Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Little Building that Bill Built

 This has been a long project...(keep in mind that Mr. Sweet is 81 yrs old...and has done an amazing job here...)

Lots of waiting for contractors that said they would be there at "8:00 in the morning"
and we might not see them for days...
(do they all go to the same school...??)

YAY....the shingles are ON...

They brought in the large pile of sand and bags of cement for the mortar...

YAY....bringing in the brick...

...almost all bricked as of 8/30/15

The brick layer is a hard working fella and shows up every single day.
He is doing a magnificent job...
an older man and works mostly by himself so it is slow going but that's ok.

I've tried and tried to think of something to make with all those broken bricks but our guys say they will be scooped up and thrown in the dumpster...too bad....

Kathy already has things to go inside....
(WELL...., not ATHENA....she always just wants to get in the picture...LOL)
tomatoes, 2 kinds of pepper and more tomatoes.
One plant has a lot of little yellow blooms so there should be a tomato from ea one.
(sounds like some fine SALSA to me...)

There's 2 recipes here so go to town on it and enjoy every bite.

x0x0,  bj

boo hoo...summer is gone...altho today it was in the mid 90's here
in West Texas.
I am no where NEAR wanting to put out pumpkins and fall leaves...NO WAY...
too early for here. 



  1. Hi Bj, that is going to be one beautiful greenhouse and I love the color of the brick. I love salsa and homemade must be so nice. Thanks for sharing the recipes to make it.
    I hope you will come by soon and share some of your recipes at our blog party we have each week.
    Enjoy your Tuesday.

  2. I am calling out so loud, SAVE the broken bricks, SAVE them!!! Perfect for a crazy paving path to the wonderful new construction. Mr Sweet, have you received your medal yet? I'm sure it will be in the ail any day now. This is so much more than a shed, brick-clad, glass house included, truly a masterpiece.

  3. Progress is good. You've already made something with the brick left-overs. They create an interest in the photo in an abstract sort of way.

  4. Looking great! I have always wanted a green house. I know you will enjoy it! I would save those bricks also, never know what you may think of one day to use them.

  5. That's some kind of beautiful building out there! I would love to be able to save plants over the winter.

    You are so right....no sign of pumpkins here. They'd turn to pumpkin pudding on my porch!!

  6. Smashing HOT pool house/garden house building being built. WOW!
    Tell Mr Sweet he ROCKS!

  7. Good work and effort, greetings and best wishes!

  8. The building is looking good. I will not be putting out fall things until October. I now have sunflowers decorations out. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  9. BJ, Your husband is one of those fellows who is always working, I bet. Those are the dependable ones. truly. I love the building's look, so far. Yum home made salsa. Enjoy your first day of Sept. It's been hot here too but not 90's it's 80's here which is too hot for this old girl. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  10. Mr. Sweet has done amazing work! The greenhouse looks fantastic and all done right through the heat of summer. Hope that you get lots of pretty flowers and fresh veggies through the fall and winter. A little early for autumn yet...we still have three weeks of summer left and you probably have lots more. I do confess to doing just a bit of autumn decorating. It belnds in real nice with the spring decorating that never gave way to summer.

  11. Building looking good, and so are you, Bill!! Sally & Bob

  12. The building is making good progress and I am sure the green house will be having lots of occupants very soon!

  13. Love fresh tomatoes....and recipes! Sheila E

  14. The building is looking good. Glad you found a good brick layer!

  15. Looking Very good , dear Lady....
    And the brick siding is great...
    Hope that you and yours are well....

  16. Absolutely love these progress reports on the Building Bill is Building!

  17. Lookin Good and Builder Bill is a great guy doing an amazing job..

    I say let them take the brick.. :) less mess for ya'll to deal with long term..

  18. Things are looking like they are well underway. The greenhouse is going to be so very nice to have.

    God bless.

  19. I've never seen a little forklift like that before

  20. The building is looking good, bj! What else is looking good is the fudge in your previous post, and the sweet memories that went along with it. I'm really looking forward to your new sofa reveal!!

  21. Oh boy, you will have fun with that!

  22. Tell Mr. Sweet that he is a man among men! Go, Mr. Sweet!!!

  23. BJ the addition is looking fantastic and Mr. Sweet an inspiration to us all. No pumpkins or fall decorations in our home either. Philly is experiencing an Indian Summer with temps still in the 90's, today 93.

  24. The building looks great, and it seems like pretty good progress has been made! Michigan is having a heat wave to bring in September too, In the 90's today and close to it for the rest of the week. Not ready for fall décor yet, but after this week I am looking forward to some milder temps.

  25. Great photos and great post ~ I do think 'contractors' are 'cut from the same cloth' ~ they are same in MA ~ don't show and make promises they don't keep ~ 'Brave new world????'

    Happy Day to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  26. The building is coming up so well. Indeed praiseworthy. Great job by your hubby!

  27. This looks great! I hope to see it completely finished!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  28. No doubt your Mr. Sweet is a man of many talents. You two make a perfect pair. You are an excellent cook and he has his great points.

  29. What a wonderful thing. A greenhouse. Love it.

  30. BJ,
    Amazing looking "green house", dear friend!!!
    So~o~o glad the "Mr. Sweet" is able to help!!!
    I just know there's something wonderful going to come from this. . .besides Salsa!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  31. Neat shots here - lots of great work being done!
    Please drop by each week for Wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday) to link up! Here's this week's linky:


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