Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Our Old Fashioned Christmas Tree


I am so excited about CHRISTMAS ...

...not for the gifts (tho, they ARE wonderful)
but just the sheer wonderment of it all takes my breath away.

I am very olden and getting more olden by the micro second...
I'll be 76 at the end of this magical month.

You might think that when one is "of a certain age", she might not like all the hustle, bustle, fuss
so may I just say right here and now....
 (now, isn't THAT good to know..??)

 O, I love my little 4' tree
with all the old fashioned decorations on it....
Some are so vintage, I can't even remember where I got them.
(that could be because I'm vintage, too.....)

Red and White have always been 

I wondered if my colors would look okay in this beautiful new home of ours....
 and they DO.

That cute Santa, with the candle light in hand, was bought when our first grandson, DREW,
was born....well, I recall that it was for his very first CHRISTMAS...
"DREW....you can have him any time you decide you want him"!!

OH, YES...

I do love

 I am using the adorable SANTA HAT for my tree topper this year and
I really like the looks of it...

MR SWEET, on the other hand, is thinking I might need to go back to the
traditional STAR.....

 I use a lot of WHITE on this little green tree...

This is the 2nd year I've used these large, PAPER SNOWFLAKES...

They are one of my favorite things to go on our tree.


made all those amazing paper snow flakes and I nearly died, just looking at this lovely vision.
She said to just google PAPER SNOWFLAKE TEMPLATES,
I did...
and I made several of the larger ones.

I am working on some more for NEXT CHRISTMAS.
I think they are just beautiful....

I used some of the MESH ribbon on the tree this year and
let me say, right here and now...

It picks up the reflection of lights and colors and works very well....
no trouble at all in putting it on.
I decided this year that I'd do NOTHING that would cause STRESS.

 These two long legged girls are
favorite decoration for Christmas.
He says they are so SASSY and CUTE.

I love 'em, too,
and will keep them out to cheer us all thru the long winter.

Then, they will be packed away for the summer.

I bought these cuties at HOBBY LOBBY last year...

These long-legged beauties are just delightful to have in our Christmas room....

HL has the CUTEST things and I bought a
last week that I wanna marry.

I'll show him to you soon...

I have a lot of SANTAS
on my tree every year.

I am obsessed with Santa Clauses....

 The magic of CHRISTMAS takes my breath away.

 Something else that 


Williams Sonoma PEPPERMINT BARK on the left...mega bucks
my candy on the right...not nearly as expensive and ALMOST as good...

RECIPE, such as it is...:)
GOOD white chocolate ( I am not a fan of BARK...I like the GOOD STUFF)
peppermint candies..
peppermint oil, optional. (I didn't use it but bet it's awesome.)
Smash the candies,
microwave the chocolate,
add candy and pour onto a buttered/sprayed cookie sheet.

When hard, break into pieces.

Now, some folks add a layer of CHOCOLATE to their 
Peppermint Bark...
You might like it, too.
I prefer mine just plain Peppermint Bark.

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PATTI that live in PANDORA'S BOX

Congratulations, Patti....you are going to love this pretty sign.
I will notify Tezz of RAMSIGNS
with your name and email address.
She, in turn, will get in touch with you for details on the sign of your choice.



  1. I refuse to believe that you will be 76 soon. That must be a type.

    Love your beautiful tree and all the festivity at your house.

  2. BJ...your tree did not disappoint this year! I love it, right down (up) to the Santa hat. I especially love the gossamer ribbon. Someday I'm going to do that. Everything is so pretty and festive...great job! :)


  3. I love all your decorations, bj and your 4ft tree is georgeous, I down sized to 4ft this year also. I love your photo's...pretty!

  4. Your tree looks great BJ! The Santa hat topper is fun-enjoy:@)

  5. Beautiful Christmas treasures - Merry Christmas!

  6. Your tree looks beautiful, BJ! It is the perfect size for your new place, too. Your ornaments are so pretty. Love those leggy ladies! They are adorable and, I agree, Hobby Lobby, has some really cute stuff. Sometimes it is difficult to just walk past it. I would really like to go smaller with our tree {or narrower}. I'm using the same tree we used at our old house and it's just a bit too big for the condo we are in now. My husband acts like I want to cut off his arm when I tell him that, but I'm the one lugging it down from the attic, decorating it, and then taking it all apart again. : ) I may just have to see what I can find on clearance this year.

  7. Love your tree. The Santa hat used for the topper is really great. Love the long legged girls so cute. Everything looks great bj. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  8. Your tree is beautiful. I love the tablecloth under the tree....

  9. Love your decorations bj ... the tree is loaded with so much cute stuff ... I can see why you just love it. I finally got a tree up and hope to do a post on it soon. Enjoying the beautifully wrapped presents too. Enjoy the days.
    Merry Christmas.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  10. happy early christmas and even earlier birthday to you. :)

  11. You don't look like you could be 76! I hope I'm still as enthusiastic about the holidays when I'm in my 70's too! It's all in the mind- I do believe! Your tree is adorable. I like the wrapped boxes all around it too. Your long legged beauties are too cute and I love your Santa. The paper snowflakes are so cute and add such a nice touch to your tree!
    I'm curious about the chair I see I the background. It looks just like my curtains by my kitchen dining of which I got the fabric from Ballards- Is that where your chair is from?

