Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day....May 25, 2015

God bless America
and our heartfelt thanks to all who have served.


 My dad and his brother, my Uncle Otis, served together in WW2
and both came back home.
I will always be so proud of these two brave and wonderful men.
I love them and miss them both so much.

My heart beats true for the RED WHITE and BLUE.

  photo from FaceBook
I have no words for this...only a lump in my throat.
Bless their hearts.

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  1. So many brave men and women, those who returned, and like your last photo, heartbreak for those at home, too young, how can a mother explain this in years to come.

  2. Oh that last picture...... A heart breaker.... And it says it all....

    Happy Memorial Day to you and yours...


  3. Beautiful post, BJ. Have a blessed Memorial Day!

  4. Thank you BJ...this is a wonderful tribute post. I loved the photos. Bless you and yours, xoxo,Susie

  5. You remembered them well. I am holding my breath, it is not raining just now.

  6. Happy Memroial Day to you BJ-the last picture catches your heart!

  7. Such a powerful last photo. Memorial Day May 26th last year my Dad passed, he served in WWll. This weekend has been soulful reflection for me, I've lost family and friends in war ... War truly is Hell. We are blessed to have men and women to serve and I'm forever grateful to them.

  8. Good morning bj, Your post is awesome and it is a great tribute to our fallen heroes. Two of my uncles served in WW II and they are both gone. My one uncle could never speak about the war without crying. He came home a hero with a big parade etc. He used to fly over our farm and dipped his wing. He flew 67 bombing missions and he lived but lost so many dear buddies that he really never lost the sadness. Even so, he was happy with his wife and daughter and lived to be in his late 70's. My other uncle was a sailor and was sea sick for all 4 years he served. He never spoke of the war. HA!

    The last photo just broke my heart. We need to remember the loved ones who 'lost' their all when their loved ones 'gave' their all.

    Happy Memorial Day dear sister friend.

  9. Lovely tribute post BJ. I miss my veteran dad too.

  10. Happy Memorial Day Bj. We are certainly blessed to live in a country where so many men and women fight to keep us safe and free. That last picture of the mom and baby at the grave is heart wrenching. That is the reality of war right there.

  11. We always remember our fallen men and women on this day. My husband's father served in WWII and Korea. Happy Memorial day


  12. Happy Memorial Day, BJ. This was a beautiful post and that last picture was just heart breaking.

  13. A beautiful post for Memorial Day. I cried when I saw that last picture on facebook. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  14. Oh my goodness, bj, that last picture is so heartbreaking. This morning, on the Today Show, there was a dog that went up and laid on the floor in the church, by his owner's coffin. I cried at that, too.

  15. God Bless each and everyone..............thanks bj.

  16. Oh what a sweet and beautiful post. Thanks for sharing. Hugs.Sherry

  17. Nice post bj . . .
    Oh my, that final,photo . . .

  18. What wonderful photos -- both your vintage, family photos and your own colorful creations -- not to mention that heartbreaking photo you shared. So perfect.


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