Sunday, November 23, 2014

IOWA sure knows their CORNBREAD...

Hi, everyone...
If November doesn't slow down a bit, it's going to be Christmas Day by morning...
I've been told all my life that 
"the older you get, the faster time flies"
and I sure do believe it.

 Remember the IOWA CORN BREAD recipe on a calendar page of
SUSAN BRANCH'S calendar.?
I posted about it not long ago....

I made it and, tho it's very different from
it was good.

If you'd like to try a different kind of cornbread,
the recipe is right here...

There are ingredients in this cornbread that I'd NEVER thought to add to my Texas cornbread.

...ginger..? zest..?


I ADORE trying new recipes so I go...

With that much butter, how could it miss being FABULOUS..??
( I may or may NOT have added a tiny bit more than called for...)

I just love the graphics on a box of

even when the photo of it is BLURRY...

...baking up nice and brown...
the smell in my kitchen is just unbelieveable...
it was all those wonderful spices.

ummmm....looks so so good...


I didn't make the BEE BUTTER to serve with the cornbread

my review of this very different cornbread is:

Texture was great...
the recipe says "crusty on the top...tender on the inside"
and that is just what mine turned out to be.

we could taste a hint of cinnamon...
a hint of ginger...
and a hint of sugar
but nothing was overpowering.
It's a very different and delightful bread...
Since Mr. Sweet and I are olden and "set in our ways",
I'm sure  we will stick with our Southern Cornbread recipe from his mama
most of the time.
But, YOU...
you must at least give it a try...
if we don't try new recipes, we are sure to miss out on some deliciousness.

OOO, and we each had a couple of small pieces and the rest went into
a zip lock bag and into the freezer...for.....THANKSGIVING DRESSING.....:>)

P.S My sweet sister*in*law was the dressing maker in our family for years.
She was the DRESSING QUEEN of all time.
She passed away a few years ago but not before she gave me her recipe.

..... mine is never as good as hers.
"I miss you so much, Marilee...and I love you for a WHOLE LOT MORE
than your Thanksgiving Dressing. "xoxoxo

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  1. sometimes different is very good! this sounds almost like dessert! :)

  2. Anything with cinnamon sounds good to me. The first time I tried corn-bread was when I was on holiday in Florida. It is not served here that much. I love it, though.

  3. I'm glad you tried this cornbread recipe, bj. I'm always up for trying something new. My late beloved hubby would always wonder why I messed with the old tried and true recipes. I was always on the search for the best recipe and he felt that the olden ones were already the best. I guess that's how you and Mr. Sweet feel about his sister's cornbread recipe.

  4. Cornbread with sweet memories of your sister in law. Wonderful!

  5. BJ, I know you miss your SIL...I miss all our loved ones that have gone on. The recipe sounds good. My mom made her cornbread the old fashioned way. Once I put some sugar in mine and she said, "That Johnny cake now, not corn bread. " LOL. I am wishing you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving. xoxo,Susie

  6. Oh my goodness! That looks SO yummy, and i can almost smell the goodness through my laptop. lol. And you are also right about butter. Can you imagine a world without it? I can't (and don't want,) to fathom such a place. :)

  7. Maybe once in a while. However, I like a good old Southern recipe that is baked or fried thin (like a hoe cake) with a crisp crust and NO sugar.:)
    Hope you enjoyed the weekend.

  8. It sounds really good, with all of those spices!

  9. I loved your story of your sister-in-law. It always makes for a better recipe when there's a story attached.

  10. It looks delicious! And we always miss our family members that are gone now, when the holidays roll around. But it's nice to have our good memories, too! Hugs, Diane

  11. Oh yum. The butter melting over that cornbread makes my mouth water.

  12. Good ole' Iowan Corn Bread . . .
    By the way . . . I checked out the blog, calendars and more . . .
    I may get hooked!
    Happy Thanksgiving bj . . .

  13. Sounds delicious!I am going to give 'er a try!!!
    But not this week! Old faithful will be baked so we can make dressing!!
    Perhaps next week we will treat ourselves to some of that YUMMY cornbread with HONEY!!!

