Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring decorating can be so fun....

I've been doing SOME spring-like things...

but, I want to do a whole lot more.

I am knee-deep in spring projects right now...
and lovin' every minute of it...

You've seen these photos before but I need
a break from posting new stuff until I get these projects finished...

 This bright, indoor/outdoor rug has been with me since last NOVEMBER.

It's cheery SPRING/SUMMER look has carried us thru all those cold, bitter days
and kept a smile on my face thru OLD MAN WINTERTIME.

The terracotta of the walls have warmed us to no end...
when the hot summer comes along...I'll just add a few  TROPICAL  plants in this sunny room
and fall in love, all over again... 

The choice of using the LUSCIOUS  color of TURQUOISE is about as  SPRING as you can get...
and it works all year round....
don't you LOVE  COLOR...!!


White wicker says SPRING/SUMMER in a most delightful way... 

I changed the mantel for winter but the above look is one I will go with in the HOT SUMMER...

Haven't thought of a SPRING THEME for this vintage fireplace.

What are YOU going to put on YOUR mantel or piano or shelf or......?? 
I just LOVE changing things up so I'll hunt for cute ideas.

It doesn't bother me one bit that I used a PAPER BAG in the color I love....why NOT...??

Any doubt that THIS arrangement isn't yelling,

As I look around with SPRINGTIME in my mind, I believe I am already well on my way to getting this 
beautiful SUMMER HOUSE ready to welcome SPRING and SUMMER with open arms.

OOO....there's lots of OTHER things I want to do around here....

I'll start putting away wintertime throws but leave a few lighter weight ones out...
air conditioning makes me cold sometimes..
I'm such a wuss !

Love you all....


  1. Your Summer Home is so nice BJ. I love the aqua color and it goes so well with so many other colors.
    It looks like your well on your way to Spring. Have a wonderful Spring weekend.

  2. Hi BJness! Oh, I just love your new home and it looks so pretty! The turquoise looks gorgeous! Hope you're having a great weekend.
    Be a sweetie,

  3. looks lovely an fresh for spring!!!

  4. Beeeej! Your new place is charming! I love that kitchen area. I love the turquoise touches. I added those in our camper, too! xoxo

  5. Very fresh! It's just the amount of colour needed to blow away those winter blues.....

  6. I keep a throw right here with me year round:) Your home is gorgeous and I LOVE the turquoise! Looks like Spring has SPRUNG around the Sweet Nothing's HOME! Have a blessed day dear BJ, HUGS!

  7. I love that CB bag and hadn't noticed what it was until you mentioned it. It works. It truly does. What fun you have stretching our thinking!

  8. Love the turquoise and how pretty your home is!

  9. BJ, your cottage is gorgeous!! Just gorgeous. :)

  10. BJ My mom loved turquoise too and so do I. She also loved the terra cotta. Seeing your decorating reminds me so much of her.


    Cottage Making Mommy

  11. Love it. That peacock lookin' bird pillow in the last photos is great! It was meant to be with that rug.
    I love your little blue birdies in the header photo. I have the same ones in green that my sister bought for me and they're one of my most favorite things.
    Happy Spring!!!

  12. Beautiful just beautiful. Love the colors and your choices of how to use them in your decorating. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  13. So nice and looking so pretty bj ... you have chosen the perfect accessories for Spring in colors that make you happy.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  14. Everything is looking lovely.

    I really like the aqua tray on the bed.

  15. I love seeing your new home. The turquoise and white is refreshing.

  16. I love your touches of turquoise. I've been drawn to that color a lot lately!

    Happy Spring!

  17. bj- I love your place! That rug is really great and a nice anchor piece. Soon you will have more heat than you know what to do with.......and I hope by that time we are least warm! xo Diana

  18. bj - I'm loving all the bright and HAPPY colors of your home! I especially love that turquoise! It reminds me of the seashore.... of the ocean waves... it brings warm and cheerful thoughts. Thank you for your visit to my blog and sweet comment. xoxo Mercedes

  19. Loving all the spring touches in your home. The turquoise with the cream and black is beautiful.

  20. OOOOH, I love that rug!! Such cheery colors!

  21. I'm loving all you Spring decorating ideas and LOVE the black and white rug. What a great price, too. I might have arm wrestled you for that one. :) Thanks for the inspiration. I need to get busy.

  22. Oh, do I ever! Love the color in your beautiful home! The turquoise is fabulous... So elegant and whimsical with the birdies and fluffy pillow... And I love the mantel... That sack
    , how clever... I've admired the splash of happiness from your dining table rug for a while. It's just great.

  23. Using the CB sack is a clever idea. Your colors are so pretty and will work in any season. Happy decorating!

  24. Hi BJ,

    Yes, I do love turquoise.

    Have a great day!

  25. This home is so different from the last, but I see things that make it so you all the same. Your use of beautiful, rich color for one! The rug in the dining room is so cheery, and the rich color on the walls looks great with it. I have fallen in love with the color turquoise too. It's been really fun seeing you go in a slightly different direction with this home, but still with that sweet nothings twist:>)

  26. BJ,
    I am so smitten with all your Aqua, dear friend!!!
    Last week was Spring Cleaning here on the Prairie.
    Like you, I washed and put away the heavy throws...
    but I left out plenty of others for cool Spring Breezes and the onset of Central Air!
    LOVE all your decorating ideas and your mantle is stunning.
    No mantle here, but I do tuck a nest or two atop the Entertainment Center.


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