Monday, June 16, 2014

A Real Workin' Closet

is a song from my past...
Some of you may remember that when we moved into THE SUMMER HOUSE, we had to figure out HOW to incorporate a WASHER and DRYER in this large closet room....this is where the previous owner had installed all the plumbing for a washer/dryer.

Not wanting the appliances to be  * bearing their souls*  to the whole world,
I wanted a CLOSET within a CLOSET for these workers to 
have a home... !!!

Sooo, my favorite handy man, MR. SWEET, built the BESTEST CLOSET, EVER!!

here, our son, DAVID, is helping move the stackable set into the closet.

Along about this time, I was a HAPPY CAMPER !! :>)

 They are SOOO cute....

and I am SOOO in LOVE.

is to let you know how much I am enjoying the 
Stackable Set.

Can ANYone out there tell me where those LOST SOCKS go....?? age old question.

Most of the time, I find the mate...
usually in with another stack of dark and colored clothes that the lone WHITE
sock can't be washed with.

I should pay more attention, but.....

        OH, WELL !! I keep tellin' ya that I so fly by the seat of my pants...

It's these cute things in your laundry room that makes the job MORE FUN..
Swing over to see her ETSY shop full of the most precious paintings and copies...
O, and would you tell her that bj said HEY..??  thanks

Yes, ma'am....I am LOVIN' my stackable set...
it is working PERFECT for the two of us...
and I do love the closet Mr. Sweet built.

And, NOOO,

I don't generally have this vintage
ironstone pitcher,
full of the most delightful FAUX lavender
sitting here...

I just wanted it all to look pretty for
 ♥ ♥ ♥

this spot in my house isn't all about BEING  PRETTY....!!

Like in YOUR laundry room,
its all about

(this cute little laundry bag is from TJMAXX
I have a lot more to show you in this large closet room but
too much for one post....


want to share with you the most delightful, cool and delicious summer dessert...

I made this for our Sunday evening

Split an Angel Food Cake
or a Pound Cake
in half...

 Slice strawberries and add a tad bit of sugar and let them linger in their own juice for a little while.

Then spread these sweeten beauties all over the top of the bottom layer, after you've spread a little
"I could eat a cow chip if it had whipped cream on it"
whipped cream.

Sprinkle a BUNCH of fresh BLUEBERRIES in with the strawberries.

Then, lay the top layer on the fruit and cream and continue to layer strawberries and blueberries and WHIPPED CREAM....

Finish off the top of the cake with more of the
"I would walk a mile for a spoonful of whipped cream"
and I like to add a few
whole strawberries, some with the green stems left, on top....
just makes for a

Then ask it for it's autograph....
after all....

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  1. Love your stackables and your awesome closet where they can be comfortably t ucked away!

    Your fellas really did a GREAT job, yay!

    I am ignoring that dessert but grabged a low sugar low fat yogurt. Oh the joy. Not. : - )

  2. Great stackables . . .
    I LOL . . . at the "I could eat a cow chip if it had whipped cream on it . . ."
    I doubt that but your comment made my day.
    No doubt about it . . . I am making that yummy dessert . . .

  3. I've wondered about those stackable washers and dryers. Glad you like them. That dessert looks absolutely wonderful.

    Think I'll go get some strawberries out of the fridge and have a few!


  4. Your handymen did a great job. I would be happy with just a bowl of strawberries and whipped cream - don't even need the cake. LOL

  5. Love that you got your closet done. Those little stackables are work horses. I have had big fancy washer/dryer combos and when this set goes I am going back to my stackable unit-which looks a whole lot like yours. Hope you love it forever. And YUMMMM on the recipe. xo Diana

  6. I LOVE the fact that you decorated cause we were coming by to visit!;)) Your new closet is both practical and pretty. Now, that movie star dessert takes the cake! How adorable is THAT! Of course I just HAD to see it, seeing that I'm trying to stay away from such irresistible sweetness! Thanks for a delightful and delicious post!


  7. Glad to hear the washer and dryer are treating you well! Your cake looks amazing and I'd much rather have a big ole slice of it than a cow chip... With or without whipped cream:@)

  8. Love the hidden set behind the doors! How clean and tidy everything must feel! Would love for you to link this up with the Art of Home-Making this week :)

  9. i love angel food cake ... that looks delicious. i always wonder what & where those missing socks go? i need that little holder. it is kind of scary to think about it too? very mysterious. ( :

  10. My mother-in-law used to say the same thing about whipped cream. The dessert looks delish! and I like the stackables closet.

