Thursday, March 17, 2016

Things I want ...aka..".WANT" is my middle name ~

It seems I am always WANTING something...
Mr. Sweet says if I ever quit WANTING, I will be dead.

One thing I really would like to have if I can find a wall for it....

(from the web)
I love these so much....
they aren't deep at all so they can be built even in tight quarters..
but, of course, you need the width.

and this beauty belongs to FABBY and I just love it....
she is able to show off more of her beautiful pottery...
and a little extra storage on the bottom row.
"Ya'll did a good job, Fabby..."

(images from the web)

I will take one of the shorter ones... they are adorable.

but I really want a full length one...
one like Fabby's....
or one 
with a recipe stenciled on it....
and all white....
this one that belongs to  THISTLEWOOD.....
it's been on my COVET LIST for several years.

I mean it....I've even dreamed about it...
at first, i was really intimidated about the recipe part..
"I can't begin to do that....", I thought but then
someone told me I could buy vinyl letters and all I would need
is a yardstick to keep it all level...

I THINK I've found THE WALL in our kitchen...
I will just need to move my rooster pictures to another spot...

however, I've had my beautiful shelf
(Mackenzie*Childs knock off)
that Mr. Sweet made for me in our bedroom.

I had it in our entry hall at our olden house entry here in the Summer House.

 I am thinking I would LUV it in our pretty kitchen/dining room...

since I have only one large wall in that room,
it's either the plate rack or the shelf...

 ...decisions decisions.....
 LOVE, bj

OOO, other "I WANT...."

I've had this photo in my INSPIRATION FILE
for several years.....I
THINK this is from

I am sooo in love with the whole's just plain, downright SWOON worthy.

Her brackets are out of this world awesome...and probably VERY expensive.

 I found these brackets that didn't break  the bank...
they are nice and heavy...
 and I think they will look fabulous... like this board is painted a glossy white...
these pretty brackets attached....
and some beautiful white ironstone sitting on each one...
there will be 6 shelves...3 on each side of the dining room tv....

Here is another look from somewhere on the web...

I am sooo excited to get this project going...

Now this set of shelves has WHITE brackets, which are also pretty..
and while I am TRYING not to WANT anything else....
I'm pretty sure I want a FARMERS MARKET  sign to hang above MY shelves....

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does this idea make you drool like it does me...
Mr. Sweet could build that desk/table so easy..
and I could start looking for a ghost chair...
*heavy HEAVY sigh....


  1. Daisy is a big dreamer when it comes to wants. She always wants the car she'll never afford but I'll at least let her look at it with that big grin. I'm more a modest person. I can settle for okay, and I can be humble. My wedding ring is silver instead of gold because of this, and the value of the metal is worthless compared to the symbolism.

    1. I am coming over, Adam, to say that I love silver much more than gold...and pearl, to me, outrank diamonds all to pieces....

  2. I am totally with you on wanting a full length plate rack. My favorite is the one from Tnistlewood, but after reading about how she did it, I think I'll pass. If even one letter were off just a tiny bit, it would drive the OCD side of me absolutely crazy.

  3. I like both sets of shelves. I would use a laser level with the vinyl letters it would go much easier. I think your bracket choices are lovely and can't wait to see what you do. You always impress Jean.

  4. I enjoyed your friend's blog with the scrumptious looking jello cake. They are favorites around here. Well you have so many directions to go in. I know that you'll find your way and I'll be up here grinning at all you do.

  5. Hi BJ! Oh, I love these too and wish I had the room for one. The thing is, your Mr. Sweet can make one! :) I hope you get your wish. Happy St. Patrick's Day!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. BJ, You know I have been weighing want verses you are making me want a dish rack like those. My gosh those are sweet. I laughed about what Mr. Sweet said . That funny fellow. :):)Oh I love all those white things on the white shelves. Hope you get a rack you want. :):)Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

  7. Oh sweetie, it took me a couple of years to really get down to finally make it and yes, I am in love with it, every time I pass by, I stop to admire it and I think you will too!
    Hope you get your wish dearest BJ.
    Have a great weekend ahead.

  8. I adore that plate rack with the words behind it. So classic! I love your taste, BJ!

  9. Plate racks are such pretty things - and they can be arranged and rearranged - like shelves. There's so much available to make a lovely home, and you do it well, BJ.

  10. Oooo i do love that plate rack! I would definitely pick that and just relocate the pretty shelf

  11. Hi BJ - gosh I didn't know we had the same middle name! Love all your inspiration photos and think plate racks are ideal for platters to display. I also love open shelving, especially made from antique rustic barn wood.

  12. My mother used to say if we wanted to keep from spending, stay out of the stores. Well, she never lived to see the internet! She would have been hooked, too.

    I love all of these plate racks, especially the slimmer ones. I have absolutely no wall space though. If you can I would go for one. It's not just a place to store plates--it's big time decor when you switch things around. Go for it!

  13. Oh my gosh ...I'm excited along with you !!!! Can't wait to see the finish project !!! I also have an inspiration box (on pinterest ofcourse) your husband is quite the crafty/handyman I'm sure he just loves your Honeydo LIST ....!!!!!

