Monday, September 12, 2016

Decorate your Tiered Trays

 Hello, Everyone....

Here's another FUN LINK PARTY
and it seems it's impossible for me not to want to join all these parties that I can...

Face it...
these parties are FUN...
and one of my biggest goals in life...


sooo, I've had a lot of fun with
my 2 tiered trays.

Please forgive this terribly LONG post..
it seems I can never do anything 
So, please, if you get sick of reading it...
go visit someone else and come back to finish reading mine later...
♥ ♥ ♥  

My first tray is one I bought years and years ago and can't remember from where...

This is a very simple setting for my green metal tiered tray, 
giving the tray itself a chance to shine with it's pretty, intricate  cut work.

I use my white ceramic cow pitcher every chance I get...
a good friend gifted me with her and I just love it to pieces...
I love the dried roses I did 2 yrs ago, riding on the back of the cow.

The vintage creme pitchers hold a few pieces of my vintage silverware.

....and many,
MANY times,
I've used it for 
delicious foods... 


Next is another way I decorate this same tiered tray....
 ribbons and pumpkins and cotton


one of my favorite snacks and for some reason...

I never think of it until fall with pumpkins and fall flowers all about... 

almonds and butter and
brown sugar glaze
over popcorn...


it's sooo

 ...and, doesn't it look FALLISH in a cute orange polka dot cupcake liner...


I will try my best to hurry along...

This is a 
tiered tray
that my sweet girl gave me one year for Christmas...

The company has discontinued it...and I am so so glad to have it.




Well, I had to come back and share with you what my sweet friend, Lisa,
did with her little Green apples...

Oh, yes...she made Vee's (xoxo)Apple Cheese Toast from MY post
and LISA made an Apple Rose from her peeling, too.
"Lisa, if you ever give up you office job,
you can go to work peeling apples and making APPLE ROSES..." xoxo

for staying with me thru this FOREVER post..

I just HAD to add this comment:

"Lovely! It occurs to me that you must have a well organized storage area both in your home and computer photo files. I'm working on it."
Dear Gayle,
I do not have an organized bone in my body....
but I thank you for your kind words...
xo bj 


  1. Love how you've styled all of them!!

  2. BJ, You have the cutest things. I love the tiered trays/dishes. Of course you know how much I love the black and white checked things you use in decorating. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. BJ, you were my first blog and you'll be my last!!

    I love to visit you every single time. Your trays are gorgeous. I love the styling, the food, and the kindness you share.

    The linky party goes live tomorrow. I'm going to share your post today on Facebook. :)

  4. BJ, you were my first blog and you'll be my last!!

    I love to visit you every single time. Your trays are gorgeous. I love the styling, the food, and the kindness you share.

    The linky party goes live tomorrow. I'm going to share your post today on Facebook. :)

  5. After seeing all your lovely ways of decorating your tiered trays, I wished I have one too! You decorated them so beautifully! Love the snacks and fruits you placed on the trays too!

  6. Looking like YUM around bj's place . . .

  7. They all look so good! Love those green apples on the black/white tiered tray. Also love those mushrooms. So cute!


  8. That top tray is so pretty and I don't remember seeing it before! Of course you KNOW how I feel about that tray from Mackenzie Childs, LOVE! Aren't they just the handiest things to have around? I use mine tiered tray to hold fruit in the kitchen. It takes up so much less space to have everything stacked, and it looks pretty :)

  9. Lovely! It occurs to me that you must have a well organized storage area both in your home and computer photo files. I'm working on it.

  10. Thanks for including me in your post of fall goodies! My mom has a pink ceramic cow pitcher like that And I want the black and white stuff!!!! Too cute.

  11. You have,almost, got me in the mood to start decorating for fall! Loved all your tiers and how you decorated them, gave me a few ideas!

  12. So pretty, BJ. You have such a flair! Everything looks beautiful -- that black and white, especially.

  13. BJ, everything looks so nice and festive for fall with your beautiful tiered pieces. I adore McKenzie Childs with all of your black and white pieces. Have a fun day! ♥

  14. Tiered plates always make me think of High Tea, with little sandwiches, tiny scones and sweet dainties.

  15. Fun post. You are so creative. I always enjoy your posts. I hope you'll come over and link at
    The Fabulous Fall party.

  16. Just a lovely post today. You have such creativity. We had a restaurant near us in Illinois where they served lunch on a three tiered tray, and it was so lovely. And so good.

  17. I had fun with you having fun! I'm posting a tiered tray tomorrow! Love that green metal tray!

  18. Great job BJ. You are awesome at decorating.... Me, I just throw things together and hope they work.

    God bless.

  19. I love that cute little black and white checked stand. It makes me think of the Mad Hatter's tea party in Alice in Wonderland...especially when you throw in those cute toadstools.

  20. What creative uses of the tiered tray. Love the presentation of autumn treasures and the apples.
    And thank you ever so much for your kind words on our Ruby Tuesday 2 meme post. So appreciated.

  21. I especially love the black and white check. So cute!

  22. BJ, your energy and enthusiasm just make me smile. I spent a few hours in my garden today and am so tired I am not even raising my arms to type this comment and you always seem to be on the go. . .not sure how you do it, but I am glad you do. You are medicine for a tired body!