  11. Ooooh, your dessert looks amazing! Love your laundry closet too. That's absolutely perfect!

  12. Nice laundry closet! I made strawberry shortcake Sunday too. Yours looks yummy!

  13. I like how you have this set-up, BJ! The stackable looks like a great solution for a small space and I like your closet in a closet idea. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of this area.

  14. glad you love your stacks and your closet, too. :) handy man... love the dessert, too!

  15. Oh my goodness, that dessert! And the local u-pick strawberry farm opens today! Perfect timing:>) I think the stackables would be such a great idea. My mother in law has them and loves them.

  16. Love the W/D behind that great door! And your strawberries are making me hungry! Hope the robins don't get all of mine when they come in. Right now they're just hopeful blossoms.

  17. Great use of a closet! Yummy that cake is to die for....

  18. It looks delicious. I love angel food with strawberries and whipped cream. I actually, love strawberries! And now they're available almost year around. I remember when you didn't get them until early June and if you planned on serving them for a May graduation party you would have to hop from store to store to find them. That REALLY wasn't that long ago, either. My kids graduated 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2009 and for the first three we had to hunt, but for the last one strawberries were easy to find. I have no clue why, but I'm happy we can even have strawberries in the winter now.

  19. I wish I had that kind of washer/dryer, saves a lot of room

  20. I would love a stackable washer/dryer combo! It would give me room for some storage in this condo's tiny laundry room. Love your blog!


  21. Great solution to your epic downsizing!! I'm dreaming of that cake and strawberries for sometime in my near future. Sally

  22. Your laundry closet is the perfect solution! I bet you love those stackables too. Yummy recipe! I love strawberries. :)

  23. What a great laundry closet. Your husband did a good job as usual. The cake sounds and looks delicious. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  24. Now you have me la la la la la la la TJMAX.
    Perfect closet for that stackable!
    I have to remember this dessert for my next crowd together! Maybe the USA vs. Portugal game on Sunday...

  25. My washing machine is hidden behind a door just like yours! :)

  26. A great solution! (BTW, my laundry room is in the dungeon, Not one thing pretty about it! )

    Ohhhh...I must find some fresh, local strawberries STAT!

  27. The stackables were the perfect solution BJ!

  28. I remember a similar post about a closet for laundry area....I really like what you've done.
    And...just read the previous post...tho some least you're getting the much needed rains!!! Here, it's just hot and hotter and windy.,,,drying it up even more.

  29. Your laundry closet looks so convenient and neat ... Mr. Sweet did a really nice job. I am sure you will enjoy it.
    The cake looks so good ... would just love to have a big slice of it.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  30. Your killin' me I am starving. I was going to comment about the new header and background on the give a way post but I didn't want to distract you. LOL. I love the header pics! I would be proud of a nice little closet like that too. Some things just need to be behind closed doors. I am happy for you!
    Have a good day tomorrow my dear sweet, wonderful, loving, buddy. (hint. hint.) Sorry I couldn't help myself!

  31. What a nice way to store the essential laundry stuff and that dessert looks heavenly!! Fortunately my laundry is in a room on the 2nd floor of our house, makes it real convenient. (but it's always a mess)

  32. What a guy your Mr. Sweet is, bj, and your son, too. I love your new stackable laundry set.
    However, I really want a big slice of the angle food cake all smothered with berries and whipped cream.

  33. Love that closet with your stackables! Good job Mr Right!! Your dessert really is a star!

  34. That's a great closet…and leave it to you to decorate it so pretty! And your dessert made me drool…yummy!

  35. I would never toss you out. lol I loved your post.

  36. so many singles looking for a mate at my house I feel like I'm for socks.

  37. Your hubby is soooo talented, are blessed that he can do so many of those kind of projects around the house.
    I love the way you've decorated & made it a happy place & are making efficient use of every inch of space.
    Your dessert looks luscious...hopefully, those blueberries were nice & sweet, too, along with the strawberries. It made for a very patriotic looking treat & I never would have thought to put whole strawberries WITH their green stems on top, but they really look pretty!!

  38. My favorite thing about this whole post is the part about the pitcher and faux lavender being there just for the photo op. You crack me up! I do love your stackable set.


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