  14. Bj you are the most amazing food photagrapher! I like old fashioned southern carn bread too.

  15. BJ one thing I love and enjoy is Cornbread so I will try this recipe and I'm sure the words Yum will come out of my mouth! I too make cornmeal dressing and I add turkey sage sausage to it. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with family and I'm sure Marilee will be smiling down on you as you make her recipe,

  16. Well, I wish we could share the aroma of that delicious looking cornbread! Yes, I so agree,'s delightful to prepare a new recipe! You just never know when you may find something you enjoy more than your lifelong favorite! However, being a southern girl, we do know our cornbread now, don't we? But, hey....who would not trust our beloved Susan Branch on a recipe, right? Lovely post!

  17. We have two dressing makers in my Family! Both trying to make it taste like Mamas:) Love that cornbread, YUM! Enjoy your week dear B.J. HUGS!

  18. That sounds fabulous! I would have never thought to add the spices, but they sound really good. Thank you for sharing the recipe and your opinion of how it tasted :>)

  19. I saw Trisha Yearwood making "Broccoli Cornbread" on Food Network over the weekend, and she's a Georgia Girl. I've never heard of it. Love Broccoli but don't know if I want it 'in' my cornbread.

  20. Hi BJ,

    Mama taught us to slice the piece of cornbread in half and place the butter in between the slices. Mmm, talk about yummy!

    Wren's post had me laughing too!

    Thanks for making Blue Monday special.

    I'm glad you double-followed me.

    Happy Blue Monday and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  21. I do try different recipes! Sounds yummy and I may have to try this one soon. Always a pleasure to visit you here, you share so much fun! Lovely photos too! Hugs from Colorado to Texas! Have a blessed week! Hugs, Anne

  22. I tried your cornbread with my morning coffee. I love it thanks for sharing it.

  23. Great recipe . Your photos look good enough to eat right off the computer. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  24. The cornbread does look good. Is it sweet like Jiffy Cornbread?
    I bought my Christmas last night...Lodge Dutch Oven and skillets.
    Looking forward to using new recipes with my cast iron cookware.


  25. We have lots of family recipes that are used each Thanksgiving. My BIL makes a bread dressing that we all adore. Our sweet potato is to die for. We are all going to my sister house here in town and 17 will be there. The cornbread looks so good.

  26. Btw, you seem to be a lady who knows about cast iron cookware.
    Lodge products come pre-seasoned.
    But, I read to keep them seasoned, season inside and out.
    I season with oil so won't the oiled outside cause a fire? Thanks


  27. Hi BJ! My goodness that cornbread looks delicious. You know, you take the best pictures. I'm still trying to work on that. Have an amazing day... :)

  28. Hi bj, I had a late start for Blue Monday today. Actually I had a 'early' start running last minute errands in town. Yes, that year our Thanksgiving was so much fun. I love sharing this post over again.

    I loved the cornbread recipe. It looks so delish! My DIL has a prize winning cornbread recipe in the Costco cookbook. It has creamed corn in the recipe. Yummmm. I made it for a church cornbread recipe contest and it won. So much fun. I gotta tell ya there was a ton of southern country women in the contest and I was surprised when my Yankee DIL's recipe was the best over all. HA! It would never work for stuffing though. Too moist I think.

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving my dear sister friend. The sisters are baking Christmas cookies on Dec. 3rd. Come over and be one of the sisters. Don't I wish you could.

    Love, Jeanne

  29. Nothing better than the old fashion cornbread made from scratch.

  30. Looks good bj ... I guess there are many ways to make cornbread. The texture of this look almost like a cake, but I bet it is delicious. May have to try it. As of now, mine comes out of the Jiffy box. I do like good old homemade from scratch cornbread.
    Happy Thanksgiving,
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  31. I like Susan Branch's recipes, bj, but I'm with you --I'll stick to the traditional southern style cornbread--love that so much!


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