Monday, July 27, 2015

Strawberry Quick Bread

Hello, all...
  I've really enjoyed the juicy, large and sweet strawberries this summer.
Only problem is....we eat them as fast as we get them....
and then, when I find a great recipe using them,
I am OUT....

 I found this recipe on line

When I realized I had only a couple tablespoons of fresh strawberries
and this recipe called for 1 1/2 cups, 
I searched for more fruit and came up with a lone apple...a little bitty  apple at that.

I chopped up that little apple and came up with one cup of fruit so....

I just went for it.

I always sprinkle a little
FRUIT FRESH on fresh fruit, especially keeps the fruit from turning brown.

....this is a crazy photo...there's black and white canisters behind
the clear glass mixing bowl and it all looks wonky in the photo....

...this batter is sooo good..
I know you aren't supposed to eat anything with raw eggs in it but
I've done it all my life and I'm still here.... :)
...just a taste or two is not gonna hurt ya.

and, MERCY ME...with all this goodness thrown into the mix...
strawberries, apples, pecans....
I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that THIS BREAD
was gonna be goood.

It came out of the oven looking like a rock star..!!

I'm going to put it in the freezer,  wrapped with press and seal and wrapped with this
 cutie pie baker's twine...
which is only for the cuteness. :>)

Then slipped into a zip lock freezer bag.

Then, when I have a special occasion,
I can pull it out, make a strawberry sauce to go over it and top it with
sweet whipped cream.
So many times when we have strawberries,
comes into my mind.
That's a great song written by JOHN LENNON.

Paul McCartney....O MY.

His concert was, by far, the best concert I've ever been to...
and I've been to a LOT.

Mr. McCartney paid honor to ALL of the Beatles and it was so awesome.
He even played a bit of STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER while
a video of the BEATLES played in the background...*gulp

One of our grandsons, DREW, went to see the memorial,
Strawberry Fields in NYC a few years ago...and I have a
photo of him there...SOMEWHERE.
OOO....just found it.

xoxo, bj


  1. Looks good. For me though, I won't use the sprinkle stuff, but overall, this looks delish.

  2. BJ, I could just hug make me smile. You said you are still here after eating batter with raw egg. I never think of that with brownie batter licking. Who thinks past that chocolaty flavor? That bread was beautiful. I can see why you want to save it for a special day. I'll always love those Beatles tunes. Was that a lifetime ago...when we yelled and screamed for them. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. You didn't even taste the baked bread?! Wow. More self-control than I thought after that admission of eating raw dough. = D It sure looks pretty and I hope that it lives up to its ratings. Now going back to catch up.

    1. You and Deeds just popped up in the pool! You look so cool and happy.

    2. Phew! My sanity is intact.

  4. That quick bread looks so very good. I have a few berries I need to use up and I know I have an apple or two in the crisper.......

    God bless.

  5. Oh my goodness, bj! Berries, apples, pecans..all my favorites! What a wonderful treat to have on hand.

  6. Yum....I love ALL quick breads....this looks very tasty!!

  7. Hi Bj your strawberry bread looks so amazing. Have a wonderful week. P.S. I love your new header in the pool! Haha!

  8. That looks WONDERFUL!!! I need to bake more and freeze like you do!!! Who would NOT absolutely LOVE Strawberry Bread???

  9. That bread looks delicious!! I bet it tastes amazing with the different fruit in it. While I've never been a Beatles fan, I did love their music individually!

  10. . . . . . . and here I was waiting for you to cut a slice and taste it for us!

    Mary -

  11. Wow! That's a yummy bread. No chance for the bread to be kept in the freezer..hahah...

  12. Is that the one in NY's Central Park? I have seen it. You strawberry break looks so yummy, BJ....Christine

  13. the "bread" looks "delicious" , dear Lady.....
    Hope that you and yours are well this day...

  14. Oh wow, wow, wow! Will that delicious bread ever taste good, in wintertime!!! Oh wow!!!

    And again, you make Art, with photographs of baking. Amazing! Simply amazing!

    Stay cool hugs,

  15. That looks delicious. Yum! I love your header...what a great summer photo. It made me smile and think of my mom!

  16. what a darling picture of you enjoying your summer pool!!!

  17. bj, you certainly have more self-control that I do! That luscious looking bread would never have made it into the freezer, unless I were lucky enough to have baked 2 loaves!
    Paul McCartney...I had a wee little crush on Sir Paul back in the day. lol!

  18. Oh wow, this strawberry bread looks amazing !!

  19. bj ... how could have not taken a big slice of that beautiful bread right from the oven ??? I would have. You know cooks/bakers have to taste-test everything. Thanks for the recipe. That is my kind of dessert ... just plain.
    Audrey Z.

  20. Oh my I could not have put it in the freezer with out a taste. How did you do that. lol. I just love the photo of you in the pool.

  21. Well you had me till you put in the nuts. LOL. I love pecans and other nuts just don't like them 'in' things.
    So did you eat any or just freeze it all? I love how you pulled the Strawberry Fields into your post. Very creative.
    Thanks for sharing. Have a great Wednesday. XXOO

  22. Oh bj, you are just the cutest thing ever! Your strawberry, with apple bread looks so tasty and so creative, too. Yum!!
    I love your summertime header... ADORABLE!!!

  23. No matter what you take, it turns out to be some of the best eating ever. I can only pretend I am enjoying it with Mr. Sweet.

  24. XoXo just love your recipe and how you photographed what you wanted to say and do. You are one creative person!
    JM, IL

  25. Another good recipe!
    My DH would love to go to see Paul McCartney :)
    I don't think he makes it to Ga.
    I would love to surprise DH with tickets.


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