Friday, April 11, 2014


Computer science
A macro in computer science is a rule or pattern that specifies how a certain input sequence should be mapped to a replacement output sequence according to a defined procedure. Wikipedia

Do YOU ever jump off into something so deep and "above your head"
that you fear you will surely drown...??
I am not a photographer and have never claimed to be.
I shoot all my photos with a hundred dollar point and shoot  KODAK... extra lens or any other bells and whistles.

I learned of a monthly link party thru my friend, VEE,
and it intrigued me enuf to give it a TRY.
A Personal Photo Challenge.

I've never even heard of the word MACRO...
Googled it and STILL not sure what it means.
I did see "greater than life image" and thought, OK,......

What I am about to share may or may not be a Macro photo...
to my simple way of thinking, it seems to be MICRO photography,
but then,

 OK, now if I've made a fool of myself by posting photos that have NOTHING to do 
with todays party,

I am  hanging my head in shame...

kicking dirt clods...

twisting my hair....

and sayin', "I had fun ANYway...!!"

This is an awesome party that has left my head spinning.

If they throw me out of this MACRO PARTY, can I come over to your house for 
TEA and SCONES...??
(or COFFEE and an OREO..?)

No matter what...
  THE ABOVE is a  SURE sign of SPRING
out here on the Plains of West Texas.


  1. i like your blooms! and they're close enough for me to qualify as macro. :)

  2. I think you nailed it, beautiful shots!

  3. I think you've done well, BJ. Those first shots are so beautiful. There's nothing like fruit tree blooms for beauty.

  4. BJ, you have me giggling! I think these are beautiful shots of springy blossoms. Beautiful. This party is all about learning a little something new and having fun!

  5. gorgeous blooms!! i will have coffee & oreos for sure!! i am ready ... let me know when you are headed this way??!! big big hugs. ( :

  6. Good job, BJ! Beautiful pictures! We are never too old to learn!

  7. Perfect, BJ!! Not sure how the background was obscured but you did good!!


  8. Not sure what the party is BUT... I SURE love your pictures:) Enjoy your weekend dear BJ, I hope your weather is perfect! HUGS!

  9. I would call the first two photos macro. My most common macro photos are ring shots from weddings. But - basically - it's shooting close ups of little things. Taking a picture of a tiny little insect would be a macro shot. Some lenses will shoot macro, some will not, so you have to have the right equipment.

  10. Your photos are great and it does look like spring has come to Texas. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  11. They are beautiful photos my friend and you did a wonderful job of getting a close up of this beautiful Spring flower. Enjoy your weekend! Hugs!

  12. Beautiful. Looks like your apple tree is a little ahead of mine. I saw that you can't link up but found you anyway. You can still come over for tea and scones...if you bring the scones! :)

  13. It's just a setting on the camera, usually a pic of a flower that you use for close ups. Makes them clear and sharp close up. You did fine!

  14. Oh! you have beautiful blossoms! I just can't wait until we do too. Have a great weekend BJ!

  15. Stunning. You go, BJ. And, I see pink for Pink Saturday.♥

  16. Inspiration! Love the blossoms... I know you fit right in to the party..... Spring is springing outside around here, too... At last! Hugs

  17. I think you and I have the same camera but I am wondering how the heck you get such fantastic photos with yours. I think I need sum educkashun! You did a wonderful job, bj...and you can ALWAYS come to my house where the coffee pot is ALWAYS on! xo Diana

  18. LOL, you're so funny! Some photography macro information was provided in the blog post, so you ended up going on a wild goose chase. And many point-and-shoot cameras can't do true macro photography, so close-ups were good enough for this challenge. I'm glad that you got brave and jumped in anyhow, throwing caution to the wind. You did just fine too!

    I didn't realize that you had posted this, and once I found it in my Bloglovin' lineup this morning, I went ahead and did the linkup for you on the photo challenge blog. You did a lovely job capturing those delicate blooms. Are they cherry blossoms? I especially like the background in the last photo with the pine background providing terrific contrast. I hope you continue to join us in the monthly photo challenges! They are great fun.

  19. well done! good for you for leaping off intro the tiny world of Macro!

  20. I have exactly the same kind of equipment and experience but like you I'm having fun with the challenges and I'm learning a lot. Your blooms look macro enough for me and really pretty too! Thanks for making me smile and you can have a cuppa with me any time.
    Patrica at

  21. BJ,
    Beautiful blooms! thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning!!


  22. I'm a little confused about the party, but your photos look great. I use a point and shoot too and it's usually set on automatic.

  23. Aww BJ I'm so happy you joined us this month!!
    You did very well with your lovely close ups - there's nothing more appealing than blossoms in Spring.
    See you same place next month!!!

  24. Lovely spring flowers, BJ, and very nicely photographed. I'm glad you jumped into the macro party. You most certainly did not make a fool of yourself, but you can still come over for tea and scones if you like.

  25. Oh BJ, I just love visiting here! You made this so fun, and since I don't have a clue what macro would be either, I will just enjoy the wonderful photos. They really are beautiful!

  26. Love the blossoms...that's close enough for me.
    And yes, I agree it should be MICRO
    sounds more logical to me.

    Thanks for visiting my lizard and lorikeet.
    I think I was lucky to be in the right spot on the right day!

  27. Hello BJ
    You shared some lovely macro shots of spring buds and I'll bet you have some good close up photos already of some of the yummy food you share on your blog.

  28. BJ,
    I don't have a clue about that of which you speak, dear friend!!!
    Coffee ready in a flash and I'm sure we could find a cookie or something sweet!
    So come on over!!!
    Your photographs are gorgeous!!!


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