Friday, October 30, 2015


Carving pumpkins has always been so much fun...
and yet...
as a kid growing up, for some unknown reason,
we didn't carve pumpkins.

There was a PUMPKIN CARVING PARTY at David and Kathy's house the other night...
fun fun...
Kathy, on the right with that big ole white pumpkin...
her sis, Paula, on the left.

Those hands you see in the foreground belong to DEEDS.

....there she is.

They had patterns for the faces of the pumpkins,
but Deeds did a freehand BLACK CAT....
didn't she do a fantastic job !!

Mr. Cutie Pie Patrick (great-grandboy) had a ball,
 playing with the tops of the pumpkins...
(I seriously WANT HIS HAIR...all golden and full of curls....)

 Older sis, MIZ CATE the GREAT
loved every single minute of the carving party....and did a super job on her pumpkin with only a tiny bit of help from mama, JESSICA.

This is our LACEY JEAN...and boyfriend, ETHAN,
and she is totally serious about the art work being done here...
I had to leave before they finished photo.

Deed's on the left and Cate's on the right
and I love 'em both.
So glad they all had Halloween fun....

" I'm SCARED "

Our beautiful twins.....
going to a HALLOWEEN party.
They ordered those scary eyes off the net and they are freakin' me OUT...

They had a blast at the scary party.


Here I am again.....dressed as BUDDY HOLLY...
did my big HORN RIM glasses give me away...???

I hope everyone has FUN this Halloween night...
just be careful ....
There will be witches flying high and low...
and skeletons doing the SHAKE, RATTLE & ROLL dance  all around....


  1. What a fun post. Happy Halloween and Boogie Boogie.

  2. How fun, BJ! I love the tools and templates you can get now. My daughter and her husband are like little kids carving scary pumpkins and delighting the neighborhood. Real works of art!

    Your grandkids are growing so fast!!!

    Jane x

  3. First time I see a white pumpkin! Looks like everyone is having fun carving pumpkin! Happy Halloween celebration!

  4. Looks like a fun time had by all. We are roasting marshmallows and making smore's on her new patio this afternoon!
    She lives out in the country side so no tricks just treats!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Fun bj . . .
    I was wondering if anyone carved pumpkins anymore . . .
    A carving party sounds fun!
    Thanks for the Buddy Holly FUN . . .

  6. WHAT a GREAT post, bj. I just love sneaking peeks at your sweet and wonderful family. Those pumpkins are great and Deeds did a great job freehanding that cat. Wow! Serious talent there. And if I were voting for them in a contest of yea's and nay's the EYES would have it. lol
    Happy Halloween to you, too, and I certainly don't need the encouragement to Stay Weird- I am good at that already. lol xo Diana

  7. I see your carving the old way still way.

    I seen a demo where the modern way and faster. Don ask me to explain as I would do it like you guys do.

    I guess if I had the teacher right by my side. I would get it.

    I like all you guys, gals, kids done.

    Weird and I am one of those.

  8. Pardon my written comment prior. . It is like I had one too many drinks and I don't drink Spirits only coffee and soda. I guess I have to blame it on the
    coffee buzz. Or typing too dang fast. So my last sentence is right on for me .

  9. It looks like you had a blast! How fun!

  10. This was a cute post bj. Love your new header. They all look like they were having fun. Have a blessed day and happy Halloween. Madeline

  11. Such cute pupkins. Love all the Halloween pictures. Have a fun Halloween!

  12. Looks like everyone is enjoying themselves....
    Happy Halloween to you and yours....

  13. BJ, I love the pumpkin carvings ...that is family type fun. The witch and famous napkin is so darn funny...I love it. Blessings to you and yours, xoxo,Susie

  14. Love this post BJ! Love the black cat free hand carved pumpkin - too cool. OMGosh with the contacts and fake blood your grands win best scary costume ever!!!! All your cocktail napkins are fun. I do the same I buy all different packs of fun and spooky Halloween napkins and everyday throughout October we use them under our drinks which may or not be filled with a potion of cocktail. HA HA
    Boo kisses to you my sassy friend,

  15. Fun time for all. You have some talented carvers in the family.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  16. looks like a lot of fun. We never cut up pumpkins back then either. I think times then were more basic. We ate pumpkins, not decorate with them.

  17. Looks like some serious business going on over there with the pumpkin carving. Love Deed's black cat. Patrick is SO cute. Better watch out for him, he will win your heart. (likely has already)... I know you had a great time. Happy Halloween.
    Audrey Z.

  18. Oooooo! I love everything! :) Kit

  19. BJ that is so cute of the littles carving the pumpkins. It is always such fun for them. The twins are bootiful! Don't those eyes freak you out?. Hope you all have a fun and freaky Halloween..Judy

  20. Since the boys grew up and moved away we no longer carve pumpkins.... I really miss that as it was something Harvey did with them. Looks like you all had a wonderful time.

    Have a very Happy Halloween.

    God bless.

  21. Oh yeah I am forever darning socks. Keeps me out of trouble.

    God bless.

  22. Good morning bj, It is so good to be home from France but we did have a fabulous vacation. Right now we are in FL for a football game and giving some love to two of my girls and our sons-in-law. We won the game. Go Gators.

    Your Halloween family pumpkin carving party is adorable and so is your wonderful family. The pumpkins are really artistic. Since we are usually in Fl. for the Fl/GA football game, we also have some Halloween fun and carving pumpkins but our whole family is not close enough to get together. Sigh!

    I posted a few pics on PS from our trip. I have many more to come. France is an awesome historical place to visit.

    Thank you for your comment on FB. I admit to enjoying my white hair be cause I hated coloring my hair. Lol.

    Much love,

  23. Looks like a fun party!! The grandchildren are beautiful - even the bloody ones!! Lucky you!

  24. Hi bj :)

    The pumpkins turned out great! The girls looked great too with their scary contacts ;)

    I'm glad your umbrella and table survived the storm and dip in the pool. I'm just about to winterize my porch things too. We have wind gusts of up to 50 mph tomorrow supposedly and I can imagine that my wicker wouldn't like that too much lol


  25. Looks like a great pumpkin carving time! Yikes scary costumes. Our daughter did broken doll makeup on her face and you should have seen the big eyes staring as she handed out candy!!

  26. Great Halloween fun was had here. Carving pumpkins is fun but oh my wrists hurt when I do it so I've opted out the last couple of years. - Those "eyes" are creepy but look great.


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