Thursday, April 17, 2014


 Gosh, I'm having fun, cooking and baking in our new kitchen...

I have a lot of COLOR going on in this pretty kitchen with the BLACK granite countertops
that are so shiny, they act as a mirror...

 I took a bag of little BABY MUFFINS
out of the freezer today...

and, then I remembered I had some cute little CHRISTMAS
cupcake papers left...

 To me, the BABY CUPCAKES look twice as delicious in their cute little 
cupcake holders.....

and, I'm thinkin', they are REALLY going to look delicious
when they are ICED....

I am always SOOO glad when I find things in my freezer that I'd forgotten about...

ESPECIALLY when it's something SWEET...!!


  1. Well, girl-you just better hop your butt over to my blog because I think you are going to find some Happy land over there. I think you are my "RED" gal, aren't you?;>) xo Diana

  2. those little muffins look like they have little dresses on!!!

  3. Happy Easter dear friend! Your new kitchen sure is pretty! I spy some of the same pretty cupcake papers in your jar that I have in mine :>)

  4. Can we call this Christmas at Easter?
    They look delicious. I'm about to make a boatload of mini muffins for a shower. Hope mine are as good as yours.

    Hope you have a happy and very blessed Easter.

  5. Have a peaceful Easter BJ. The muffins are adorable.

  6. I love your kitchen BJ. You remind me to buy more cupcake papers. They look so pretty in the jar.

  7. Your kitchen looks great! Beautiful countertop that works perfectly as a backdrop for your decorating. Sweet things don't live long enough here to make it to the freezer...except ice cream!

  8. Sweet and colorful:) Enjoy your Easter weekend dear B.J.!!!! HUGS!

  9. Your kitchen looks so pretty! Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  10. More fun when you have a pretty kitchen to cook in. Your muffins look so good.
    Easter Blessings,
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  11. Your kitchen is beautiful. I just love the counter top the way it mirrors your items. The muffins look good and when you iced them they will be great. Have a blessed day and a wonderful Easter. Madeline

  12. BJ,
    Your "new" kitchen is lovely, dear friend!!!
    LOVE those granite countertops!!!
    YuMMy!!! Muffins look divinely delicious!!!
    These would be perfect for our Choir on Easter Morning. . .
    between services, of course!!! Thanks for the idea!
    Have a Blessed Easter, dear one(s)!!!

  13. The baby cakes look might appetizing!!!! Even without icing.
    Beautiful kitchen.

    Oh and my sweet treat for about a month now is found in the freezer too...but I don't forget about it. LOL
    Bluebell Vanilla...and then a mug of root beer...making me a float!! Oh the pounds.

  14. Now I REALLY want to display my cupcake liners in a pretty jar like you did! Love your kitchen!


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