Sunday, October 27, 2013


Some wonderful, warm neutral throws makes things look much softer,
don't you think?

Even in summertime, with air conditioning, I love a  throw within easy reach...!! :)

The reason for so many pillows....
there's 3 leather sofas in this living room for now.

One will be moved when son gets his MAN CAVE finished. 
Man Cave....

noun: man cave; plural noun: man caves
....a room or other part of a home regarded as a refuge for the man or men of a household.
  ... a place where they can watch the FOOTBALL game without hearing..
"I was planning on watching HG TV."

.... enjoy a good cigar if they are so inclined

...have more than one beer without getting THAT LOOK.
(it doesn't hurt things if there's a comfy couch in the cave to sleep on)

...when his men friends are over, a place where they can tell the  dirtiest of jokes
without having to see the rolling of eyes from the wifey.

...a great place where they can scratch ANYwhere they want to....

...and pass a little gas

without the female members  of the family thinking the world is coming to an end.


I add this little fun pillow on bright, warm, pretty days...

but I really bought it for the bed in the master.....

IS A MESS right now and so I have NO photos ready for you.

 The following photo is the main reason the bedroom isn't presentable as yet....

...a little bit of building going on.

I may have already shown you some of these photos on my OLDEN BLOG....
if so, just look at 'em again.....:>)

The vintage English chest looks right at home in this new place...

 Different things displayed on it in it's new home.

This house calls for a different.....ummm.....feel...
in the olden home, more country....
this house likes things a little more....ummmm....traditional....or Old World Charm.....

It's the color of the walls here.
Gold.....terra cotta....

The black metal candle sconces that hung on the sides of the Franklin Fireplace in the olden house....

now in a tiny nook of the living area ....

again, I feel that old world charm when I look at this.

This room will be painted at some point in the Vintage Wicker paint that I've fallen totally in love with.

Not that rich paneling, tho....
I love that in it's natural color.

Mr. Sweet and I are so lovin' this huge tv...

This section of the living room is so functional....

I'm telling you,
and we are lovin' it.....:>)

I'll be bringing you more photos as we move along in this new place.
...just going to take awhile....
we move SLOW. !


  1. well, here you are!!!! so glad i found you again thanks to diana!!! sooooooooooooo happy that it was just technology tantrums and nothing more serious than's enough to
    make you tear all your hair out, isn't i???!!!

    happy, happy week to you missy!!!!!

    m ^..^

  2. Thanks for sharing even the old pics. I am getting a chance to catch up to what I've missed all this time!!

  3. Thankful things are leveling off for you. What you have finished and decorated really looks nice.You are truly blessed in so many ways.

  4. Sorry about Google! Your new place is beautiful! Lovely decorations! Thanks for sharing, enjoy your week ahead!

  5. Your new home is looking so good bj!! Love all those pillows. I'm still 'decorating' and it is taking me forever! I do like the larger TV, I may have to break down and get one...old eyes are my!!

  6. BJ, I know you and Mr. Sweet are enjoying the process of settling in. Your new home is gorgeous!
    Sorry you are having to deal with blog issues. ~ Sarah

  7. Things are looking great in your new home BJ. I am looking forward to seeing all of the transformations.

  8. comfy and beautiful! Loved the man cave explanation, lol, thats so funny! I have been spreading th word of your new blog, I see your numbers are returning!

  9. Looking great and looking forward to seeing more! I did not know about your new home or new blog. I am so far behind visiting around the land of blogs, I will never get caught up. Ouch! Did not know Google is charging like that.
    Have a great week.

  10. Lookin good BJ! I would love to lounge around on one of those comfy leather sofas with one of your pretty throws and pillows and veg out watching that big tv!


  11. Oh-bj - It is looking just beautiful. I absolutely LOVE it! You have done a wonderful job so far and I can't wait to see more and more and more. I am anxious to see where you put the Mackenzie Child knock off piece you built for your other home. I LOVE that piece. Have a great week- xo Diana

  12. I have the same sconces....yeah! I am so glad you like your new place.

  13. ahhh...looking wonderful and if you're spoiled then you deserve some spoiling...

  14. Sorry to hear about Google, would help to upload low resolution photos. They do not take up as space, just a thought. Your home looks beautiful. Take care and have a great week:)

  15. Very nice collection of pillows, and a cozy throw is a good thing. I pay the extra $5/year to Google but no way to that much a month. What Jen says makes sense, I'm going to try reducing the resolution on mine.

  16. Your new home is looking more beautiful every day! I love the 2 sofas facing each other. And is that turquoise jewelry on the bust? Oh, my! I love it! If I come to visit, better check my pockets when I leave! heehee! Sweet hugs!

  17. I do love your new home, I've done a few rooms with that Old World Charm at the lake. I like the warmth of the colors. I can't wait to see all the changes. In the meantime, it looks like you are settling in nicely!


  18. I love the warm colors for sure, and the Old World Charm as well. Nicely done

  19. Everything looks beautiful, BJ!

    I hope Google storage does not go up that high. I've been paying $20 a year for the past 4 years, but I think it's worth it.

