Monday, December 2, 2013

A Christmassy Kitchen

Hello, everyone...

 Don't you just love this time of year...?...MEEE, TOO !

I've started adding a little CHRISTMAS to our kitchen
and started with  ST. NICK, the BAKER.

I'm glad I started with him 'cause...LOOK....
he baked us some
 for breakfast....

oh, yes...I can see we are getting off to a GREAT start,
St. Nick.

I'm waiting for him to surprise me with 
......can't wait...
I LUV gingerbread.
(and, yes, if he DOES make gingerbread boy cookies, I'll  tell you where I bought him !! )

I think he has such a handsome face and if I wasn't already married to Mr. Sweet,
I'd wanna marry this good-lookin' fella....such smoooth looking skin....

I created last year at DEBBIE DOO'S party.

This was such a fun project and very simple and E-Z.
I just used a dollar plate with little tiny "snowballs" around the edge...
a pretty GIFT BAG 
a little silver  braid (actually, the handles on the gift bag)
and a package of giant SILVER SLEIGH BELLS.

I cut out the CHRISTMAS TREE
and the little snowmen and glued them to the
white plate.

Used the braid for a finishing touch and

glued those giant bells to the plate and,

a cutie, not expensive decoration that I'll use year after year.

All the silver adds a little CHRISTMAS BLING
  to my kitchen.

I don't have HOLLY BERRY BUSHES at the new house......YET.
I will plant a bush or two and hopefully have berries next year.


 I'm not finished with the kitchen just yet but don't intend to put too much in here.

I am looking for just the right 2 ft. TREE to start a cute little KITCHEN CHRISTMAS TREE. 

I think it will be cute on the large island....

I added this little thrifted
wreath that I bought several years ago..
Goodwill, I think...

"Every time a bell rings,
an Angel gets her wings."

She's a little
old-fashioned, which is my favorite way to decorate for Christmas.
Red, whites, greens and silver and gold....

I also hung the WINTER paper banner that I bought from
TINA'S daughter a few years ago.

I love this banner, strung on a pretty white on white ribbon.

Have fun decorating and share it all with us.


  1. You have some lovely decorations BJ!!

  2. Beautiful... ALL OF IT! Your new home is absolutely gorgeous! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. That cute Santa reminds me of Mr. Sweet, must be the twinkle in his eyes:>) I love the plate and banner too, Make it Merry BJ! You did bring that darling Hutch that Mr. Sweet made you to the new house didn't you?

  4. Love your Santa,BJ. I love Christmas, my favorite season.

  5. Love your banner BJ. Your kitchen is looking cozy Christmas for sure!

  6. i like that plate you decorated. really nice.

  7. I love your banner and all your beautiful decor for the holidays . I TOO love christmas. God bless you and your beautiful family this holiday season . HUGS

  8. Since I do not decorate anymore, I will just enjoy yours. You did a great job on the plate. Santa is the best. Get ready as another norther is coming in this weekend.

  9. How handy your baker is! I might have to bake some molasses cookies today. We need a little iron!

  10. Very pretty! I am just starting to decorate. Fall is going into the boxes and Christmas is coming out. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Christmas!!!!!

  11. It really is starting to look like Christmas in your kitchen. And yay for a St. Nick who bakes. He may need to visit my kitchen.

  12. BJ I love decorating in my kitchen also. I have my Kitchen Santa out and i'll have a tree with all sorts of sweet treat ornaments on it soon! Those biscuits look good, I think I just might have to make some here also!

  13. BJ, I love your Christmas touches for the kitchen. Your Santa baker is adorable. I'd love to add one to my decor this year; and those biscuits that he whipped up look delicious!

  14. It's looking mighty cute, bj! I have that exact same Santa and he's on top of my fridge right now. I just him, too. Your plate is so cute and thrifty, too. I love it all. XO

  15. Love your Santa baker he is so cute. I remember the plate from last year. Waiting to see how you decorate the rest of your new home. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  16. BJ,
    What a SWEET Santa, dear one!!!
    I adore your glimpse of your Kitchen all decked out for Christmas!!!
    I, too, am still trying to complete the Christmas decor here on the Prairie!!!
    I promise. . .I'll share along the way!!!

  17. :) So happy to see that little plate! Your kitchen is adorable!

  18. Love your Christmas kitchen, BJ! so festive! Thanks so much for sharing at the Scoop!...hugs...Debbie

  19. So pretty....and my style also! I am finally done! Oh, I can't wait to post, because I just love how everything looks this year....

  20. Looking good bj ... that Santa is so cute and I am sure you love having him for company in your kitchen. I just can't seem to get around to decorating. Maybe when I get the house back in order, I can get started. Bad time to the have plumbing problems that required so much repair and redoing walls that had to be opened to get to the water lines. In the meantime, I will just enjoy your decorations.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  21. I love the sleigh bells on a plate festive AND musical. And good job, St. Nick! Mmmmmm gingerbread cookies!

  22. It's beginning to look a lot like bj's kitchen! Love the plate idea, very clever. Have fun decorating!

  23. It is starting to look festive - must be fun decorating a new place this year!!

  24. BJ, your kitchen looks so festive. Love your Dollar Tree plate made into a beautiful Christmas plate.

  25. It's fun to have some Christmas in every room. You have so many pretty things and such a nice bright new kitchen! Sweet hugs!

  26. Hello, BJ! I love how Santa is all set with his treats in his pockets. SO cute! You handled Debbie's challenge like a pro. I want to see more of your kitchen. I need to come back during the holidays when I have more time and lurk around your blog!!! I like the winter banner, too. It's so cute!

    Thanks for linking-up to My Happy List!


  27. I adore you Santa, he is just the greatest and the plate is fabulous. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty


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