Tuesday, January 28, 2014

~ COFFEE ~.....the Necture of the GODS

OOO, yes, indeedy....

I do love COFFEE.

Tea and Hot Chocolate
have their place
is the drink for me.

I post about my favorite vintage cups all the time...
because I just love them...
because a sweet blogging friend sent them to me 
one time as a  "JUST BECAUSE" gift.

THOSE are the best kind, don't 'cha know. 
I use them ALL THE TIME.

 I have my favorite coffees....

this one is hard to beat for an
instant cup of deliciousness....
I love ANYthing ORANGE...:)

I've been drinking it for years....
it was also a favorite of my mom's and we shared a cup often.
I can just smell the fragrance of this coffee and see my mama's face every single time.

I love good memories.....

 There's so many great coffee flavors out there now.

I can remember when it was pretty much


...and when they came out with DUNKIN' DONUTS,
they really hit the nail on the head as far as I was concerned.

I am seriously thinking of asking it to marry me.

 I like to review, for your pleasure,(:) new food items that I discover.
Most of the time, they aren't really NEW.....just new to ME. :)

When I saw these in the freezer section, I thought...
"goood breakfast sandwich.."
soft pretzel
deli ham
swiss cheese...

So I came home with a couple of boxes (2 sandwiches in ea box)

These are good....
the only thing that keeps them from being delicious is that there's not nearly
enuf ham....nor cheese.

I'm glad to have another box of them in the freezer....
but not sure I'd buy them again.

This day last week started off beautifully but the wind "got up..."

and when the wind "gets up " out here in West Texas,
the sand blows most of the time.

And that's just what happened this  particular afternoon.

The photo on the left was taken BEFORE the wind and sand....a beautiful morning.

We watch this pretty pool all the time and it's almost like being on a continuous  cruise.

WE LOVE IT......

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  1. i'm a plain old folgers gal. but i have to have it every morning. :)

    1. Us too...love my Folgers in the morning!!

  2. Hi BJ, I too love coffee. I have been drinking D.D.'s Jelly Donut flavor; it is awesome! Have a lovely week, dear friend!

  3. Enjoy your coffee have a cup for me. Those pretzel breakfast things look good. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  4. Oh- How I miss a swimming pool. All I use at home is Dunkin' Donuts- in the bag-just like you show it there. I have not seen those pretzel things but I do like pretzels. xo Diana

  5. LUV !!! your mugs, can remember my Great Aunt having some like them. I lived in Paducah for about 4 years and can remember those wonderful sand storms rolling in. It always amazed me how it could rain and sand was still blowing. Cleaned house by dipping sand out of the window seals...........but it was a good time.

  6. You and I are totally in sync in the coffee dept.! Love, love, love my coffee! http://anotherporch.blogspot.ca/2010/06/maxwell-and-i.html

    1. I've written a number of coffee posts...you might understand this one???http://anotherporch.blogspot.ca/2012/04/im-sorry-dear-sir.html

  7. Like a continuous cruise...what fun!

    Now I have never heard of orange coffee and don't know quite what to think about it. Wonder if I'd like it. Must look someday.

    Stay warm down there and keep the cozy going.

  8. Hi BJ,
    I love coffee too, and I have tried all different brands to recapture my Grandmother's famous coffee. I even purchased a glass coffee pot like hers, but her secret to making great coffee is still a mystery. I must try some orange coffee.

    Hope you have a wonderful day.


  9. I love my coffee too, JUST plain old Maxwell House Master Blend:) I look forward to it and enjoy it to the bottom of the pot! Those treats look incredibly yummy! Enjoy your sunny day dear friend, we are snowed in! HUGS!

  10. "Thanks Bj for posting your reviews. I haven't seen the soft pretzel melts in the store but I'll be looking for it. I love all your mugs! I enjoy Tea, Coffee and hot chocolate!
    Have a good day!

  11. I love coffee as well. I have one of the Keurig coffee makers and try something new everyday. I love it.

  12. Can you believe that i have never had a cup of coffee??? Just never liked the taste when I tried it a LONG time ago. Love your new mugs!!!

