Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Crazy for Shutters....

 I NEVER pass up buying olden matter the condition.
There's so many things that you can do with them and they add more
charm, character and plain FUN to a room quicker than the wink of an eye..

 I am just waiting to see THIS 
in a top decorating magazine any time now.
It just needs to be discovered.

How adorable is that shutter...and olden window...

When I fell knee-deep in love with her room,
I asked KRIS if I could share a photo....
well, she said,
"Hi BJ,
Yes you can use the pictures how flattering.  Thank you."
so I took THREE.... :>)
 Olden cabinet doors...

 You must go over and see all her beautiful pictures of this delightful room.
"Thanks, Kris, for letting me have these, if I could just get you to 
let me have this room..! ! !"

Here's a few other uses of shutters that I love..

 How cute and smart is this BAR CART on the left...

Cutest table on the right...

I luv the colors, too.

if I can just find the shutters,
Mr. Sweet is going to have a NEW PROJECT...

I REALLY love  this whole design...
a mirror would look fabulous in that arch...don't you think ?

You might remember how GREAT he did on these faux windows
using olden shutters we found at a tiny Flea Market....
(does anyone notice the same COLOR showing up in these photos...??? )
I bought 4 olden shutters years ago
and used them in our other house....
I found the perfect places to use them in our new home...

These shutters are beside a window in my dressing room...

they are long shutters and I was afraid they would look weird beside a normal sized window...
I just didn't want to cut them off... 

after I put the little basket table beneath the window, it made it all come together for me.

.... the other two shutters flank the doorway into the dressing room.
(this isn't a very good photo but you can see the shutters anyway_

I found a ton of beautiful ways to use adorable shutters...
I am looking for more to add a little CHIPPY LOVE around the Summer House.

If you've used shutters in a great way, would you show us...??


  1. Never thought to use shutters IN the house!Hahaa
    Love the look!

  2. BJ, I think of Kris as the door queen. :):) She is a wonderful person. I think she would help anyone. She has the decorating knack. I like the long shutters you have too. I do agree a mirror in that arched shutter would be perfect. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. really like that little square plant stand made from them.

  4. Jean I used to use shutters in the house all the time and haven't used them in years. Oh how I forgot how much I loved these. Your shutters look so beautiful. I love all the different projects with them too.

    Hugs from Oklahoma,


  5. Great ideas for shutters. You used yours very well. Mr. Sweet did good.

  6. You have some wonderful shutter action going and great ideas! Nice projects -- very inspiring!

  7. I have a cousin who collects old window frames and shutters and uses them to create Christmas displays. Great projects!

  8. What a great way to use shutters, love them! The ones in your dressing room are just wonderful! I'm inspired now to head out and look for shutters!!


  9. Wow! Those are all great ideas for using old or new shutters, bj. I just love each and every one of them. I especially love the turquoise one with the table and arch. Yes, a mirror would be perfect in that arch. However, They could've skipped the arch and just put a pretty mirror there. What do you think?

  10. That Kris can use shutters like no one else! But, I think you did an awesome job also, Love the long shutters on the shorter window, Looks fantastic,


  11. And is the shade called " Duck-egg-blue"? Lovely way to have those longer shutters, and a cane basket set, just the finish. what do you have lined up next for Mr Sweet?

  12. Love the shutters!! And all the Shutter Inspiration too!! I will now be on the hunt for my own..
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  13. Great uses for shutters. I have a small one waiting to be a project.

  14. What a great idea!! My favorite is the furniture made of them. Absolutely gorgeous and lots of character. :)

  15. Bj you are the best thank you for showing off my love of old shutters. Never met an old chippy shutter that I could walk away from. Love to Re Love them into my house some how some way!!! Love all the other inspiration here too. Thank you sweet friend for the shout out on my guest room. You have a free night stay coming lol!

    1. OK...You are all witness to her FREE NIGHT STAY COMING in that stunning guest room of hers....

  16. BJ some very cute and inventive uses for vintage shutters, Isn't Kris delighful?

  17. People are so clever! I saw a Pinterest idea today using a shutter as a shelf where plates were standing up using the grooves in the shutter.

  18. *sigh* I love that vintage, chipped paint look.

  19. I agree with Michelle- I love the vintage look also. You've put the shutters to good use. I'm not very crafty like that- but I would love to have that bar cart!

  20. Oh, I really am intrigued by the idea Vee shared for using a shutter!

  21. Great post. The shutters are wonderful. I have been seeing on t.v. the tornados in our area. Hope you are all safe. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  22. Growing up in the South, we had shutters everywhere, but here in the Midwest it's a rarity. I love the look and your right on spot, BJ, they're fantastic and a great addition to the decor! Way to go, girl!

  23. I love the look of old shutters AND old windows too . . .
    Many decorating perks can happen with mixing up things with shutters and windows.
    Thanks for the ideas I found in this post. I really liked the headboard idea . . .
    Using old frames without anything in the frame Is another good idea . . .

  24. Love it all, BJ. Old shutters are so versatile! Yours looks great. I WISH I had a dressing room!!!!!

  25. I love the look of shutters in home decor and these are lovely examples of how to use them. I love the 'headboard' in Kris's bedroom! Beautiful.

  26. I love shutters. Great ideas, B.J. xoxo Su

  27. You have a Dressing Room?!?!?!? How totally cooooooool, is that???

    You have a sink, in your Dressing Room?!?!?!? My gracious 'Honey-Bun," you are spoiled rotten!!!! -giggggles- Do even movie stars, have a sink, in their Dressing Rooms????????????

    Well, all this super cooooool stufffff, couldn't belong to a sweeter person!!! So there!!!! ,-)



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