  12. Love all of your beautiful decorations and your style! You're the only woman I know who has a bare-breasted woman in her header! John and I get such a kick out of that. Makes us laugh every time. (Course John still calls you "Rain Gauge Girl." We may have to change that now that you've had snow for Christmas. Keep having fun and thank you for sharing that it's all a state of mind!

  13. close parentheses wherever you'd like...I should just stop using them. ☺

  14. EVERYTHING looks so beautiful. It takes my breath away, too. I've finished my shopping and am into the enjoying stage of the season. I'll be babysitting a lot, too, so it's going to be a fun, fun Christmas!

  15. Your positive attitude is inspiring!!!

  16. Oh you always make me smile when I read your post! Smile!
    I love "all" your Christmas decorations...all so pretty and then I see the peppermints...
    Think I need to visit! :)
    Congratulations to Patti! She will love the numbers.
    I was going to add in a good way a preacher we listen to some, from south Africa says that they say Go-Go for Grandma, does this name fit you...you are a Go-Go Grandma! Ha I mean that as a compliment! I had to re-read your age (smile) can't believe it...you go girl!
    God has blessed you with a sweet life & family & energy!
    Thanks for blog'n and Christmas blessing to you & yours!
    Lori for our family

  17. Love your sweet tree - and the sweet treats, too (I also love peppermint bark!) Thanks for the Ram sign - can't wait - will definitely post about when I hang it - but we might have to wait for the spring thaw - we are buried under a lot of snow and I think it might be a LOOONG winter here!

  18. Oh BJ....your tree is wonderful....very mystical! and I spyed that sweet little nativity.....I am always looking for a new one to add to my collection. That one is really cute!

  19. BJ, your tree is so pretty! I love those cute snowflakes! You have the cutest decorations!

  20. Your house looks so pretty. I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas and birthday too!

    xo Danielle

  21. BJ, first I have to say, BALONEY!!!! You can NOT be going on 76, that is just crazy! You look and are amazing. Love your sweet tree and all the things on it too. Wish we had HL up here in Pa. BOO:( Wishing you and Mr. Sweet and your family a VERY Merry and blessed Christmas!!! XO, pinky

  22. BJ...so much fun and delight here!

  23. Your tree is absolutely beautiful. I love it, bj. What fun that you have all those vintage ornaments. I NEVER think of you as being 70's something. You are a lot like my blogging friend, Tessa....very young at heart full of child-like wonder and awe (and no-it is not because you are in your second childhood)--lol Blessings- xo Diana

  24. I just love your tree, bj and all of your Santa's and long legged beauties. I especially love your enthusiasm for the holidays. I am so glad that when you get olden you still love to do these things. I was wondering about that as I am approaching olden years sooner than later. love you house and your post today!

  25. Your tree is beautiful, BJ. I love the Santa hat for the tree topper...so cute!

  26. Your tree makes me very happy, BJ! :D
    I love the whole tree vignette….I like how it's on a table, and the skirt is gorgeous. I like the little shopping dolls, the Santas, and all the paper stars!
    I like the peppermint bark hot chocolate spoons! YUM! Have you seen the recipe for them? They are easy to make!

    Thanks so much for supporting My Happy List!


  27. Looks lovely! Glad you are settled in for Christmas! Red and White are two of my favorite colors! (I do consider white to be a color. Have you ever noticed how many varieties of white there are at the paint stores?) Merry Christmas!

  28. BJ, I love your little tree! Just perfect! The red and white are gorgeous! And I have to say that little Mary & Joseph in the last picture are adorable! Thank you for sharing!

  29. Congratulations to Patti on winning the sign!
    Your tree & decorations are just beautiful, BJ. I am SERIOUSLY coveting that round tablecloth with the red cardinals on it. The cardinal is Ohio's state bird.

  30. Your tree and decorations are beautiful BJ> I think the momnet we give ourselves permission to not get stressed by feeling we "have" to do more than we want to, that our holiday brightens up and we find we get more done with more joy. At least that is what I have found in my life. Have you eveer tried pouring the white chocolate over popped corn and mixing it in and then sprinkling crushed candy canes on top and mixing? Oh, it is wonderful! You just can't lose with white chocolate and peppermint!

  31. BJ, I hope you don't mind, but I borrowed the picture of your red bird tablecloth & blogged about it today, along with some other cardinal items. I linked back to this post.
    Thanks for the tip about Hobby Lobby...I'm going over there right now!

  32. Your tree is just beautiful, bj!!! I love the Santa hat topper and all your cuteness. Merry Christmas blessings to you and your family. xo

  33. Hi BJ just getting caught up on what my blog friends are up to:). Your little tree is very beautiful. Everything about your new home is beautiful!! I hope you and your family had the merriest of Christmases. Rhondi xo

  34. The tree is beautiful I knew you were a girl after my own heart! I love Christmas too. But you knew that didn't you! And I adore Santas. I got a bunch of new ones this year after the holidays. Our presents to each other this year. I wanna see that new Santa you were talking about. I'll be sharing mine as we Count down to the Christmas. Thanks so much for sharing.
    In August I am going to feature Christmas posts to celebrate Christmas in August. I'll definitely feature you! Thanks so much for joining! Hugs, Sherry

  35. I found your link at The Journey Back.
    I'm glad I did. Just by reading your post you sound like a fun lady.
    I love the red/white colors of Christmas.
    Those long-legged dolls are out of this world cute.
    I am now following you through bloglovin`

  36. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this sweet Tree!!! Adorable!! Thanks for sharing, BJ!! Visiting from the Christmas Countdown Party!!



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