Sunday, April 19, 2015

~ time ~

I've always just loved clocks...
and I have posted about most of these special ones before.

they don't even have to work.
Any time I see one of these little crystal-like clocks,
working or not, I buy it.
These little blingy clocks just set my feet a'dancin'.

When I saw this OLD WORLD CLOCK on the shelf at HOBBY LOBBY last winter,
I grabbed it so fast, I almost dropped it.
Only one there, and it didn't matter to me that they probably had
1500 cases of them in the storeroom....
 I wasn't about to let THIS one get away.
(i'm paranoid like that...)

I also love  clock faces...
they don't even have to be attached to a clock.  :>)

When I show Mr. Sweet a new, old clock face I just bought,
he smiles and turns his head but not quick enuf for me to miss
his eyes rolling....:)
(Shadows beneath the tray of clocks)
...this little tiny clock is a BRIGHTON
and I won it as a door prize a couple years ago..
It is so adorable....and I usually don't care for miniatures of any kind.
This is just so cute, tho......oh, and it works like a charm.

I have one floor clock that I bought at HOBBY LOBBY a few years ago
black....OF COURSE. :)
It's battery operated and has such a pretty face.

 My mother's beautiful key wind, vintage mantel clock.
It was originally black and she painted it white with brass trim.
I've never even thought of repainting it.
(Shadow Shot beneath the clock...heh heh....)

 I've always been so afraid of losing THE KEY,
so just short of  wearing it around my neck,
I keep it on jute string, hanging with other vintage brass keys from a lamp...
this way I can keep my eyes on it all the time.

We have lots of clocks around....all the rest are pretty much
 run of the mill clocks.

....and....I can't even TELL you how much I've always loved

take a look at this beauty...
 I found this one the other day at STEINMART
and because it had 2 little rubber feet missing,
I got it for 50% off.

and it was already choice of color.
With the white sand, it all fit right in with my dining room decor colors,
I love it and every time I walk by it,
I turn it over and watch the sand softly fall thru to the bottom....


  1. I had to chuckle at the hourglass. Love those watch faces too. Simple.

  2. i like your loose clock faces. :)

  3. BJ, I love that Days of Our Lives quote. I really like clocks too. When my daughter comes to spend the night, she brings ear plugs, to sleep. We have chiming clocks, a cookoo clock, battery operated clocks too. I have lots of watches...but since I have retired my watches are now bracelets. LOL...that battery thing you know. I love that you have your mom's mantle clock. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. We have a thing for clocks too BJ! We had some company over last night and this couple friends of ours are quite the minimalists. They were a little jittery around here lol. The one thing I cracked up at was when our clock chimed the fellow was looking all around and asking where is that coming from? I said a was just funny.

  5. We have a thing for clocks too BJ! We had some company over last night and this couple friends of ours are quite the minimalists. They were a little jittery around here lol. The one thing I cracked up at was when our clock chimed the fellow was looking all around and asking where is that coming from? I said a was just funny.

  6. Now there's a timeless collection ;)
    I bought a new (inexpensive) clock for this room yesterday and much to my surprise it has a pleasant relaxing tick. I may never turn the t.v. on again.

  7. No excuses for being late with all those delight clocks around bj!

    I'm kinda like you too, have many clocks about the house also including several vintage alarm clocks which don't work but look lovely! I even have one of those crystal clocks just like yours. Also a grandfather clock with Westminster chimes (every 15 mins. of course) which was presented to Bob on one of his big company anniversaries, plus another mantel clock for another anniversary (that's what happens when you're with one company 53 years!!!). An interesting musical clock which plays one of four lovely tunes on the hour and has revolving dancing characters, a castle, a hot air balloon etc., somewhat like a modern Disney-style cuckoo clock, but definitely not tacky - a expensive gift from a friend. Yep, can't miss the hour around here with all the clocks reminding us that time is forever running away from us!.

    Hmm, hour glasses- now that's a thought, a true old-fashioned way of telling time - love your find.
    Hugs - Mary

  8. I like the "crystal clock" and also the face on the hall clock.

  9. You have a wonderful collection of clocks BJ. I love your hour glass..

  10. It is something about clocks,
    I like the keys tied on the lamps

  11. Me too with clocks. My two favorites are Stainless Steel, we purchased from Elika in the early 90's. One is called the Petal clock the other the Laborious clock... Artful. Now vintage and Elika is out of business so they are priceless to me. One is set with our time the other with Parisian time. I prefer clocks working - I'm kind of a time management person. I'm always on time. But I will share this I have a delightful clock on the table in the guest room. That's runs slow, I don't know BJ maybe that is to keep my guests stay longer! I adore clock faces especially a collection of them displayed. Sweet clock from your Mom and keeping the keys in sight.
    Have a fun Sunday,

  12. I love all your clocks. I like travel alarms, they remind me of my Dad.

  13. Thanks for stopping by, BJ, and a blessed day to you!

  14. Loving your clocks. Especially the scrolly ones. Your posts always brighten my day and it's good to know I'm not the only one with a "rolling eyes" hubby at home!

  15. I really think we're sisters from another mister! :) I love clocks too ~ and of course "black" anything. I have a clock just like the first one pictured. It was given to me eons ago by a group from work and was on my it's in my bathroom. You have quite a collection ~ so fun!


  16. You must have a gigantic house with room for all these things!! So cute...I love the hour glass.

    If I tell you a secret, do you promise not to tell?? I have a REALLY difficult time reading an analog clock. Because of that, I only have one in my apartment, and I only got it because it's French!

