Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Making a place a home.....

"Flea-market finds give a newly decorated place a soul."
        ...from Country Living Magazine

I am still trying to decorate our new home, THE SUMMER HOUSE,
in a way that makes it look and feel like we've been here for a long, long time.

This is such a pretty house...so new....and much of my furniture fit right in.
Some pieces didn't, but we found good homes for those pieces.

One piece, my thrifted $50.00 hutch, is a shining star in our new living room.....

 Audrey's hutch !

 I must give a lot of the credit and INSPIRATION  to my blogging friend,

She had a recent post about her awesome collection of IRONSTONE
and had THIS amazing photo to show....

...as soon as I saw it, I ran to gather every piece of WHITE I could find
and added it to my tiny hutch.

Didn't she do an amazing job...it is all so beautiful.

I have a few crocks, too, Audrey, but I haven't found the perfect home for mine.....YET. !!
AND...you might know that I am going to be looking hi and lo for a BELIEVE


I've collected white dishes, especially IRONSTONE for a few years...
and I am always on the lookout for more.....

I do love this hutch.....

it's the perfect place to display many of my white ironstone collection and other white pieces.

The hutch was in our dining room at the other house....

I wondered if it would look ok in a living room....

 (just no place for a hutch in the new dining room because of all the wonderful, beautiful and much loved windows....O, how I love all that natrual light !! )

Mr. Sweet and I decided the hutch looked fine in it's new home and I am happy....!

This is my very favorite sugar bowl in the whole wide world.

A GOODWILL find from several years ago.

A HIGH FIVE for Goodwill.

After a full year, I still haven't decided on what color to paint this olden hutch....

right now, I am thinking of 
a pretty 
French Gray....

I have so many black pieces, I'd really like another color.

Have you painted a piece of furniture lately...??

What color did you use??

P.S....RED just entered my mind on the color.
I had a red hutch once....and loved every inch of it.
It now is in the home of a grandboy and I think HE loves it  every bit as much as I did......and that makes me very happy.

THANKS, AUDREY, for your constant inspiration....
I have no talents but YOU do, so I just grab onto your coat-tail and let you
just pull me along in this decorating game...!!!  haahaaahaha....

ain't life grand !!


  1. Hi bj ... was I very surprised to see my hutch showcased on your blog. WOW, thanks for all the nice comments. So happy to inspire you. The "Believe" platter was created at Easter using a decal from Dollar Sore. I liked it so much, I just left it on.

    Your hutch is lovely with all your ironstone and white china.
    I think you would be happy painting it gray. So many pretty gray colors to choose from.
    You ARE talented and inspire so many people ... me included.
    LOVE U,
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  2. Nicely done, my friend! And I sooooo love your awesome attitude. You rock.

  3. I love you girl...hugs from my mountain to yours...Gloria

  4. the dishes and the hutch look great

  5. Well I love it in a big fat way! I just moved a corner hutch into my own living room and filled it with white so obviously I'm crazy about white dishes in a living room. Your own hutch is like the one that lives in my head and on my wish list for a spot in my house. I am constantly keeping my eyes out for one, but I'm cheap and so far they have not been in my price range.

    I love the idea of painting it French gray. I love the red too. Have you considered doing it with gray on the outside and red on the inside or vice versa?

    (Pssst: Don't listen to me... I'm usually the one who has to throw herself on the mercies of others with better taste. )

    As to painting furniture, yes. I have painted some things recently. Currently, my color is this warm shade that I mixed up myself from several paint sample failures. When I got it just right, I had them mix me a quart of it in matte and made my own chalk paint. I call it Taupe-tastic. It's a tan with a gray undertone. Right now, it's covering two different tables in two different rooms, and I'm standing there with the paint brush trying to find other places to use it because it's so pretty to me.

  6. Whoa... that was long winded...

    1. hahhhaaa....you are so cute, Debbie and I love you dearly.

  7. I too am loving all the beautiful white, light things - with lots of sunshine brought in!

  8. I love the white ironstone, I had a set of it given to me in the 80's, I wish I had it now, I truly do,
    I think grey would be lovely but wow i love red too!!

  9. Hi BJ, I used to go by BJ, but changed to Roan, which was my last name at one time. Love all of your collectables. And agree with your choice of paint for the hutch. Should look very nice. I'm thinking the antiques would fit well with Rubbish Tuesday. You don't have to post Rubbish...that's just the name. Old and in pristine condition is readily accepted. Would love for you to join in.

  10. Both your hutch and Audrey's hutch are wonderful. I have a red hutch that is in my guest room now, holding a TV. The last piece of furniture I painted was a table in my foyer and I painted it Versailles from Annie Sloan chalk paint. You can see it here:

  11. Looks good bj. Love your ironstone collection, especially the piece with the grape design. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  12. really nice collection and great way to show it off. :)

  13. Well gosh! Let's make this a train because I've been pulled along by many a thing you have done! Love both hutches! Red (dare I say Colonial Red) would be a wonderful color!

  14. BJ, you are doing just fine on your own. Never hurts to get others opinion, but you have great decorating talent.

  15. I think your display looks perfect.

  16. It looks pretty as is. Why paint it? But then, What matches your room? I think it might be pretty in a barn red with a stain over it to make it look a bit distressed.

  17. I like your hutch and ironstone! I have an old oak-front cupboard in my living room. It's filled with treasured pieces that belonged to my grandmother. I won't ever paint it because I love oak, but if I were to paint, it would be red with a wax rub over it. Just sayin'. :)

  18. I love. love you heading of making a place a home. I so needed that today as we once again think of downsizing. I know you will keep me headed in the right direction. I think that is why they call it following.
    Any color you decide for the hutch will be the perfect color.

    One of these day's could you show how to put 'stuff' on our cabinets to make them a pretty focal point and not look like a spot sitting there collecting bit's and pieces and dust?


  19. BJ, your hutch looks great with all of the white pieces! You really are doing a great job of making your home so cozy and welcoming, in such a short amount of time. It's beautiful!

  20. Well, I never you knew you were a liar! What do you mean you have NO talents? Are you kidding me? You have a talent for baking and for decorating and for loving your family and friends. One of your BIGGEST talents is connecting with people here on this blog. I am richer for finding you and knowing you here. NO TALENTS! Indeed! Well-maybe you are talented at delusional thinking! lol xo Diana

  21. BJ,
    Love your hutch in the living room, dear friend!!!
    The white ironstone is gorgeous in your hutch!!!
    I absolutely adore all the sugar bowls with lids!!!
    Gray is such a soothing hue.
    I have painted a few pieces of furniture in shades of Gray.
    The Guest Room and Studio One are also painted Gray.
    Gray is a very soothing color choice.
    My favorites are Agreeable Gray and Popular Gray by Sherwin~Williams!

  22. Your hutch full of ironstone looks fabulous BJ! I haven't painted anything lately but there are a few pieces that have been on my mind, it's so hard to pick a color though!


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