Sunday, September 7, 2014

I'm a Basket Case

Hello, Everyone, 
Some of you will remember that one day, several years ago, 
in a land far, far away... WAIT..that' another story....
♥ ♥ ♥

The Thrifting Fairy fluttered around my head, buzzing in and out,
and finally took my olden, wrinkled hand and lead me straight to
The Salvation Army Thrift Store.
I said, "No, wait....I don't want to go thrifting today...have other things to do."
She wouldn't leave me alone and kept dragging me thru the store doors.

Once inside, I heard fairy bells tinkling...
fairy dust began to fall...

soft fairy lights began flashing...
I think I heard a choir, singing  softly in the background...

it happened.
Right there in front of GOD and everybody.

I fell knee-deep in first sight.
I didn't even have to touch her...she was behind glass in a counter.

I knew from first glance that she was the only one for me. 


The prettiest dishes I'd ever seen in my whole entire, looong life on this planet.
I tell you, they just take my breath away...
and I dang near went to my knees...

Aren't they so gorgeous....

I found only 4 of the little blue-banded glasses in one of the local thrift shop.
I'll keep watching for more as they really look great with the *new* dishes...
The scalloped edges of the soft blue and white dishes just makes my heart sing...

Mona, at WspSweetly of Cottages, got some BEAUTIFUL new, vintage dishes and she has been searching high and low for storage places to show them off.
Here's a few she tucked into a basket that I think looks sooo pretty.

I think it's adorable that so many of us bloggers are so much alike...
Here's a basket of Cherry dishes I had from 2009...

and, in 2011, I had a pink basket with white Ironstone
sitting in the middle of my dining table for awhile.

A basket with a few pieces of my pretty blue and white dishes....

So, see Mona....
all us bloggers have SOMEthing in common...
even if it's only a

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  1. That scalloped edge takes my breath away, also. Great score!!!! Sally

  2. Those dishes are so delicate and pretty. Love the blue on white!


  3. Basket Case people have more fun. Good choice on the dishes.

  4. Oh bj these are the prettiest dishes! So sweet and dainty! Love them. I think I need a basket of dishes on my table!

  5. There's no way you could have left those dishes behind - not with the Thrifting Fairy watching! The are beautiful!

  6. Your dishes in blue are just beautiful. I love them . . . So delicate and charming!
    You and Mona have a sweet thing going on with your baskets of dishes.
    Love your and hers . . . baskets full?
    I need to know, were you able to find more place settings than the four??

  7. wow Miss~! you scored for sure.. They are beautiful. love the delicate blue on them and putting them in a basket is a great idea.

  8. Your new set of dishes is very pretty. The scalloped edges really make them special. Aren't you happy you went thrifting at just the right time.

  9. Your dishes are beautiful BJ! I was never a lucky one when it came to dishes. I'm so happy to hear Mona did get her dishes...I knew there were a few glitzes!!

    Hurray for both of you! :)

    Jane xxxxx

  10. OMGosh, bj! I would have arm wrestled you for those suckers! They are GORGEOUS! That was really a find. Do tell- who makes them? That is such a sweet, sweet pattern! xo Diana

  11. I am so thrilled for you!! Those dishes were simply meany for YOU, BJ!!!! I am such a copy cat!! Next thing I know I will have a basket of dishes displayed somewhere! You have the BEST ideas! By the way.....I love your blog header!!! Again - so YOU!

  12. I would've died for the dishes too. lovely. Just went to First Monday in Canton last Friday (only Texans understand how you can go to First Monday on a Friday) and of course stopped at Laurieanna's where I saw a dark brown basket full of white cups. Really pretty!

  13. Oh I LOVE these beautiful dishes! Great find! I'm envious!


  14. What lovely dishes. I like the way you and Mona displayed the pretty dishes in the baskets. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  15. Wow, those are such pretty dishes, bj. I can see why you fell in love and just had to being them home with you. I do love the pretty way of storing dishes in lovely baskets.

