is why I thought the juxtaposition of the original numbers worked perfect with the lettering. Think of it...the best chalkboard art is done with different fonts and print with script. Keep it, it's perfect with the original look.

  7. It looks great to me Bj and I have always enjoyed your decorating style. It is a lovely sign with a great message. Maybe it's just waiting for you to get used to its new home and it will fit in your mind's eye when you've gotten used to it :)

  8. Oh, I think it looks wonderful there. But, yes, I do the same thing thinking that I know just exactly where I will put something and sometimes it just doesn't work out. I do think I am liking the old numbers though...sorry! :( You have an awesome flair for décor, my friend!

  9. That's the woman in you! You will get it to your fancy soon! I like the large lettering on the canisters and if you want my two cents, I think the large sign evens out the small shelf. Oh and this reminds me. I have 4 rustic boards from the broken pier that Hurricane Matthew hit. I plan to make some beachy signs with them soon!

  10. Nope! I love it! It fits! It's you! You made a good choice BJ!

  11. Hi bj, I like your sign and it doesn't look too big to me for the shelf. I like both arrangements except the numbers in the last might be a wee bit too big, at least to my eye. You should keep the sign even if you don't like it with the shelf because the minute you take it back you'll think of some other place to put it!

  12. Love the sign! Yes, the numbers should be larger, but ss Cheryl suggests, maybe not that large and definitely "cuter" font, which to me means with serifs. I think your instincts are right on as per usual. The evolution of a beautiful sign!

    1. Now how come the "1" is cute and the 2 and 3 are so plain?

  13. Love the sign and I totally understand the buying and returning with HomeGoods...they make it so easy. Also you can never expect to find the same thing at homegoods the second time around. You are so right to buy it if you like it and then figure out if you should return it.

  14. LOL!! boy do I know that feeling! I can play with one little area in my house for hours and hours and hours trying to make it just right! lol!! I love your sign and I think you have it set up just fine. its adorable. and if you leave it for a couple days you may find just what you think you need to tweak it just so, so that you will think its just perfect! ;) have fun!!

  15. Gotta tell you BJ you are enjoyable to follow and read your posts! Hey close the gate!

  16. This sign is really wonderful, it should be our tantra every morning.

  17. I love all of that! And that sign will make you smile, even when you're having a bad day.

  18. I had to laugh while reading this post, bj! Isn't it funny how we have to get things just right?? I love your new sign and the message. Maybe you just need getting used to it in that spot? I finally painted my late Beloved's office and keep going in there and rearranging all the decor. Somehow things just have to be tweaked to please us, right?

  19. You crack me up. I know we are sisters! I like the larger numbers. How about putting the sign over the front door. Or over the door leading to the pool. Are those french double doors?
    This was a fun post. You made my day. It will be good!
    Love you sissy!
    BTW thanks for linking.

  20. You crack me up too! I do the same thing and Rick has NO idea why I agonize so much over placement! I think the sign is great and I suspect you'll find a perfect spot for it eventually. (It actually looks pretty cute right where it is, to be honest, but it only matters when it is right for you.)

  21. I like the new sign. Keep it you will find the right spot for it I am sure. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  22. Love the sign BJ. Sister girl, you put where ever you want too and change it 100 times more if you want too. It's your sign! Girl, I do the same thing. Sometimes I will buy something and think I know exactly where the perfect spot would be only to change it over and over til it CLICKS! But I've also bought things having no clue where I was going to put it and it sat in a closet for months. LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  23. Hi bj. I like the sign there. I think it looks great but I know you have to be happy with it. Sometimes it takes a little time of staring at something before you find just the right placement. Been there done that lol! Hope you keep it and can find a happy place for it.

  24. I'd be one of the people who'd get 1 2 and 4 and not 3 just to mess with people's minds.

  25. The message is a great one, but you of all people don't need to be reminded of that, you make each day a great day. Don't leave us hanging though. . .did you keep it or return it?

  26. Just quit messing with it because I think it looks great. I definitely don't think it is too big to hang over your shelf, and I think your new numbers did the trick perfectly.

  27. Looks good to me. Sounds like you went to a lot of work.
    Adam's comment made me smile.

  28. Oh I like that sign. I like the contrast of textures and sizes. Please don't hit me, but the smaller numbers were a better fit in my estimation. The bigger ones are......too big and the font style doesn't fit as nicely. Fun to play around, eh?

  29. Looks great to me . . .
    Cool sign!
    Maybe it just wasn't a "Good Day" for you . . .
    tee hee . . .


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