  13. I always feel like I have had a warm hug when I read what you write. I love that! As for weather, I am so sick of ours that I am trying to ignore it and just be glad I am not in Atlanta today! Love the pool. Water calms me, I would be looking at that pool all the time too.

  14. Coffee always tastes better in a pretty mug. Glad you are still enjoying the Fireking mugs. We are not coffee drinkers, but with your suggestions, I might start drinking coffee again.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  15. I am a coffee drinker too, always on the look out for something new, the International orange coffee I will try! Love your Fireking rooster coffee mugs!

  16. I've thought of trying the Dunkin Donuts coffee, as I've heard it was very good! But....just love my Folgers in the morning! Tom makes a mean cup of it! Also, like the instant like you have once in awhile...need to buy so more of it!


  17. Loved your post. I guess that sand issue would be awful. We have had such windy nights and sub zero temps. I have never seen that orange coffee, but now I'm obsessed to find it because I love orange in taste and in fragrance. And now because of blogging, IF I ever find it, I will think of you having a cup with and in memory of your mother.

  18. I love your vintage cups! I didn't know that coffee came in an orange flavor...I'll have to pick some up. I love orange flavored things too. :) Those pretzel things look good. I buy Super Pretzels all the time. My boys love to have a big, soft pretzel for a snack. I like them with ranch dressing. :)

  19. Hello, I Love the coffee things, I have coffee in my kitchen :) I love my 4 vintage coffee grinders :)

  20. Just thinking of you sipping coffee on your 'continuous cruise' makes me smile. I love my coffee too - blend and grind my own - there's just nothing like that first sip in the morning!

  21. Hi bj!! Those mugs are just adorable! We buy those Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches...very good and quick. I am really into "quick!" Well..sometimes I cook. :) I cannot imagine looking out and seeing a lovely pool like that. It's wonderful. You are going to have a delightful summer. I can see it all now! :)
    There was a lovely pool here once..but PH rented a jack hammer and broke it up and dumped in on itself and them filled it all in..and now there is this big lawn.. Yep..he did that..can you imagine paying to have a pool up in and then when the kids are grown..just breaking it up?? I can't. I'm mad at him for that and that was some 15 years before we met. or more!!
    I can tell you are loving your new home. That's wonderful!!
    Much love,..

  22. BJ,
    I am a Coffe person in the mornings, too, dear friend!!!
    My beloved Grandmother taught me to drink coffee when I was 12!
    I ask for cream and sugar.
    Her reply was,"If you're old enough to learn to drink coffee...then you're going to drink it RIGHT!!!"
    Strong & Black!!!
    Still drink it that way today!!!
    LOVE Dunkin' Donuts Coffee and French Vanilla Swiss International!
    Panera Bread has an amazing Hazelnut (which I turn into Hazelnut Creme...sorry G'Ma)!!!
    ...And my Kerug makes The BEST Gloria Jean's Hazelnut Coffee e v e r!!!
    Cute post...
    Have a wonderful week ahead!!!

  23. Hi BJ-
    I love coffee too! It is one of life's great pleasures.
    This morning I am having Community Club, which is from Louisiana.
    I love your new blog-
    I am a follower as I was before.
    Stay warm,
    White Spray Paint

  24. Mmmm, coffee. Every morning as soon as my coffee is finished, I start looking forward to tomorrow's cups!
    Computer woes....are the WORST. So sorry.

  25. I love my coffee too bj, favorite hot drink. My favorite coffee is still DD!I love your coffee vignette with the little sign, great vintage mugs and your MacKenzie Childs canisters. Great pool, bet you can't wait for spring.
    Happy Weekend, it's still so cold here...........


  26. Sorry to hear your computer is down. Happy I found your blog, I will be following you now. Hope you'll stop by and visit me.

  27. BJ~

    Okay, time to send out the troops or take up a collection or something! Your email addies retuned as undeliverable.

    If anyone knows anything about our dear BJ would you post here so the rest of us will be put out of our misery? Thanks so much!

  28. I can't live without coffee! Everything is so luscious about it. A steaming cup of Jo from my trusty coffeemaker never fails to brighten my day! Together with a good pastry, like a muffin or donut, and I'm pretty sure my day would be perfect. Pretty pictures of the mugs, by the way! Stay healthy!

    Zachary @ JavaKing Coffee


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