  16. I would have swooned and bought those dishes, too!!

  17. They're absolutely GORGEOUS and I am so so happy you listened to your thrfiting fairy!!

    Who makes those dishes? It isn't a pattern I recognize, just wondering.

    Good call - and I know you got them for a great price there. YAY!!!!


  18. Hi BJ, I deleted it so that you can re-enter with picture. It is much funner to have a picture, don't you think? :) Happy Monday to you!!!

  19. Bj, they are beautiful, no wonder you fell in love. I did just looking at your photo's.

  20. That Thrifting Fairy knows what she's doing! You just have to follow along.... The dishes are beauties, such a sweet design and those scalloped edges make me swoon!

  21. Hi BJ,

    Ooo, you found a real treasure! And, not black and red--nor polka dot--but such a delicate blue and white. The edges MAKE the dishes just precious! Thanks for making Blue Monday special.

    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!

  22. My heart would sing too. Love love those dainty dishes!

  23. Swopeet set of dishes! The Salvation Army is my all time favourite place to shop and it knows it. It beckons me and takes me away from things I should be doing. Oh, but the wonderful things I find in there!

  24. the dishes have a similar pattern to some porcelain bell my Grandmother had. I say had because I dropped it and it shattered into pieces. But in my defense, if you leave it out with your four year old grandson in the house, it's your fault.

  25. Wow...what a find...they really are so sweet and look great in a basket too! Good job!

  26. Some beautiful pieces to add to your home. One man's trash is another's treasure, right? Thrifting can be really fun with some friends.

  27. Oh BJ, the dishes are so beautiful! I just love the scalloped edges and the soft, pretty blue - what a find!

    Hugs to you, sweet lady!

  28. Beautiful dishes bj and love how you display them in the basket. I think you should give your Thrifting Fairy as raise as she is one smart gal. Glad you took her shopping.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  29. I am a sucker for pretty dishes too...these ARE beautiful!!

  30. I never would have considered arranging them in a basket. Brilliant! (... and fun, besides!)

  31. Great find! I love those glasses and the china too, very cute vignette with the red basket. :)

  32. What a darling post. I love the dishes too! Your pics are great and I love the story. Sometimes I do a story on Blue Monday! Don't forget the Fall linky. Starts a new tomorrow! Have a great week.

  33. I LOVE baskets and used them for everything. I even use large ones for waste baskets. I got the idea of using my crocheted doilies from ..lets see..Vintage Home. My doilies have been hiding in my storage dresser for linens.. However...had I seen your basket..:) I would have copied it in a heartbeat. I love to see what's new with you that I can use in some way. We are better then any magazine out there! Once you drifted to the new turquoise, :) I couldn't follow. I don't have enough years left to start over! ..can I have your new blue dishes? Would you mind packing them off to California? Hmmm?
    They are gorgeous, so delicate and sweet. I know how you feel about them. I am still into my pinks, roses and deep reds. :)
    I need to go visit our Salvation Army store...SOON! :)

  34. Those are so pretty. I love the soft color and how dainty the flowers are.

  35. So glad you found those pretty dishes! They look so nice on your table!

  36. The dishes are for sure gorgeous. I wouldn't mind being a copy cat and fining the same exact dishes BJ.

  37. I have always wondered what is was that forces me to go to the Thrift Store. Now, I know it is a Fairy. You have answered a life long question. It is not my fault, the Fairy made me do it! Thank you. Good choice on the blue set, love it. Blessings, Martha

  38. OMG BJ, that are stunning and such a pretty color. You were meant to have them. Enjoy them and they look great in your basket.

  39. BJ,
    For a minute there I thought something terrible had happened. . .
    instead. . .something wonderful has happened, indeed!!!
    Beautiful blue dishes, dear friend!!!
    I love them atop the silver chargers!!!
    Dishes in a basket sounds quite familiar to me, too!!!

  40. What a fun set of dishes... I love the pattern........... and the story is precious. :)

  41. Oh, they ARE gorgeous! What a lovely find indeed BJ :) I just love thrift stores!! Thanks for sharing at the Art of Home-Making Mondays!


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