  14. Hi, B.J. Ikea... Those trestle leg bases to the table are at Ikea from 15 to 40 dollars each depending on type. My spouses desk has the Finnvard painted. They were white. If you don't need the bottom shelf they are 15 dollars each. They have a plate rack and you can stack two, but unfortunately my wall is too narrow, so my spouse would have to build it. I have a "french" glass rack on the wall instead. Love those brackets that you chose. Have a great weekend and Happy St. Patrick's Day. xoxo Su

    1. Su...coming right over to say THANKS for the info for my friends here and myself...

  15. Plate racks are so awesome because you can change the look so easily and so seasonally! A terrific go girl!

  16. That would differently be on my "Want" list, Bj ! Beautiful

  17. AWwww, you Sweet Thing!!

    I LOVE your covets, and I love all those whites and that whisper-of-green one is a major YES. And I want you to have each and every one, in a magical way that you can just change them out and have them stored flat in a nice album of shelves, with each one swinging out like a carpet-sample book. They'd just float up onto the wall for each occasion, and settle back into their two-dimensional selves while you enjoyed another page for a while. (That tricky dish-adding and arranging thing would require an incantation or two, but I'll leave that entirely up to you. You're a master at getting all the pretties arranged JUST SO, and enjoy it besides.

    I still wanna play with that marvelous photo gallery thing that makes your pictures all works of art---someday, someday. I've had one little girl this week for Spring Break---they got TWO weeks this year because they didn't use them up in SNOW DAYS, and with Summer coming and three more GRANDS to visit and enjoy then, I'll probably be back next FALL to ask you for some hints on the pictures.

    Looking forward to your new shelves!


  18. I think you "need" that plate rack, and then you could send that lovely MC knock off shelf to me in NY!! You are lucky to have such a handy man!! And as for "wants", dreaming is just fine - Gives us something to look forward to, right, ???

  19. I'm so trying to cut back but I think if I was able, I would probably choose every thing you did! Especially the shelves and plate rack!

  20. Love your shelves!!
    I am seriously trying not to buy and to cut back but I failed miserably when I saw that Big Lots has a Fairy Garden collection at very inexpensive prices! I walked out of their minus $80 but with a whole lot of Fairy goodness!! Will be posting about it after Easter!!

    Thanks for stopping by!!


  21. "Covet List" -- that term made me laugh! Also, learned a new term from you -- "ghost chair" -- very apt!

  22. I want your shelves/plate racks! Your brackets are gorgeous too! Sheila

  23. H ha ha, you always make me smile BJ! What is wrong with wanting to make our home beautiful? Not a darn thing! I love those plate racks too, and I have a narrow spot in my kitchen that would be just right. Wondering if I dare ask Earl for one more project.... I love the open shelves too, but I also love all the mess and essentials out of sight, so not sure I am ready to commit to that yet. We do keep our hubbys hopping don't we? Lol. As much as I love the plate rack, if I had that shelf that Mr. Sweet made you I would be hard pressed to give it's spot to anything else.

  24. Oh I want things also but no one to build for me...sigh! Love the plate rack!!

  25. I'm a girl who wants things too BJ. There are days that I'll think, there's not one more thing I want or need. Then the next day...bam!! There's three things on the list. Truly, there's nothing I need but the wants are kind of a sickness. :)

    I vote for your plate rack. You'll love showing off pretty dishes.

  26. Love the plate shelves. Hope you can talk your husband into making you one. We all seem to be wanting something. Great photos. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  27. Oh no, I have the perfect place for the plate rack. You will feel the glare from my handy hubby. LOL

  28. Hi, BJ! I'm back to answer your question. Yes, I still have the red cabinet. It lives upstairs at the top of the stairs. I just keep books in it now. Hope you have a nice weekend.
    Continue being a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  29. At my age, I do not want for any more than what I have. Need to get rid of a lot things. Just do not use them like I used to. You are also one smart cookie to do all the various things on your blog. Me, I barely get two simple shots up. Wish I had some of your creative juices.

  30. I love all of this too bj. I love the first one, with the pretty grey paint. I think you rshelf your hubs made would be perfect in your dining area too. What a great job he did.
    Happy weekend…………..

  31. Great! Now I want a plate rack that is stenciled with a recipe! How adorable is that?! I am in love! Thanks for sharing!

  32. When we give up WANTING we end up not CARING about things anymore--at least that is what I think...and I don't mean necessarily wanting more THINGS---just wanting --more music, more hours in the day, more time with someone.
    I LOVE your WANTS, bj. Hope you get ALL of them!!!! xo Diana

  33. So many great inspiration projects! Your shelves are going to be wonderful!

  34. bj I am like you always wanting something but running out of room. Hollywood (hubby) is not a hammer and nails kind of guy. He is the chef type, which is good. I hate cooking. Love all the examples you showed. Love the white and stoneware.

  35. I don't know if Dear will thank you or not as I have him looking at everyone of those plate racks and now he's got his measuring tape out to see where a good spot would be to place "my want one of these plate racks" Lol! Have a wonderful first day of Spring bj!

  36. I had to laugh, BJ. My husband just rolls his eyes when I start getting that faraway dreamy look on my face and says "What now?" You posted some beautiful examples in your post.I have always thought those huge plate racks were wonderful but I thought I would live without one. After reading your post, I'm not so sure now. My husband (who's not much of a handyman) will thank you (lol) for sending me into yet another trance!

  37. I love them all, too, BJ. I put shelves with decorative brackets up in my kitchen back in the 1970s. I guess I was a way back trendsetter. lol

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  38. I love them all, too, BJ. I put shelves with decorative brackets up in my kitchen back in the 1970s. I guess I was a way back trendsetter. lol

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  39. Hello from Marshville, we hope that you feel better soon, dear Lady...
    and the "Game" that we posted about ... we designed and created an Adventures (for use by other players) at and we based the "story-line" off of the stories of H. P. Lovecraft... And am a novice at All of this and am "Trying" to make an "enjoyable "Game-Adventure" for others to play Hope that gives you a better idea of "what" we were talking about... a Great First day of Spring to you and yours... Stacey

  40. Great ideas for extra storage and so decorative. Hope you feel better soon.

  41. I've always coveted one of those plate rack walls, too!


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