Sunday, April 6, 2014

WHEW...Nesting is hard work..!!

We started the day off with a skillet of buttermilk biscuits....

and it's a good thing we did.
They, with a poached egg and a little RASPBERRY Jelly, gave us the energy we needed to
WORK  ALL  DAY.....!!

After I moved the black vintage hutch to the CLOSET ROOM,

we brought in the vintage, 1930's dressing table or vanity...not sure what they were called.

 Mr. Sweet bought this little dresser/table/vanity
several years ago and I've never really known what in the heck to do with it...

The scale is so small and most of my other furniture is larger...

and I don't know just what to put on it....

I CAN see it needs olden photos...a pretty young girl with a ribbon in her hair....a handsome sailor ....tucked into the mirror frames.
Maybe she is waiting for him to come home on leave and they are planning to marry...

I'm sure not liking what's on it right now...other than the little cup full of my mama's paint brushes...

and I remembered her pink jewelry box....

ok, these will work for now....!

moving on to .....
 Moving the dresser in meant the English Chest of Drawers had to be moved
clear across the room....
(Nothing is ever EASY)

This chest, bought years ago at an Estate Sale, is one of my favorite pieces...

and I've moved it all over this SUMMER HOUSE.

I like it in the bedroom....

and decided to enjoy my blue and white tea set by displaying it for awhile.

Does it seem weird to have a tea set in the bedroom...?

Well... I'm still moving things around here and there...then
I forget where they are....
so when I find them....I use them. hahaaa....

Love to all....


  1. It's so hard to get it right the first time but you'll love it when you do....and you have such an eye for decorating and making a house a home. Enjoy your day....take your time my friend! Sweet hugs, Diane

  2. Those biscuits look wonderful! You have been working so hard. I agree with Diane, it takes time and patience. You'll get it just the way you want it. :)

  3. YUM biscuits! Love those pretty pieces, changes make me crazy sometimes... one thing leads to another and before you know it... I forget what I am doing:) Enjoy your day dear BJ, big hugs!

  4. B.J. I love it all. I'm ready to get to the point where construction is over and I can start moving things around. Enjoy it. Your stuff is beautiful and you are very talented.


    Cottage Making Mommy

  5. I love your dresser! I am always changing things makes me think I have something new!

  6. Love all the olden furniture. Your decorating ideas are great. Take your time it will get done. Have a blessed day and rest once in a while. Madeline

  7. I love those Mirrors BJ! What a pretty piece-enjoy:@)

  8. Oh, you are having such fun with all your pretty treasures. I love, love moving things around, but it's a major big deal here at Mom's. Love the ideas you share, and think there is never a dull moment at your house! Wouln't Mr. sweet like one? Lol... Naw... I'm sure he loves it too! We are always amazed.

  9. That is a great old piece. I don't think I have ever seen one quite like it with the three mirrors. It looks wonderful just the way you have it dressed.
    Your chest looks great, too (well, not YOUR chest-the one with the drawers in it-although now that I've said that I'm sure YOUR chest looks great, too!;>) I love the blue & white on top of it!
    Have a wonderful Sunday- xo Diana

  10. The biscuits look delicious and with raspberry jam!!!

  11. I have never made biscuits in a cast iron skillet. Must try that! The vanity is a real treasure. So pretty.

  12. I'll take a biscuit with my coffee, bj! Have a blessed Sunday. xo

  13. I would love to have a coffee and one of your delicious biscuits with you. Love the dresser from the estate sale. It sure is a lot of work getting a house just the way you like. But, I know you are having a blast with it in your beautiful new digs bj.............

    Have a great afternoon,

  14. Those buttermilk biscuits are mouth watering! I love your furniture piece with the three mirrors. Decorating can definitely be tiring, but at least it's a "good" kind of tired. :)

  15. Beautiful pieces of furniture.....I love having pieces with a story.....glad you are finding places for the things you love.....I know a day is coming when we will make a move to a smaller place.....wondering how I will choose what to let go. It is sad, our children don't seem to have a fondness for the older pieces, a sad fact we must face someday Your biscuits look sooooo good! Blessings, Linda

  16. The way you have decorated the dressing table is wonderful! You'll have fun with that! And displaying a tea set in the bedroom sounds great to me. The bedroom would be a very good place to enjoy afternoon tea.

  17. Your Mom's paint brushes 1 love that. Nesting is work, but work of the funniest kind. :-)

  18. Nesting IS hard! But, I am SO anxious to get home to do some NESTING too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your vanity. Reminds me of my MIL's

  19. believe it or not I've never had biscuits off a skillet at the house. Just the oven-baked ones either frozen or in a can

  20. Well bj ... you are getting it done and it all looks great. Pretty soon you will have everything just like you want it. Such a difference house that what you had so you have a lot of options. That is a beautiful vanity.
    Take care.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  21. I love it all but especially the English chest of drawers - and the china looks great there.
    Love that you have your mom's paintbrushes displayed - it's quirky personal odds and ends like that which make a vignette so special.

    Watch your back moving those big pieces - they can early do a number on you - ask my Bob, he's in agony lately since we had to move so much furniture to install new carpet!!

    Happy week.

  22. Love the pieces you are adding to your home! I love the idea of having tea in the bedroom so you need to have a tea set close by!

  23. Whew! I am tired just imagining moving all those pieces. Love your dresser. I don't believe I have ever seen one like it. I know you will make everything beautiful, BJ. You have the touch.♥

  24. I can see you are hard at work making things pretty again. That vanity is so pretty!

  25. Looks to me like you are having fun styling that pretty piece. Happy Nesting!

  26. Yep, life is grand. So are your beautiful pieces. I love the mirrors on that first piece. So different! I love the things you have displayed so far, too.

    And personally, I think dishes, cups, and especially tea sets can go in any room in a house.

  27. That old dresser is definitely a keeper.


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