  23. What a Fun all the Tiered Trays....But that Mackenzie Childs...Hello...oh my...Love the Black and White! :)

  24. Loved this. Thanks for coming over and linking. The link stays up all the way through Oct. Come over and link all your Fall posts!

  25. Hi bj, I made it through your long post at one sitting. HA! Girl I love everything you post and never get tired of looking at your photos. I do not collect Mackenzie Childs but my friend does and she sent me a photo album that I just love. I also love the tiered tray and all the great ways you use it so often. Amazing photos as well. I mean it and the "funness" (my word) you share is so obvious.
    Have a wonderful week my dear sister friend.
    Love, Jeanne

  26. You make it all look so pretty! you are so creative.Love looking at all the pretty pictures.I have a white cow identical to yours and I love mine so much as well......what is it about those sweet cow creamers??

  27. So pretty! I'm going to this party too. :) Can't wait to see what everyone did!

  28. Makes me want to head for the orchard today and find the perfect apple for peeling to make that apple peel rose. Lisa's was perfect! Your tiered trays are lovely. I have a couple, but no time for fun these days as I push harder to be finished before cold weather. I'll enjoy your fun!

  29. Oh how fun, I have to do something creative today:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  30. Oh BJ! As always, you have marvelous ideas and such colorful displays! I am loving the granny smith apples among the McKenzie Childs! And...Poppycock! Oh my, my...delightful fall ideas!

  31. I love all of your tiered tray ensembles! The green apples are so pretty and pop again the black and white McKenzie Childs trays! And I adore the little black and gold pumpkins! :) ~Rhonda

  32. Love you tiered trays they are just lovely. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  33. Your tiered trays are wonderfully decorated for fall! The green apples really add punch. Lisa's apple peeling rose is amazing! I made it through your post without a break. Whew! So much fun!

  34. You sure have shown how many versatile ways there are to use your tiered trays, BJ!
    I'm really impressed with how beautiful your dried rose looks. Did you use silica gel?

  35. BJ, your tray is gorgeous ♥

  36. BJ, I love your trays and all the ways you beautificated them up, even more. Simply gorgeous! Now, I love making what I call "fried" apples, which is a lot like the ones you make to go over your cheese toast.I have trouble getting outside of a box sometimes. My husband and I enjoy cheese toast most Sunday mornings and we(especially him)love something sweet on top. I never even thought(how dull am I?)to put fried apples on top. I get so many great ideas for using simple foods in extraordinary ways when I visit your blog!

  37. Your tiered trays are lovely. Love your cute cow. I see so may uses for them. The MC tray is a favorite. I love their accessories. Isn't the party fun?

  38. Wow, BJ! Great post. I love all your trays all decorated. Hard to pick a favorite. I thought it was a clever party idea and I can't wait to check them out.

    Unfortunately, I had a very busy week and threw my post together quickly. You did so much work on yours!

    You are fortunate to have the MC Tiered tray. Mine is huge and I've struggled to use it. I actually unscrewed the top so I could put a little crock with dried hydrangeas on it.
    My kitchen reveal is the post before the tiered tray. You sounded interested so it is done.
    Your apple cheese toast looks wonderful!

  39. Cute trays...and I especially like your MC tray. So cute!

  40. BJ,
    I would n e v e r leave you in the middle of your post and return at a later time, dear friend!
    For sure, I'd miss something w o n d e r f u l!
    I love your post and your tiered trays!
    When I saw your vintage 50's Restaurant Ware, my heart skipped a beat!
    Thank you for your lovely photos and sharing your beautifully decorated trays!
    . . .and, Yes! Those orange cupcake papers are darling!

  41. bj, I only pop off your blog to visit the excellent links you always provide for us, but I always come back! The apple and cheese toast looks SOOO good and not like any of the usual diet food I know of! I think the green is excellent with the M-C checked tray. They need to bring it back! You know that I am all about having More Fun too so I love visiting you to see how you will entertain us, and I'm never disappointed! Linda

  42. Fun ideas, BJ! Can you guess which is my favorite? ;-)

  43. I love how you styled all your tiered trays. I love to party too. Thanks for visiting my link.

  44. First of all, I love that cutwork tiered tray, and how you decked it out with the cute little cow creamer. The MC tray is so cute, but those toadstools are absolutely wonderful! My Hubs loves Poppycock too. Glad you a re having so much fun! It's always a happy place at your blog!

  45. I love all the tiered tray photos you shared. You're a party in a blog post!

  46. Wow, your trays are gorgeous and I love the different ways you styled them. They are just so versatile. Aren't you a lucky girl having a discontinued one from Mackenzie Childs!

  47. BJ, you amaze me girlfriend with your energy and your style! Love you to pieces! I really love all the tiered trays. I wanted to get in on that with the ladies but just not enough time! I do have a red tired basket full of DEBBIE CAKES! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  48. What a delightful collection of trays! Your autumnal touches are lovely. Thank you so very much for sharing these gems.

  49. BJ, I LOVE all of the black and white! I was over at Jemma's (At Home with Jemma) and she had your tiered tray featured. All I can say is that the black and white drew me straight to your site. Love your trays too...Thanks!


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