  20. bj ... your home is looking so lovely, warm and inviting. You better watch out, you may be having a lot of blogging visitors come to see you. Hope you are being able to relax a little over your Blog trouble. Wish you could solve it and be able to use the old one as it is still there. Do not know about Google photo storage. Need to ask questions about that.
    Blessings my friend.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  21. I love all those pillows!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  22. Your home is looking so cozy. Love pillows, and the bicycle one is charming, but I really like the flowered one behind it. They make a great pair.

  23. It looks as though you are working hard to make your new nest your own. I went through that when I married Howard. It's been a five years process and now I am really all nestled in.
    I am so happy you are all moved into your new digs and busy making it your own. Big hugs to you bj!!

  24. I love your bits of blues, BJ. However, more than that I <3 those comfy sofas! I can see you on one, and Mr. Sweet on the other! (sigh . . . Heaven!)

    Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Blue Monday,

  25. Hurray, I found you. I sent you a comment the other day and it came back. I was worried about you. Now I remember that you had trouble on your blog. Hello!!!

    I am loving your sweet new country home. Although, it looks quite modern with the beautiful pool right outside. Your pillows are wonderful and your home is awesome. I couldn't be happier for lucky you. The living room is so nice and we too LOVE are BIG TV. Your new makeover sounds like it will be terrific in the bedroom. I agree the paneling is gorgeous. I have always been a fan of beautiful wood and painting it would be a shame.

    Thank you for the birthday wishes and loving my sister photo. We are so blessed to have each other and that three of my sisters live close to me here in the mountains. Diane is just a couple of hours away in Atlanta. Our one brother lives about 4 hours away. He is a darling man and loved dearly as well.

    I'm happy, happy, happy for you and me.

    Love and hugs,

  26. First off LOVE the 50th anniversary picture ...NOT to mention you dont look old enough to even be 50 sister.. and I loved this post. YOUR house is beautiful . LOVE It all and the pillows ...LOVE LOVE UBER love them.. Have a blessed new week .

  27. Your new home is coming right along, it is just beautiful. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  28. A sink in a closet room and a window, what more could you want! I like your pillows. Try reducing the size of your photos before you post them, it might help you with photo space.

  29. will the bummers never end? Love all the photos that I've seen so far!

  30. It is so fun to recreate when you take from the past and use it in a new home. It's looking great! Love the pillows. Blessings, Debbie

  31. Love the bicycle pillow! We are avid bikers, so I'm going to have to get us one!

  32. BJ, everything looks amazing! I can't believe you lost your old blog. That's such a drag! Do you have it somewhere? That's a funny question but I just hate to think that you've lost that record of your life over the last several years. Let me say this...I've never been charged by Google for pictures. I wonder why?.... Maybe it's because I don't post very often like I should. Hmmm....girl I'd send you $20 bucks to keep you posting! Seriously.

    So glad everything is going well. Keep us posted.

  33. BJ,
    New photos to me, dear friend!!!
    I'm totally lovin' all the Traditional (Old World Charm) decor at your new home!!!
    Thanks for sharing, dear friend!!!
    P.S. Since having surgery. . .I am so~o~o gettin' that moving S L O W!!!

  34. It's looking good, bj! I'm glad you're feeling spoiled ad all cozy there. I sure loved the descriptions of what may and can happen in the man cave!! xo

  35. I get so excited when I see you have something new to share about the new house BJ! It is totally different than the old house but, I still see you in the warmth and love and the way you make everything so pretty and cozy. It's all beautiful:>)

  36. It's looking wonderful! Hey, you might want to consider opening up a free Flickr account and then do url links for your photos. (I link most of mine from Flickr.) You can get unlimited storage on a free account. Why pay Google for photo storage when you don't have to?

  37. Hi: What a wonderful looking home. You are so lucky. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  38. Wow! Your home is lovely and I certainly like the Old World Charm look!
    Happy Fall,

  39. I love every thing you did...All so drop dead gorgeous.You and your sweetie must be very cozy in your home. You have such wonderful taste.The café picture is just like my kitchen curtains.I love that scene.
    XXOO Marie Antoinette

  40. Hi I found you over at Nana Diana Takes A Break, and now I am following your blog. I have enjoyed looking at all your photo's. I love all the throw pillows and the pictures you have are just beautiful. Please feel free to visit me at A Grandma's Blessings. I also noticed that you have been married 53 years. This December will be our 50th.
    Have a Blessed day, Sylvia

  41. We have a man cave, renovations to bathrooms and a new huge TV, although maybe not quite so big as your's! So we're very similar at the moment bj,
    Happy Belated Blue Monday!

  42. Hi bj! Your place is looking fabulous. You are certainly spoiled! But you two sure deserve it! Enjoy!

  43. Everything is so pretty and I am so thrilled for you. Such a fabulous place. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  44. Hi BJ
    Look at you - you lost your old blog and all these people have found you at your new place - it has taken me days to reach the end of all your comments and here I am too.
    Fun blog so much to see!
    Have a great weekend
    Wren x

  45. I am glad I found you again.

    I love the bicycle pillow.


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