  17. I always thought the board games that gave us the little hourglasses were so cool

  18. You have a very nice collection of clocks. I love the hour glass. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  19. This is such fun, just last week I looked to see how to put a time and the country clock on my blog, but every site was so complicated, but after seeing your collection, must have another go. The owls by the hour glass are lovely.

  20. Cute "timeless" decorations!! The first photo, the crystal clock resembles one my Mom gave me for college graduation - for some reason I saw it in a jewelry store and really wanted it - Strange, huh? What 21 y/o would ask for such a gift? I also like you new bedding - pretty aqua pillow, too!

  21. I just adore seeing your clocks. I am a clock lover. I love your hour glass and owls.

  22. What an awesome collection of clocks! I'm crazy about the one your mom painted! I would have never thought of painting one either!!

  23. What an awesome collection of clocks! I'm crazy about the one your mom painted! I would have never thought of painting one either!!

  24. Funny what cool treasures can be had at Hobby Lobby. I do love hourglasses too and those sweet little owls, I wish I could find a pair like that.

  25. I love seeing your clocks and seeing that hourglass even more!

  26. I enjoyed seeing your clocks and clock faces, my friend. They reminded me of my dear father who loved - and collected a few wonderful, old clocks. Perhaps I need to take some photos and share them on my blog. You always inspire me to see things I would miss otherwise!

  27. Hi bj. Love your clocks and how gorgeous the one your mother painted. Hobby Lobby has awesome clocks don't they? I love clocks too and have them everywhere. Just love to look at them and decorate with clocks. Black is my favorite too.
    Your hourglass is gorgeous. I need to check out Stein Mart. Have a nice Sunday evening and week ahead.

  28. I get rolled eyes much too often around here, too, bj. I guess we just can't truly make them understand, haha.

    Love your clock collection. Good idea, I have a number of them myself, may have to do that too once I have more time.

    Have a wonderful week. Hugs.

  29. Love the old world clock, BJ!
    It looks lots like one at the hair salon I frequent - in fact, have you time for a quick funny?
    My stylist (one of 5 owners) noticed my oogling the clock and shared how one of her colleagues' grandmother came to have her hair done. Grandma was ooh-ing and aah-ing over everything, then spotted the clock and asked, "But couldn't you girls afford a new clock?"

  30. Fun collection bj . . .
    I like the plate of clock faces too . . .

  31. My hubby has been known to do that eye roll thing, too. They just don't understand, do they, that there are just certain things a girl has just gotta have! lol!

  32. Hello BJ, I love the old world clock and the hour glass. And those owls next to the hour glass are so cute.. What a great clock collection..Have a happy day and week ahead!

  33. As I read your post, BJ, I had a mental vision of you dashing around the morning after daylight savings time changing all your clocks.

  34. I did enjoy your clocks! I love clocks too and really liked your dish of clock faces! I have an antique one from my Mother in laws family that has a key. It's hard not to be paranoid about losing.

  35. Time, ime, ime, Time! Time! Time is on your side (sung in my Mick Jagger Rolling Stones voice) bahahahaha... love your collection of "TIME" pieces.

  36. Mornin' BJ,

    Sure blue/green is a shade of BLUE, and I spotted it on your post. You are a collector for sure. Thanks for playing today.

    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!

  37. I have a lovely crystal clock next to me on my desk. A gift for our 25th wedding anniversary. A real treasure!! Have a grand day!!

  38. You have a great collection, and they all have such great details. I love collecting things that are beautiful AND useful.

  39. Not sure where you keep all your goodies, but I like them. My husband worked on clocks. I could not keep them all so I sold them.

  40. What a pretty collection of clocks, BJ, both vintage and new/old. My favourite is your mother's beautiful vintage mantel clock - simply charming!


  41. Love your clocks! I'll bet you are always on time!!


  42. Non-working clocks are best---they slow down the passage of time!

  43. My hubby and I like clocks also. Yours are beautiful!

  44. Quite the collection of clocks (and faces...hmm) BJ. I do like the hourglass (which I call egg timers:-) and find they can seduce a person to stop and watch the sand slowly pass through, quite a tranquil effect.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  45. Oh I love clocks too and we have a nice collection....of course that hour glass is stunning...reminds me of the Wizard of Oz.

  46. I love clocks too! Every room has at least one! And....I just got an hour glass at a garage sale. It is from the 70's and it will always remind me of Days of our Lives! Oh, almost forgot, I have a little brighton clock also....sister!!

  47. this collection of clocks, bj...I'm a clock lover too. I would love to have a hour glass like's of!

  48. Oh wow! Someone who shares my clock obsession! Love your collection! I feel like I'm missing something if I ever forget to wear my watch. I keep an alarm clock on my bed and another on my dresser. There are two more nicer looking clocks on my dresser, and I have a few wind-up clocks in my drawers--and to top it off, my laptop also has a clock. As you might guess, I don't like to be without a way to check what time it is!

    But I did hear somewhere, if you have one clock you know what time it is; if you have two clocks, you're never sure.

    1. With 6+ ways to tell time I could get confused if I didn't keep them all synced!

  49. I share your love of clocks BJ I think it's the "never let time pass you by' in me and clearly in you too, that loves to see a clock - either that or what time is it? Must be blogging o'clock!
    I have clocks in our hallway of all the countries that I have lived in so that when I think of family and friends there I am thinking of them in the right timezone!
    Must dash it's Blogging o'clock!!!
    Wren x
    PS I know you have the sense of humour to have a giggle with me, but apologies in advance (you'll see why when you get there!!!)

  50. Love your clocks!! I have at least 50 clocks and all work except one, lol. Thanks for sharing!!

  51. Such a great collection of clocks, love all of the clock faces!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!


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