Monday, January 12, 2015

I Do Love A Good Biscuit....

Hi, all..
some mornings just nothing will do for breakfast but
o, i love 'em.

so, lets mix 'em up..
roll 'em out...
cut 'em out...
and bake 'em up...
"RAWHIDE....... ♪♪"

they look so gooood.
I think a cast iron skillet full of homemade biscuits is 
downright PRETTY...
I do...I like the looks of a cast iron skillet full of BREAD...

and, these skillets of bread can go right on the table and make
a real COUNTRY CASUAL look...

The above is some yeast rolls I made  and served them right from the skillet....
this was before we moved to our new home.

Sometimes, I pour a little melted butter over the entire pan of biscuits... so good.

See how crispy the bottoms are...the cast iron, getting so hot, makes for the crispy bottoms, which I LUV. mama ALways
made a little biscuit
(with the left-over dough)
for my brother and I....
I don't think I've ever made biscuits without making at least ONE little baby biscuit...
it always tastes better than ANY of the others....

and sometimes...not every time...
I can almost feel my mom standing by the table, saying,
"Here, Jeanie, is you little baby biscuit...and here's yours, Keith."
bwaaaaaaaa.....I sure do miss her.
You never get too old to miss your loved ones that have passed on
to a MUCH better place.

"With enuf COFFEE.....I could rule the world."
and, I believe every word of it.

...buttered biscuits
...fresh fruit
...crisp, lean bacon...

with a
dropped into the cup makes me
sing and shout... 


As you can see, I am still using my little CANDY CANE spreader..
I say it's not just for Christmas...

I mean, I still have my RED BEETLE
 with the tree on top pillow on my bench in the dining room...
 with my red and white AWESOME throw
 (from Target..go get one..they are wonderful)

And, I just may keep them ALL out until the first red robin comes along...:)



  1. I never leave your blog without feeling hungry, BJ. I love biscuits, too. My mom made amazing tea-biscuit; nothing like them. Funny how we all have our 'comfort foods.' Biscuits and tea sound good right now while I listen to the cold wind blowing outside. Stay toasty, Deb

  2. Those look so much better than any biscuits I can buy around here - and this is the South for goodness sake!!!!
    How about your recipe for those and the bread rolls BJ - will you share pretty please?
    Such a cheery post - thanks for brightening up what has been a truly wet, foggy, and downright dreary day in these parts!
    Love and hugs - Mary

  3. I love me a good biscuit too :) In fact, last Thursday I shared my favorite biscuit recipe on my blog....I guess you and I have biscuits on the brain :) Hugs to you!

  4. I hope that I can strike off for bed without making a piece of toast. =D All of your food photos make me want to eat! Everyone staying warm down there?

  5. What time is breakfast? It's a long trip from New York City, but those biscuits would be worth the travel. I've got a Dunkin Donuts a block away and I'll bring the coffee. I'm your latest follower.

  6. How do you keep your figure with those decadent biscuits? It must be the healthy fruit you have along with it. I could live on carbs...bread, pasta, potatoes. I am a real Steak & Potatoes girl! And it shows! Ha!

    Never heard of the Werther's Coffee candy. This was my mother's fave candy! :)

    Jane x

  7. it makes for a good breakfast

  8. Jean you always make breakfast sound so wonderful. Hope your hubby is better.

    Hugs from Oklahoma,


  9. We just call those bread rolls, but what we call a biscuit is what you call a cookie.

  10. We just call those bread rolls, but what we call a biscuit is what you call a cookie.

  11. You make me hungry suddenly. Enjoying your shots.

  12. Good thing I just had some DQ ice cream or I'd be hungry! lol! Like I needed it, but it sure was good. Your biscuits look very tasty, too. I'm afraid most of my biscuits...oh heck,ALL of my biscuits...come out of a can. :)

  13. Yes, wonderful pictures, I love, are delicious !!

  14. My those biscuits sure look good, wow with butter poured all over them, now I am hungry for one or maybe two!

  15. Oh yum! Those biscuits are such a delicious sight!

  16. Loved your post and you are so right, there is nothing like a hot biscuit to get you going. The iron skillet is good for so many things.....we make pineapple upside down cake in ours.....Your pictures are delightful, and thank you for sharing them with us. Hope your Tuesday is a good one!

  17. Stopping by your place always makes my stomach growl:) Love that pillow! Enjoy your day dear B.J. HUGS!

  18. My oh My! There's nothing like a visit to Miss BJ's to put on five pounds just looking around for something good to eat! Amazing biscuits in a cast iron skillet....there's nothing more Southern than that!! Darling post!!!! Just Scrumptious!!!!!

  19. Southern girl biscuits are the best! bj you make the best breakfasts!! Yummy! Love that blanket and pillow! Makes winter more cheerful!

  20. The biscuits look delicious. Hope you husband is all well by now. Stay warm and safe. have a blessed day. Madeline

  21. I would love to have this food.

  22. Great post, BJ... yum, yum and yum. I love biscuits, too and now I want one, or two... :)

  23. Yum! It looks like the perfect breakfast to me. In fact, I had a country ham biscuit for breakfast this morning.

    1. Happy morning post! The Werthers coffee addition sounds amazing .. What a good idea.

  24. you ALWAYS make me hungry! Your biscuits look amazing!!! I think that was just the sweetest thing about your Mama giving you and your brother little biscuits just for you, so sweet,

  25. I wish I could taste one of your biscuits, BJ. I have never, ever made a biscuit!!! I guess I am a real relic:):)

  26. I'll have to try the Werthers coffee, sound yummy. Can not beat homemade biscuits.

  27. Ooh bj, you're making me want to go mix up a bath of biscuits right now. They look sooo good in your cast iron skillet.

  28. Those warm biscuits, butter . . . certainly look tempting!
    Once again, I will be over soon!

  29. bj, those biscuits look great!
    I am loving using my cast iron cookware.
    I have only used my 12" skillet & Dutch oven, so far.
    The picture with the skillet on your table does look good.

  30. Your homemade biscuits have the best looking texture I have ever seen. I used to love making biscuits, but have not for years. Maybe you have inspired me to make some ... well just maybe. Love baking cornbread in the cast iron skillets too.
    Thanks for keeping us inspired and HUNGRY.
    Audrey Z.


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